5 No-Bake Holiday Energy Ball Recipes

It’s that time of year again — the season for spreading Yuletide joy with tin upon tin of tasty treats. Perhaps this year, you are game to mix it up a bit more in the kitchen? Trade in those common cookies for nutritious and delicious energy balls. Packed with good-for-you ingredients, these energy ball recipes feature Bulletproof, keto, paleo, vegan, and raw foods. From Lemon Coconut Energy Balls to Almond Joy Balls, there is a bite for everyone on this list. Go ahead, get creative, and see what you can whip up this holiday season.


lemon coconut energy balls

Lemon Coconut Energy Balls

Typical energy ball recipes call for a bunch of Red Zone ingredients like peanut butter, oatmeal, and dates — not this one. These balls feature Bulletproof-friendly ingredients, Lemon Cookie Collagen Bars in particular. If you’re a fan of easy, no-fuss recipes in the kitchen, then these balls are for you.


brownie balls

Image via Protein Bar Mix

Brownie Bombs

This brownie is the bomb: High in fat, low in carbs, zero sugar, and chock-full of superfood splendor, these are a kid’s idea of how “real” dessert should taste — and maybe yours too. Consider swapping the energy bite mix in this recipe for collagen protein, since the mix contains Brazil nuts (which are almost always moldy) and flaxseed (which has high levels of omega-6 fats).

blueberry bliss balls
Image via Real Balanced

Blueberry Bliss Fat Balls

Gluten- and grain-free, keto, low-carb, paleo, vegan — and Bulletproof all in one ball? That’s right. And brimming with a very merry, bountiful berry. Blueberries are one of the most nutrient-dense fruits — packed with vitamin K, C, manganese, and fiber. They are also an antioxidant powerhouse, so if you are going to do fruit, they are a good Bulletproof choice.

cinnamon coffee cake collagen energy balls
Image via Dr. Kellyann

Cinnamon Coffee Cake Collagen Fat Balls

Requiring only three minutes to make, these are great on-the-go breakfast balls. The coconut oil gives you a hearty energy boost; while cinnamon is anti-inflammatory and definitely in vogue this holiday season.

almond joy energy balls
Image via Keto Connect

Almond Joy Balls

An excellent holiday dessert, these Keto-friendly balls are a perfect way to curb your chocolate cravings during winter’s darker hours. Rich in taste and healthy fats, these energy balls let you indulge — then gain vigor as a trade-off. Truly, a joyful combo.

A note on nuts

Except for coconut, all nuts and seeds are considered “suspect” on the Bulletproof Diet to some extent. Nuts contain a high risk of mold contamination and have high levels of omega-6 fats that oxidize easily and can contribute to inflammation. Nuts also contain varying levels of lectins, nutrient-sapping compounds that can also be tough on your gut.

If you’re having trouble losing weight or suffer from headaches, joint pain, or other autoimmune symptoms, try removing nuts from your diet completely. You can try reintroducing them once symptoms subside.

For more about the spectrum of Bulletproof Foods, check out the Bulletproof Roadmap, a visual guide to help you navigate the most nutrient-dense foods to the most kryptonite!

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