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21 Tasty and Nutritious Keto Family Meals

By Stephen Sheehan
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21 Tasty and Nutritious Keto Family Meals

  • As long as a health care provider gives you the thumbs up, the keto diet can be safely followed, not just by you, but the whole family, too!
  • Bulletproof Grass-Fed Ghee and other products can support your family’s fat-fueled journey in a number of tasty and healthful ways.
  • Keto family meals can range from savory to sweet to everything in between. Don’t be afraid to get creative in the kitchen to feed your family foods that contain quality fats!

The keto diet doesn’t have to be something you do alone. In fact, this fat-fueled way of eating can bring benefits to your whole family. As long as a health provider has approved the decision, there’s no need to fear making quality fats the primary source of fuel — especially when cooking up keto family meals.

And, figuring out how to feed a hungry family keto-style doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We’ve compiled 21 keto recipes that pack plenty of flavor and nutritional value. Whether you’re looking for dinner recipes for the family keto diet, or you simply need access to a quick breakfast option that keeps the net carbs at a minimum, you’re in luck!

However, before we delve into the below list of delicious (and nutritious) keto family recipes, let’s get started with a few tips that’ll make cooking keto with your family a breeze!

Tips on cooking keto as a family

A black family cooking together in the kitchen

Unless your health care provider says otherwise, the keto diet definitely falls into the “family-friendly” category. In this case, you won’t have to worry about taking the journey alone. In fact, the keto diet can support everyone sitting at the kitchen table!

Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind for families on keto…

First, preparation is key. Carve out some time to discuss a weekly meal plan with everyone in your household. Perhaps there’s an event on the horizon that warrants an extra-special keto-friendly meal, along with added time and effort. Or, you may need to assess everyone’s schedules to see if you’ll need to whip up some convenient, nutrient-packed snacks to stay keto on the go.

After discussing the family keto meal plan, you can put together a grocery list that features all the foods and items needed to stay on the right path. Plus, you may realize that certain family members do not like particular foods, which can eliminate unnecessary spending and food waste.

By having the right ingredients on hand, you can get ahead of the game, and even meal prep freezer-friendly foods to take the pressure off cooking after a long day.

How Bulletproof products can support families on keto

Eggs in pan

Consuming whole foods is certainly a sound dietary strategy. However, keto families can also benefit from integrating Bulletproof products, too.

Consider adding the below into your family pantry:

  • Whether it’s for cooking up some eggs in the morning for the little ones or to infuse your clean coffee cup with much-needed fuel, Grass-Fed Ghee is an excellent and versatile source of quality fat.
  • Bulletproof Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil supports ketone production.† In addition to ghee, this versatile product works great to turn an ordinary cup of joe into a fat-fueled, energy-boosting mug (Good Morning, Bulletproof Coffee!). Additionally, thanks to being tasteless, you can get those fats in by drizzling this top-notch MCT oil on a salad or steak!
  • From hair-pulling moments (chill out, kiddos!) to recovery from running around all day, add some Bulletproof Collagen Protein to a late-day shake or smoothie to bolster your hair, joint, bone and muscle health.

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Easy keto breakfast meals

A plate of pasture-raised egg bites

Staying low carb in the morning doesn’t have to be bland and boring. Give your body some early-morning fuel with these keto-friendly breakfast options. They also work well if you’re of the breakfast-for-dinner persuasion.

1. Pasture-Raised Egg Bites

Packed with collagen protein and quality fats from grass-fed ghee, these pasture-raised egg bites are perfect and convenient for keto in the mornings. And, what pairs best with egg bites? Bits of bacon, of course!

2. Collagen Breakfast Cookies

By incorporating Bulletproof Vanilla Collagen Protein, pumpkin seeds, almonds and a few other health-supportive ingredients, you really can eat cookies for breakfast. (Guilt-free ones, of course.)

3. Breakfast Pizza

If starting your morning with keto-friendly cookies isn’t your thing, why not have a slice of dairy-free breakfast pizza? This one falls into the low-carb category thanks to a cauliflower crust that serves as the perfect vessel for toppings.

4. Fluffy Almond Flour Pancakes

You can never go wrong with pancakes… at least not with this almond flour-based, macro-friendly recipe that contains plenty of quality fats and just 4g of net carbs per serving. So, stack ’em up!

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Slow-cooked keto family meals

Keto slow cooker beef

Don’t have time to cook a keto dinner after a long day? Let the slow cooker do the work for you.

Get ready to plug in that Instant Pot or CrockPot and pick out a protein. If you want that comfort food feel without the guilt, these meat-based keto family meals will take care of all the hunger pangs around your household.

5. Mexican Shredded Beef

An upgrade from traditional ground beef, give everyone’s body and brain a nutritious boost of quality fats and protein with this yummy shredded beef recipe that works perfectly for Taco Tuesday… or any day, really. (Just remember to hold the tortillas!)

6. Lamb Barbacoa

Tender, succulent, savory lamb finished off with a drizzle of Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil will not only satisfy any meat lover’s dream but also ramp up ketone production. (Talk about a winning combination.)

7. Beef Stew

An ideal keto family meal for a wintry weeknight dinner, this slow-cooked stew recipe features plenty of beneficial fats that’ll confirm there’s no need to miss takeout on keto.

8. Pulled Pork

Crank out the CrockPot with this true foodie delight from Cassidy’s Craveable Creations that’s hardly a boar. Remember to use a keto sweetener to make sure you don’t mess up your macros!

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Keto-friendly chicken dishes

Low Carb Lemon Chicken Angel Hair Pasta_header

If you want to go a little lighter with your keto protein choice, there are plenty of dinner ideas that have chicken as the main ingredient. Here are some poultry options that even picky eaters in your family won’t be able to resist.

9. Creamy Chicken Soup

This pot of deliciousness is rich and creamy and packed with nutrients, thanks to fresh ingredients. Pumpkin, ginger and zucchini make this chicken soup soothing to any soul.

10. Shirataki Pasta With Lemon Chicken

It’s totally possible to get your pasta fix and still have a low-carb meal. This zesty, fresh take on traditional ‘angel hair pasta’ will make you forget all about going to a traditional Italian restaurant for lasagna and spaghetti with meatballs!

11. Salsa Verde Chicken Bake

Looking for more of a Latin flare with your low-carb chicken keto family meal? Kaylyn’s Kitchen kicks it up several notches with this ketogenic masterpiece that smells so good out of the oven, it’ll be tough to keep wandering hands away until it’s safe enough to touch!

12. Chicken Parmesan

An Italian classic, this keto chicken parmesan recipe from Low Carb Nomad (complete with melted mozzarella, if you tolerate dairy) will transport everyone right to Rome!

Hearty, classic and nostalgic keto main courses

Keto alfredo with Bulletproof collagen protein

Low-carb, high-fat versions of classic dishes, these mains deliver in both nutritional value and taste. If you’re had one too many bunless cheeseburgers lately, give these hearty keto family meals a try. The best part: there’s no need to worry about kicking your body (or anyone else’s at the table) out of ketosis.

13. Zoodles With Keto Alfredo Sauce

By swapping fettuccini for gluten-free zucchini noodles, you can still enjoy the familiar taste of an alfredo pasta dish—without all the carbs. And, with plenty of quality fats from grass-fed ghee, as well as a boost from Unflavored Collagen Protein, this take on a comfort-food classic definitely delivers a supportive boost to the body.

Pro tip: Keep it macro-friendly by using cauliflower in the sauce instead of cashews.

14. Beef Stir Fry

Keto meals that use only a handful of ingredients can still bring the flavor! This beef stir fry recipe does just that, and with 36g of fat per serving, it will help continue fueling your family’s keto journey!

15. Shrimp Scampi

Fresh, vibrant, and easy to make, this keto version of shrimp scampi looks absolutely gorgeous on the plate.

(But, that won’t stop anyone from devouring it in seconds.)

16. Sloppy Joes

Pair a low-carb side dish, like cauliflower rice, with this take on sloppy joes from Organically Addison, and you’ll have a hearty keto meal that’s also very kid-friendly.

Veggie-forward keto-friendly meals

Butternut Squash Zoodles With Bacon and Sage_header

These recipes may not work if you’re a strict vegetarian keto dieter, but these dishes will ensure you serve a nutrient-dense dinner, where the veggies take center stage.

17. Carbonara Zoodles With Crispy Bacon and Sage

Crispy, salted sage leaves and beautifully browned bits of bacon provide the perfect textural balance to this ghee-laced sauce that coats a heap of low-carb zucchini noodles. Although it sounds too good to be true, this veggie-forward meal is actually quite sensible when it comes to macros. Keep those carbs low by subbing pumpkin for butternut squash, though!

18. Italian Sausage-Stuffed Zucchini

In this low carb recipe from Our Salty Kitchen, nifty zucchini boats allow veggies to shine as a vessel for tasty passengers… in this case, an Italian sausage stuffing that’s suitable for spicier taste buds.

19. Middle Eastern Lamb Lettuce Wraps

If your clan prefers cultured tastes, enjoy these authentic, guilt-free lamb lettuce wraps from What a Girl Eats.

20. Buffalo Chicken Cauliflower Casserole

Chop up some chicken breast and cauliflower and you’ll be well on your way to adding a favorite to the keto family meal plan lineup. Once your spouse and kids dig into this delectable veggie-packed dish from Fresh Simple Home, breaded hot wings will become a dish of the past.

21. Pork Fried ‘Rice’

Instead of cauliflower rice, this recipe from Wholesome Family Living uses spaghetti squash to host a low-carb take on a Chinese food classic. Loaded with veggies and ground pork and flavored with coconut aminos, this one’s a keeper!

The bottom line: Take some time to plan and prep, and keto-friendly cooking for the entire family will unfold in a cinch! Let Bulletproof products help guide you on your path, so you can work hard to support each other—beyond the dinner table.

Even on keto, the family could use a bit of sweetness. Check out these decadent and keto-friendly chocolate treats!

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