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16 Keto Valentine’s Day Desserts for Chocolate Lovers

By Stephen Sheehan
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16 Keto Valentine’s Day Desserts for Chocolate Lovers

  • While Valentine’s Day desserts do not typically fall into the keto-friendly category, there are plenty of recipes that don’t rely on sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Products such as Bulletproof Grass-Fed Ghee and Bulletproof Collagen Protein, can help turn an ordinary dessert into a health-supporting treat.
  • Don’t be afraid to try a new dessert recipe, even if it features unfamiliar ingredients. Your special someone will appreciate the effort just as much as your chocolatey creation.

Whether it’s velvety chocolate cake or creamy chocolate cheesecake, typical Valentine’s Day desserts don’t exactly align with the keto diet. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate this day of love without feeling guilty.

In fact, you can still keep it keto-friendly this Valentine’s Day, especially if you’re a chocolate lover. So yes… you can have your cake (as close to sugar-free as possible) and eat it, too. There are various low-carb solutions that allow your loved one and you to satisfy those chocolate cravings. Plus, with the help of Bulletproof products and recipes, you can even whip up Keto Valentine’s desserts that provide potential health benefits.

Stay within your macros with this super-sweet Bulletproof dessert recipe roundup featuring this loving holiday’s star ingredient: chocolate.

Bulletproof Chocolate Treats

Looking for low-carb chocolate treats to share with that special someone this Valentine’s Day?

If your Valentine recently went keto, give the gift of nutrition reimagined with these Bulletproof chocolate treats that include beneficial ingredients that will give your significant other a nutritious boost:

Coffee Chocolate Sweets

Chocolate covered coffee beans in white bowl

Ketogenic dessert recipes that combine chocolate and coffee can be the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day (guilt-free, of course!) with the java lover in your life.

Here are a few Bulletproof-backed recipes that will make all your chocolatey coffee dreams come true!

1. Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans 

Does anything sound more delicious than these simple chocolate-covered Bulletproof Coffee beans that are simultaneously creamy, crunchy and sweet—without any added sugar? Did we happen to mention, they’re vegan?!

2. Chocolate Coffee Truffles 

Using a sugar substitute, sea salt, cacao powder, coconut oil and coffee, you can craft these easy keto-friendly truffles. Talk about making use of simple ingredients!

3. Coffee Panna Cotta 

This Valentine’s Day treat is the perfect blend of coffee and dessert. Kick back with your partner and turn on a rom-com to celebrate your day with this chilled, smooth and creamy take on Panna Cotta that’s fueled by a rich pour of Cold Brew Latte.

No-Bake Confections

Low carb white chocolate gummies recipe

If you’re not the type to bake a batch of chocolate peanut butter cupcakes or a pan of fudgy brownies, fret not! Instead, try out one of these keto chocolate dessert recipes, without waiting on the oven.

4. Protein Brownie Bites

Fudgy, sinful and ready in just 15 minutes—need we say more? This new protein brownie recipe is laced with quality fats and will fuel you sustainably with Energy Collagen Protein. Plus, there’s a slight hint of savory in every bite, courtesy of an entire Sea Salt Dark Chocolate bar. Once chilled, roll these brownie bites in desiccated dried coconut or roasted and chopped nuts or seeds. Or, you can take things up a notch by melting down another Bulletproof Chocolate Bar to encase these gratifying goodies!

5. White Chocolate Fat Bombs

Using a sweetener of your choice, you can mold these mini chocolate fat bombs that pack a surprisingly tasty punch in a petite package. Enter the power of Bulletproof Collagelatin, which supports healthy skin, joints and bones—without changing the flavor profile of your recipe!

6. Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Have the mindset that you can’t make a sweet treat with an avocado? Think again. Using just five ingredients—including collagen protein—you can impress your Valentine with a velvety mousse that actually contains the main ingredient used in guacamole. Mind. Blown.

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Chilled Delights

Chocolate collagen pudding in white bowl

While your love life should be warm and fulfilling, these chilled desserts can be the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day… by taking the temperature down a few notches.

7. Chocolate Ice Cream

For ice cream fanatics, it can be difficult to find the right keto recipe to satisfy this type of craving. In this case, however, the combination of Bulletproof C8 and C10 MCT Oil and Bulletproof Grass-Fed Ghee makes this keto version of chocolate ice cream one of the best low carb desserts you’ll ever spoon.

8. Dark Chocolate Collagen Pudding

Instead of using heavy cream, this collagen protein-infused pudding makes use of coconut cream, which deems this keto Valentine’s dessert dairy-free!

Cookies and Cakes

Berry & White Chocolate Keto Cake recipe

For home bakers, these keto-friendly dessert recipes will surely leave your Valentine asking for another helping. (It’s just up to you whether it will be a few more cookies or another slice of cake!)

9. Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies

Thanks to grass-fed ghee and collagen protein, your loved one can enjoy these chewy, chocolate chip cookies with peace of mind that they’re actually providing their body with beneficial nutrients!

10. Brookies

Love cookies and brownies, but can’t decide which one to bake? Try this hybrid keto dessert recipe that uses simple ingredients to also remain paleo, gluten-free and grain-free.

11. Chocolate Cake With Chocolate Glaze

Keto recipes don’t have to be complicated to provide impressive results. Serve up a slice of this sin-free chocolate cake (made with coconut flour) to your special someone, which is sure to become more than just a Valentine’s Day tradition!

12. White Chocolate and Raspberry Cake 

Don’t settle for a mug cake recipe like every other Sunday. Instead, show off your confectionary skills with this gorgeous white chocolate and raspberry cake that contains only 6.6g of net carbs per serving! Seconds, please?

13. Chocolate Lava Cake 

Have a flair for the dramatic? Let your loved one break open this gooey chocolate lava cake that still falls into the keto-friendly category, thanks to the use of almond flour and grass-fed ghee. Believe me, your Valentine’s heart might melt faster than the molten center.

14. Texas Sheet Cake With Chocolate Avocado Frosting

This traditional Southern dessert can be ketofied and still satisfy any chocolate lover. Use Bulletproof coffee beans to brew up and chill some cold brew (even better, grab a can of Original Cold Brew Latte) to give this chocolate cake base a unique twist. Plus, the avocado-based frosting takes care of the quality fats…

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All The Bacony Things

Keto Chocolate Covered Bacon_up close

Bacon isn’t just for breakfast!

You can find some creative ways to combine chocolate with the powerful (and unmistakable) flavor of this porky delicacy to give your Valentine’s taste buds a tantalizingly tasty treat—that combines both salty and sweet!

15. Chocolate-Covered Bacon 

Salty? Check.

Sweet? Absolutely.

Delicious and nutritious? No doubt about it.

Chocolate-covered bacon may sound like an out-of-the-box idea, but after all, being unique is what makes you special to your Valentine!

16. Chocolate Bacon Fudge 

Laced with protein, quality fats and heart-friendly polyphenols, this easy keto dessert recipe will have you reconsidering everything you thought possible about bacon and chocolate. Now, that’s love…

The bottom line: Still worried about sticking to your macros this Valentine’s Day? Don’t be! Instead, let Bulletproof guide the way with easy keto dessert recipes that will leave your Valentine’s heart (and tummy) full of warm, fuzzy and guilt-free goodness! And, if you’re ringing V-Day in solo on keto this year, by all means, join in on the yumminess, too!

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Much Love!

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