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Ask a Bulletproof Registered Dietitian: 9 Things You Should Know

By Ashlee Dawson, MS, RD
Reviewed by Emily Gonzalez, ND for Scientific Accuracy

Ask a Bulletproof Registered Dietitian: 9 Things You Should Know

  • Satiating, nutrient-dense foods like proteins, quality fats, vegetables and berries are ideal for your diet, from breaking a fast to curbing sugar cravings.
  • Probiotics and prebiotics help your microbiome thrive. Consider products that have been tested and show positive health benefits.
  • Collagen plays an important role in your day, especially when it comes to strengthening your body’s framework. Lucky for you, you can consume collagen in several easy formats—sip a Bulletproof Cold Brew Latte, snack on a Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bar or integrate our comprehensive line of collagen protein powders for various benefits.

Happy Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day! Here at Bulletproof, our mission is to help you unleash your limitless potential. However, when you’re looking to make a long-term lifestyle transition, it’s only natural to ask questions. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of specific inquiries from various Bulletproof consumers just like you.

Want to know what to eat when breaking an intermittent fast? Trying to learn how to beat sugar cravings? Looking for ways to stay satiated throughout the day? Find the answers you seek and much more—including specific Bulletproof product recommendations and original Bulletproof recipes—in the in-depth Q&A below!

Diet Questions

An assortment of Bulletproof products

1. What are the best things to eat when breaking an intermittent fast?

As the eating window narrows during an intermittent fasting (IF) plan, you want to make sure you get plenty of nutrient-dense foods during the open eating time, as this will set you up for a successful fast. Consuming nutrient-dense and satiating foods such as protein, quality fats and vegetables will also decrease the desire to binge on highly processed and sugary foods, which are full of empty calories.

Because intermittent fasting rules and fasting times will vary depending on the program you choose, you will want to experiment with the foods that feel right for you when breaking a fast. For those who feel high-fiber foods (such as fruits and vegetables) can be harsh on the digestive tract following a long fast, you can opt for a food high in protein to provide a feeling of fullness.

Furthermore, some IF’ers break their fast with a cup of Bulletproof Coffee that contains Bulletproof Grass-Fed Ghee and Bulletproof Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil, which allows them to stay in ketosis but provide them with satiety and energy. Whatever you choose, consuming the food slowly and mindfully will be gentler on your gut.

2. If I’m not following a keto diet, is it okay to eat products labeled ‘keto-friendly’?

A closeup of a Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bar

Absolutely! ‘Keto-friendly’ usually means the product contains quality fats, has moderate protein and is low in sugar and carbohydrates—a good way to stay satiated and steer clear of blood sugar spikes.

When it comes to keto-marketed foods, though, I would caution to always read the label to ensure there are no hidden ingredients, as there is no accredited USDA ‘keto-friendly’ certification.

Pro tip: Looking for yummy ways to up your quality fats on the keto diet (or in general)? Try Bulletproof Original Creamer as an easy morning beverage mix-in and Bulletproof Chocolate Bars if you have a sweet tooth. Additionally, Collagen Protein Bars recently underwent a facelift (aka reformulation), and are keto-friendlier than ever!

3. What are some go-to strategies to beat a sugar craving?

A scoop of Bulletproof Gut Health dropping into a mug

Sugar cravings surface in different ways at various times of day. Here are four ways to tackle this issue:

  1. Eat small, frequent meals throughout the day: Consuming a steady supply of nutrient-packed foods prevents low blood sugar, which can lead to cravings and overeating to compensate. Choose vegetables, berries (in moderation), quality fats, fiber and protein, as these take longer to digest. These foods slow digestion, which keeps you satiated so you can avoid cravings.
  2. Stay hydrated: Dehydration can make you feel less full and increase cravings. If you’re having trouble getting your recommended water in each day, try adding Bulletproof Immune Defense Collagen Protein Packets Bulletproof Stress Relief Collagen Protein, which can help you guzzle glasses of H2O with tasty benefits—these collagen-based protein powders contain the building blocks for strong bones, joints and muscles, as well as glowing skin, hair and nails.†
  3. Allow for sensible indulgence: Treat yourself as part of your regular routine to stave off desires to overconsume sugary junk food. Bulletproof Chocolate Dipped Collagen Bars (try Double Chocolate or Vanilla Cookie!) allow you to enjoy the flavor and taste of a treat without all of the guilt and negative effects of sugar.
  4. Get moving: Sometimes, our cravings can come from an emotional response. Try going for a walk or mindful stretching to keep those sugar cravings at bay.

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Food Shopping Questions

A jar of Bulletproof Grass-Fed Ghee in a kitchen pantry

4. What’s are the differences between grass-fed, grass-finished and pasture-raised proteins, and which is most important?

‘Grass-fed’ typically means the cattle received grass or foraged material at some point in their lives, while grass-finished denotes the cattle consumed a 100% grass diet their entire lives.  Pasture-raised implies the cows have access to graze on a pasture of grass, which allows them to incorporate some grass into their diet.

Furthermore, pasture-raised can be better for animal welfare and benefits the environment by promoting healthy topsoil and regenerative agricultural practices, which are important to the preservation of our planet—now more than ever. Studies show that the milk from cows eating fresh grass out in the pasture contains higher amounts of omega-3s and CLA than the milk of non-pasture-fed cows.[1]

Pro tip: Bulletproof Grass-Fed Ghee comes from cows that spend most of their lives in-pasture in New Zealand eating grass-rich diets. You can add ghee to Bulletproof Coffee, along with delicious dishes like Easy Seared Steak, veggie-forward Zoodles With Keto Alfredo Sauce and even No-Bake Protein Brownie Bites!

5.  If I’m looking for high-quality coffee beans, what are some factors I should consider?

A woman pouring a mug of Bulletproof Original Coffee

Always seek out a clean coffee option. Keep in mind that poor practices of processing coffee—cleaning, drying, processing and storing coffee—can lead to higher levels of mycotoxins. And, higher levels of mycotoxins can interfere with optimal health.

High-quality Bulletproof Coffee Beans are expertly picked and sorted, utilize a sustainable washing and drying technique and are rigorously tested for mycotoxin levels providing you with the cleanest grounds for your morning cup of joe.† Plus, they are Rainforest Alliance Certified, which means Bulletproof beans are produced with social, economic and environmental sustainability methods in mind. From whole beans to fine grounds to single-serve pods, we’ve got you covered!

Daily Routine Questions

Bulletproof Sleep supplements arranged for a bedtime routine

6. I read a lot about different supplements and how they can improve everything from my energy to my sleep. What are some of the best ones to take?

As always, I am a proponent of getting as much nutritional content as possible from your daily diet. However, Bulletproof offers a suite of Supplements that can help you optimize your day—and get the quality rest you need, so you can power down each night.

In addition to quality fats from ghee, you can supplement with sources like ketone-boosting Bulletproof Brain Octane Softgels, which contain our signature C8 MCT Oil. And, Bulletproof Omega Krill Complex supports brain health—along with heart and joint health—thanks to a blend of omega-3 fatty acids (as well as antioxidants to support healthy aging).†

When it comes to improved focus and attention, the coffee fruit extract in Bulletproof Energy + Focus can stimulate and strengthen brain cells,† while Bulletproof Smart Mode hosts a bevy of brain-supporting nutrients and adaptogens to promote clarity and concentration.† Finally, whether you’re following keto or not, the oxaloacetate in Bulletproof KetoPrime .bolsters your healthy cells in an effort to produce clean energy†

As your day comes to a close, nothing is more important than a good night’s rest. If you’re having trouble winding down in the evenings, you can supplement with Bulletproof Zen Mode, which is chock full of calming, science-backed ingredients that allow you to destress and relax.†

Then, support your bedtime routine with a non-habit-forming, melatonin-based formula like Bulletproof Sleep Mode. Or, try one of our brand-new melatonin-infused supplements: Bulletproof Sleep, which contains a blend of herbs so you can fall asleep, and stay asleep,† or Lucuma vanilla-flavored Bulletproof Sleep Collagen Protein rich with chamomile and magnesium citrate, which can be consumed as a bedtime tonic to lull you into a restful state.†

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7. What are your favorite sources of probiotics and prebiotics?

A glass of green juice with Bulletproof InnerFuel Prebiotic

I recommend choosing a probiotic that has proof of efficacy in humans at the recommended dose. First of all, you want to confirm that the probiotics have been tested and show positive health benefits.

The key benefit of consuming probiotics and prebiotics on a regular basis is that they help us maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract. For ease of use, I recommend Bulletproof Gut Health. It boasts 2 billion CFU of science-backed probiotics and 10g prebiotics in two convenient scoops.

Additionally, Bulletproof InnerFuel Prebiotic feeds the good bacteria in your gut to support a thriving microbiome.† Since it’s unflavored, you can mix this formula seamlessly into everything from coffee to smoothies to soups to support your gut health.

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8. It’s lunchtime and I want to feel both satiated and energized for the rest of the workday. What should I eat or drink?

A photo of fresh, whole foods and Bulletproof products

Fill your lunch plate with a combination of complete proteins, berries, vegetables and quality fats. This is a surefire way to provide you with satiety and give you that long-lasting energy to get you through the toughest of days.

Moreover, avoiding refined carbs and sugar will prevent you from crashing before the day is through. If you are looking for an on-the-go energizing lunch option, Bulletproof Energy Collagen Protein is a great choice. In fact, it contains all nine essential amino acids, 20g of collagen protein and MCT oil to provide satiety and energy that lasts.† Additionally, a Custom Energy Blend of Panax ginseng, magnesium and cordyceps mushrooms further support energy production.

Try this Berry Matcha Smoothie, which is packed with quality fats and fiber, and contains a formula to keep your battery charged throughout the day.

9. What are the best pre- and post-workout meals? Should I consume protein immediately after a workout? How about collagen?

A male cycler drinking Bulletproof Cold Brew Latte

To properly fuel your body prior to a workout, plan on eating a balanced snack of protein and quality fats between 1-4 hours prior to the workout. Bulletproof Cold Brew Latte cans are a great way to provide you with protein and fat, as well as a caffeine lift to power you through that workout.

After exercise, it’s best to replenish your energy stores with protein within 60 minutes of cooling down. Adding protein to your post-workout snack will assure there is plenty to help with muscle repair and building. As for Bulletproof collagen products, you can easily supplement with Unflavored Collagen Protein or Bulletproof Collagelatin to support your joints, muscles and bones.†

The bottom line: Take care of yourself each and every day! That means not only finding the right diet for you (and sticking to it), but integrating supportive products (hint, hint Bulletproof), that can give your body easy access to quality fats, beneficial proteins, clean caffeine and sensible sweets.

Thinking about a shift in diet? Learn about different diets and how they work, so you can continue thriving on a daily basis!

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