|August 11, 2021

31 Healthful Mother’s Day Recipes Absolutely Anyone Can Make

By Rebecca Paredes
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31 Healthful Mother’s Day Recipes Absolutely Anyone Can Make

Facts: cooking at home looks different right now. But you can still prepare a healthful, nourishing meal to surprise and delight Mom on Mother’s Day. That’s why we gathered our favorite Bulletproof recipes, brunch inspo and dinner ideas, all in one place. You’ll also find suggestions for on-the-fly substitutions based on what you have at hand. Don’t feel like cooking an entire meal? Check out the desserts at the end. It’s never a bad time for a cookie.

12 Mother’s Day brunch ideas

Pancakes, waffles and toast

Stack of almond flour pancakes with chocolate drizzle and berries

  • Vanilla Almond Flour Pancakes: Drizzle with chocolate, maple syrup or your favorite pancake topping.
  • Sweet Potato Waffles: Coconut flour helps bind this waffle. No coconut flour? Sub tapioca or arrowroot flour instead.
  • Coconut Keto French Toast: Use your favorite bread here. If coconut yogurt isn’t available, use your favorite French toast fixings like whipped cream, berries or syrup.
  • Sweet Potato Toast: Consider this recipe a template. Pile your sweet potato toasts high with guac, hummus, bacon or even sweet toppings like nut butter and jam.

Egg dishes

Sweet potato breakfast bowl

  • Breakfast Sweet Potato Bowl: When in doubt, slam delicious ingredients together into a bowl. Let this recipe be your guide.
  • Keto Breakfast Tacos: A humble egg acts like a tortilla here. Pile high with your favorite brekkie taco fillings, like potatoes, bacon or sausage.
  • Keto Eggs Benedict: You’re going to want to slather this super-basic hollandaise sauce on everything. It has just five ingredients — including water and salt!
  • Keto Bacon and Zucchini Muffins: The best part about egg muffins: Add whatever diced veggies you have handy, and it’ll taste delicious.

Smoothies and drinks

Raspberry smoothie bowl Mother's Day recipe

9 Mother’s Day dinner ideas

Poached butter shrimp in pot

10 Mother’s Day desserts

Chocolate cake with glaze and strawberries

Oh, and one last tip if cooking is totally not your jam — support your mom’s favorite local restaurant this Mother’s Day by ordering a takeout meal. It’s an easy way to show you care, and it supports small businesses. Win-win.

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