|April 6, 2023

Pod Party! Up Your Single-Serve Coffee Game With These 9 Recipes

By Stephen Sheehan
Reviewed by Emily Gonzalez, ND for Scientific Accuracy

Pod Party! Up Your Single-Serve Coffee Game With These 9 Recipes

Love coffee but don’t love waiting for a whole pot to brew? Whether you’re in a time crunch or you only need to make one cup, single-serve Bulletproof Coffee Pods are a convenient solution to take care of your needs.

You can sip your favorite signature roast by using a Keurig-compatible** pod. Or, if you enjoy the taste of espresso, our Nespresso** Original Line-compatible pods will do the trick. No matter which route you prefer, these delicious, pod-inspired recipes will teach you how to get the most out of your single-serve favorites.

1. Sea Salt Hazelnut Mocha

hand places an original bulletproof pod into a keurig

This coffee-meets-chocolate recipe will make all your mocha dreams come true! The cocoa-hazelnut finish of Bulletproof Original Coffee Pods pairs perfectly with keto-friendly Bulletproof Hazelnut Creamer. And it’s incredibly satisfying to stir this single-serve drink with a row of a Bulletproof Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar—instead of a spoon.

2. The Bold Remedy Coffee Martini

A coffee martini featuring Bulletproof ingredients

You don’t need a barista or a mixologist to create a classy coffee martini right at home. Grab some ice and your vodka of choice, open a can of Bulletproof Lightly Sweetened Cold Brew Black, brew a Bulletproof The Mentalist Espresso Pod and shake until this sugar-free cocktail is ready to sip and savor.

3. Creamy Keto Affogato

High-fat and high-flavor: This keto affogato combines sweet keto ice cream with rich espresso for a dessert with amazing perks. (Paleo, LCHF, Sugar-Free)

There’s something special about watching hot coffee and cold ice cream join forces. This keto-friendly affogato uses a scoop of homemade, sugar-free ice cream and a freshly brewed The Mentalist Espresso Pod to make an Italian-inspired dessert that’s sure to satisfy…

4. Gingerbread Latte

hand pours a scoop of bulletproof vanilla creamer into a mug of coffee

Enjoy the warm flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger and cloves in this holiday-inspired latte year-round! All you need is your Nespresso machine, a stovetop and a blender to quickly transform a few ingredients into a creamy, dreamy beverage.

5. Salted Mocha and Coconut Creamsicles

Salted Chocolate Popsicles _header

If you’re a fan of iced coffee, you definitely need to give these easy mocha creamsicles a try. Full-fat coconut milk and a Bulletproof Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil deliver quality fats and help the mixture achieve the right consistency. Two The Mentalist Espresso Pods add depth, and cacao, along with a touch of Himalayan pink salt, round out the flavor profile of this frozen treat.

6. Gluten-Free Bulletproof Espresso Donuts

Bulletproof Espresso Donuts on white plate

Who says coffee pods are only for drinks? These gluten-free donuts are much healthier (and tastier) than ones you’ll find in the store. The five-ingredient base is easy to make, and the simple glaze gets its gorgeous color and flavor from four shots of The Original Espresso Pods.

7. Spiked Vanilla Mocha Latte

Spiked vanilla mocha latte

This comforting, bourbon-laced libation is a warm cup of cozy! A scoop of Bulletproof French Vanilla Creamer provides rich flavor and quality fats, and sugar-free coconut whipped cream, topped with shavings of a Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar, adds another layer of deliciousness to this spiked, sippable treat.

8. Keto Coffee Ice Cream

Coffee Keto Ice Cream

Follow the recipe for this low-carb coffee ice cream and you’ll have a new appreciation for avocados. While most people use this keto-friendly food in savory recipes, it helps create the right mouthfeel. And don’t worry about the taste of this dessert—vanilla extract, monk fruit sweetener and The Original Espresso Pods make the ice cream sweet and yummy.

9. Bulletproof Whipped Coffee

Hand holding cup of whipped coffee

All you need is four ingredients to bring this frothy coffee recipe to life. An egg white whipped with a Bulletproof-approved sweetener mixes with Bulletproof French Kick Coffee Pods to form a fluffy crown for your preferred non-dairy milk. We think it makes for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up!

Get to know our Bulletproof Coffee Pods

a variety of bulletproof coffee pods with a mug of coffee

Single-serve coffee drinkers have plenty of flexibility with their pod choices. Bulletproof offers a wide range of options, and all of our pods mimic the distinct flavors featured in our premium coffee grounds and beans.

Keurig-Compatible** Coffee Pods

  • The Original Coffee Pods: Our medium roast features distinct notes of cinnamon, plum and orange, with a cocoa-hazelnut finish.
  • The Mentalist Coffee Pods: These pods deliver a full-bodied flavor that includes hints of cherry, almond and caramel.
  • French Kick Coffee Pods: Dark roast lovers can brew a single serving of our smooth, smoky-chocolate offering.

Nespresso Original Line-Compatible** Compostable** Espresso Pods

  • The Original Espresso Pods: Enjoy our signature medium-roast coffee flavors in a shot or an Italian-style lungo.
  • The Mentalist Espresso Pods: Familiar flavors come together in this medium-dark roast for a quick sip or a full-cup serving.

Can you make the Bulletproof Coffee recipe with pods?

mct oil bottle next to a mug of coffee and a plate of ghee

Adding quality fats to your coffee will transform your morning cup of joe into a ketone-producing powerhouse.† If you love our flagship recipe but have recently adopted the pod life, fret not!

Instead of grinding beans or brewing grounds, simply insert one The Original Coffee Pod (or your roast of choice!) into your Keurig and let the machine do the work. Finish by blending or frothing your fresh brew with Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil and Bulletproof Grass-Fed Ghee and enjoy!

Ready to make your mornings more fulfilling? Learn how to upgrade your coffee routine with different brewing methods, tasty mix-ins and more.

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