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25 Macro-Friendly Keto Thanksgiving Recipes

By Stephen Sheehan
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25 Macro-Friendly Keto Thanksgiving Recipes

  • Following the keto diet during Thanksgiving is entirely possible if you utilize low-carb recipes that replace carbs with quality fats.
  • It’s possible to cook up delicious, nutritious keto Thanksgiving dinner sides, including several types of stuffing!
  • Thanks to low-glycemic sugar substitutes, keto-safe desserts will satiate your Turkey Day sweet tooth.

You can’t talk about Thanksgiving without mentioning food. However, for keto dieters, celebrating this holiday can be a challenge. After all, it’s tough to turn down a helping of momma’s famous pecan pie, right?

Fear not, my friends! You can still create the best keto Thanksgiving feast that will leave you satisfied—without knocking your macros way out of whack.

Instead of indulging in carb-heavy or sugar-laden foods, like mashed potatoes or cheesecake, you can make keto-friendly appetizers, main dishes, and even desserts that you can share with your loved ones.

As you develop your Thanksgiving menu, consider our mix of savory keto Thanksgiving recipes, which includes everything from Pumpkin Collagen Bread to Slower Cooker Pot Roast and, well, all the bacon-wrapped things! As for those more interested in the keto-approved sweet stuff, we have plenty of options for you, too!

Appetizers and bread to start keto Thanksgiving dinner

Keto bacon and zucchini muffins

A keto Thanksgiving menu wouldn’t be complete without some tasty (and macro-friendly) appetizers. It’s all about pacing yourself and savoring the entire night!

Start your keto Thanksgiving feast on the right foot with a home-baked keto bread and an appetizer that not only tastes great but also contains plenty of quality fats.

Here are some keto-friendly appetizer recipes you should consider making a part of your Thanksgiving celebration…

1. Pumpkin Collagen Bread

There’s no better way to start a Thanksgiving meal than with a warm slice of keto-friendly bread. This loaf contains added benefits, courtesy of Bulletproof Collagen Peptides.

2. Keto Almond Flour Biscuits

Thanks to almond flour and Bulletproof Grass-Fed Ghee, these biscuits are the perfect way to enjoy a “dinner roll” without all the carbs.

3. Keto Bacon and Pumpkin Zucchini Muffins

Enjoy the savory combo of bacon and zucchini—all while giving your body a nutritional boost from collagen peptides. This starter has the potential to become a low-carb diet staple on your everyday table.

4. Bacon Avocado Deviled Eggs

You can’t go wrong with this keto Thanksgiving recipe that includes plenty of beneficial fats from eggs and avocados. Oh, did I mention there’s bacon?

5. Chilled Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus Antipasto

The crisp bite of asparagus is complemented by salty prosciutto to make this fancy-looking dish a must for your keto Thanksgiving spread.

6. Keto Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Mushrooms

Take mushrooms to the next level with these bacon-hugged, cream cheese-filled delights from Savvy Honey.

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Main dishes for your keto Thanksgiving menu

Bacon wrapped roasted turkey breast and brussels sprouts

Looking for a way to elevate the main dish at your low-carb Thanksgiving dinner?

Don’t settle for a dry, bland and boring turkey breast that lacks flavor. (Besides, everyone knows the leg is the best part!) Utilize one of these crowd-pleasing keto Thanksgiving recipes to make sure the main attraction of your holiday dinner delivers in both taste and nutritional value.

7. Bacon-Wrapped Roasted Turkey Breast

Make sure to sharpen your carving knife, because your guests will want a few extra slices of this smokey, protein-packed main course.

8. Pan-Roasted Duck Breast

The unmistakable savoriness of duck pairs perfectly with roasted veggies that offer plenty of herby flavors, along with richness from grass-fed ghee and olive oil.

Pro tip: If you want to cut back on the carbs, leave the butternut squash out of the mix!

9. Slow Cooker Pot Roast

Give your beef-loving guests a hearty main course that utilizes a minimal amount of ingredients. That way, the juicy roast will shine center stage. As an added bonus, Bulletproof Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil provides a beneficial boost.

10. Crispy Herb Air Fryer Turkey

Air Fryer enthusiasts will rejoice when achieving the perfect textural balance with this tasty turkey recipe from Whole Lotta Yum.

Keto Thanksgiving sides

A spoonful of keto green bean casserole with bacon

Image via Diabetes Strong

Everybody knows that Thanksgiving sides are the true stars of the holiday meal! When it comes to your traditional Thanksgiving feast, though, side dishes often contain far too many carbs for keto dieters.

However, just because sugary cranberry sauce may not fit into your ketogenic diet, that doesn’t mean you can’t fill your plate! Here are some recipes for keto Thanksgiving sides that will round out your holiday meal—without ruining your macros.

11. Gluten-Free Mac and Cheese

Make a comfort food classic the keto way by using grass-fed ghee and gluten-free macaroni. For keto, simply sub out those traditional elbows for cauliflower florets or shirataki noodles, which will significantly lower the carb count.

12. Keto Green Bean Casserole

Undoubtedly a Thanksgiving dinner tradition, a serving of this buttery, creamy, crumbly and keto-friendly green bean casserole from Diabetes Strong only has 5.7 net carbs!

13. Twice-Baked Keto & Low-Carb Cauliflower

Move over, sweet potatoes! Cauliflower baked twice means the flavor has to be extra nice, right? When it comes to keto Thanksgiving sides, add this guilt-free twist on a classic from Jennifer Overstreet to your repertoire. (Now, this is a cauliflower casserole I can get behind!)

14. Bacon and Brussels Sprouts

Just two ingredients—plus some salt and pepper—make savory Brussels sprouts (yet again, with more bacon) from Happy Mothering incredibly simple.

15. Keto Gravy

Whether you want to ladle it on your slice of air-fried turkey breast or soak your sides, this gravy recipe from Diabetes Strong will satisfy your gravy cravings this Thanksgiving. The best part: your macros will remain fully intact!

Stuffing recipes for keto Thanksgiving

A casserole dish of keto chaffle stuffing for Thanksgiving

Image via Keto Focus

One of the essential parts of a Thanksgiving meal is obviously the stuffing. While keto dieters may have to say no to traditional family dressings, there are several recipes that fit in well with a keto meal plan.

16. Keto Cornbread Stuffing

Replace carbs with optimal fats when making this keto-friendly version of cornbread stuffing by A Girl Worth Saving. It’s got coconut flour for a hint of sweetness, and yes, it’s 100% corn-free!

17. Keto Chaffle Stuffing

This Thanksgiving stuffing recipe from Keto Focus will make you reconsider everything you thought possible about waffles. The chaffle, which is a cheese waffle at its core, is a worthy stand-in for bread.

18. Low-Carb Cauliflower Stuffing

If you’re looking for a low-carb stuffing solution to add to your keto Thanksgiving menu, check out this gluten-free recipe from Wholesome Yum that takes just 10 minutes of prep work!

19. Paleo & Low-Carb Stuffing for Poultry

Low Carb Yum delivers the perfect keto stuffing recipe for poultry that utilizes crispy, crunchy pork rinds to keep the carbs low and the flavor high!

Keto Thanksgiving dessert ideas

A plate of no-bake pumpkin pie slices

Keto desserts done right have the power to convert everyone at your Thanksgiving table (even your granny).

In fact, once your friends and family try some of these recipes, they may just skip out on traditional sugar-filled pies and cheesecakes for the long haul!

20. No-Bake Keto Pumpkin Pie

Craft a smooth and creamy custard for this keto-friendly version of pumpkin pie with the help of Bulletproof Collagelatin. True to its name, there’s absolutely no baking required for this traditional Turkey Day treat.

21. Keto Lemon Bars

Tart and sweet, this citrusy keto Thanksgiving recipe will make your lips pucker, while simultaneously fueling your body with fats from high-quality sources. Did I mention it’s sugar-free?

22. Keto Pavlova

The keto version of this traditional holiday dessert is still light and airy—and won’t spike your glucose levels (sugar alcohols really are a modern marvel).

23. Keto Lava Cake

Your chocolate-loving family members will give thanks for this low-carb version of a lava cake. The warm flow of chocolate tastes even better when you know this keto Thanksgiving dessert is full of Bulletproof-approved fats that work in your favor.

24. Pumpkin Bliss Balls

Give your range some rest as you whip up this delectable, dairy-free pumpkin spice dessert. What’s more? These balls of bliss contain brain-boosting power thanks to our secret Bulletproof ingredient

25. Chayote Squash Mock Apple Pie

This recipe from Low Carb Yum may be the perfect way to enjoy one of the most traditional holiday desserts—without the guilt and bloat. After all, what says Thanksgiving more than apple pie?

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From our Bulletproof family to your holiday table, Happy Thanksgiving!

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