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Whole30 Snacks: Easy Recipes to Keep You on Track

By Amanda Suazo
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Whole30 Snacks: Easy Recipes to Keep You on Track

The Whole30 program places strict rules on your diet — including eliminating added sugar, grains, and dairy from your meals. With all these restrictions in mind, you’ll want to have a Whole30 approved option at the ready to help you stick to the plan while snacking.

If you incorporate enough whole foods like fiber-rich vegetables and plenty of healthy fats into your meals, you may not even need snacks. (In fact, frequent snacking is not recommended by the diet guidelines.)

Some days, though, three meals might not keep you satisfied. Keep these recipes on-hand (either to make fresh or meal prep) to stay on the plan.

From simple snack bites to filling proteins, save these Whole30 recipes to keep you on track all month long.

Protein-packed Whole30 snacks

This coconut shrimp recipe is crispy, satisfying, and packed with flavor from a creamy dairy-free cilantro lime dip. (Plus, just 5 minutes of prep!)

Bacon-Avocado Caesar Deviled Eggs

Instead of stuffing your hard-boiled eggs with mystery vegetable oils, this Whole30 snack whips up a filling using avocado oil mayo, dijon mustard, crisp bacon pieces, and creamy chunks of avocado.

Ready in just 20 minutes!

Baked Keto Coconut Shrimp With Cilantro Lime Dip

No need to deep fry: These crispy, coconut-crusted shrimp cook in the oven before getting dunked in a creamy cashew-based dip.

You can easily double or triple this recipe for a downright delicious appetizer that everyone can love.

Paleo Whole30 Classic Egg Salad

If you meal prep hard boiled eggs, this classic snack from Real Food With Jessica comes together in just minutes.

Chop up the eggs and mix together with compliant mayo, mustard, and spices — then eat all by itself or wrapped in lettuce.

Bacon Wrapped Avocado Fries

Whip up this easy snack from Kirbie’s Cravings with just two ingredients and 20 minutes of time.

Wrapping avocado slices in bacon delivers a big dose of fats to your day, plus the perfect combo of crisp and creamy texture.

Creamy Whole30 Avocado Tuna Boats

For the perfect five-minute Whole30 snack or light lunch, make this easy recipe from Paleo Gluten Free Eats.

Stuff halved avocados with a creamy and crunchy tuna salad mixture, then devour.

Old Bay Shrimp Celery Boats

This protein-packed snack from Everyday Maven is a big upgrade from ants on a log.

Crunchy celery stalks get stuffed with seasoned shrimp and creamy mayo for a totally filling snack that doubles as an easy appetizer.

Egg & Lettuce Cups With Spicy Mayo

This easy spin on deviled eggs from Irena Macri tops each halved egg with a spicy mayo mixture and mini gherkins, then places them on crisp lettuce leaves.

Whole30 snack mixes, nuts and bites

Grain free granola bowl with kiwi

Grain-free Granola

If you’re missing the crunch of granola on Whole30, you’re in luck with this easy recipe. Compliant nuts and seeds are tossed with coconut oil cinnamon and unsweetened shredded coconut to create a mix packed with healthy fats.

Skip the sweetener to satisfy Whole30, and add sugar-free dried fruit for a subtle sweetness.

Coconut Trail Mix

With this Whole30 snack from Thyme and Joy, you won’t even miss traditional trail mix.

This recipe mixes up coconut flakes with nuts, coconut oil, cinnamon, and sea salt for a nutty, fat-fueled snack.

Savory Coconut Flakes

With a crisp texture and a blend of sweet and salty spices, you’ll want to enjoy these toasted coconut flakes by Our Paleo Life like popcorn.

Paleo Protein Bliss Balls

These satisfying snack balls from Barefoot Provisions need no added sugar.

Instead, each bite gets natural sweetness from shredded coconut and coconut butter, plus healthy fats from coconut oil.

Whole30 fruit snacks

Avoid the Whole30 rut! With wholesome starches and powerful proteins, these paleo and Whole30 recipes will keep your plan fresh and satisfying.

Crispy Paleo Tostones With Guacamole

Enjoy a new spin on plantain chips with this easy recipe.

Shallow-fry slices of plantain, then dip each crispy bite in a quick three-ingredient guacamole — no breading needed for this healthy snack!

Baked Plantain Chips

While plantains qualify as fruit, they are packed with clean-burning starches and bake up into perfectly crispy chips in this recipe from Downshiftology.

After slicing thin and baking for about 20 minutes, they make the perfect delivery device for guacamole, chicken salad or aioli.

Mixed Berry Coconut Cream Parfaits

This naturally-sweetened Whole30 snack from Brooklyn Supper layers pureed berries with whipped coconut cream, all topped with a sprig of fresh mint for a wholesome mini-meal.

Keep this recipe Whole30 by skipping the honey, and make sure your coconut cream doesn’t contain added sugar.

Whole30 veggie snacks

Zucchini chips with yellow dipping sauce

Paleo Zucchini Chips

These baked zucchini chips take just minutes to make and deliver a savory, satisfying crunch. Sea salt, spices and arrowroot powder combine to create a savory crispy coating.

Add your favorite spices or Whole30-friendly dip, and they satisfy just about any salty chip craving.

Rocket and Basil Pesto Snack Plate

Is there anything like a savory snack plate for satisfying those midday snack attacks? Rocket and basil combine into a simple pesto, accompanied by crisp veggies, rich olives and salty prosciutto.

Keep an eye on ingredients for your deli meats and olives, and omit the chocolate bliss balls to stay Whole30 compliant.

Paleo Sweet Potato Nachos

Who says you can’t have nachos on Whole30? While this recipe can be used as a main, this zesty mini-meal is also a great appetizer or game-day snack when you’re sharing.

Fresh guacamole and rich lamb combine to create a dish where you don’t miss the cheese. Not into sweet potatoes and cool with nightshades? Bell peppers are an easy Whole30 compliant swap.

Easy Avocado Caprese Salad

For a simple and elegant spin on caprese, simply swap the mozzarella cheese with slices of avocado with this recipe from Cook Eat Paleo.

Like the classic recipe, each savory bite still gets flavor from fresh basil, olive oil, and salt.

Easy Refrigerator Pickles

For the perfect blend of tang and crunch, you can’t beat homemade pickles. With this easy recipe, simply add cucumber slices to a jar with a pickling mixture that includes apple cider vinegar, fresh dill, and spices.

Feel free to use other veggies to make this Whole30-friendly snack.

Roasted Salt & Pepper Radish Chips

Roasting allows radishes to take on a more mellow flavor and crisp texture with this Whole30 snack recipe from Sugar-Free Mom.

Slice radishes thin, toss in coconut oil and seasonings and bake for crisp and low-carb chips.

Whole30 dips and spreads

Dairy-free pesto with collagen protein

Keto Ranch Dressing

You can still enjoy a totally creamy and herbaceous ranch on Whole30, all without added sugar, dairy, or vegetable oil.

In this recipe, you simply blend plan-friendly mayo with dill, apple cider vinegar, and garlic for a flavor-packed spread or dip you can use with anything.

Dairy-Free Pesto with Collagen Protein

Pesto is a great condiment that brings a burst of flavor to pretty much anything, from sandwiches to raw veggies.

This version contains collagen protein for a more satisfying snack without breaking any rules.

Blueberry Almond Pecan Butter

This sugar-free nut butter from Fit Mitten Kitchen gets a natural boost of sweetness from blueberries, all whizzed together with raw pecans, almonds and your fat of choice.

Even better, it’s a great alternative to peanut butter while following Whole30 guidelines. (And goes great on apple slices.)

Low-Carb Hummus

No legumes here! This Whole30 snack dip from Broke Foodies uses tender cooked cauliflower instead of chickpeas as a base for olive oil, lemon juice, and seasonings — perfect for veggies and salads.

Make sure your almond butter is unsweetened to stay Whole30 compliant.

Whole30 Creamy Avocado Sauce

Change up your guacamole with this Whole30-friendly recipe from Primavera Kitchen.

Avocados blend with herbs, spices, and olive oil for an easy snack dip, salad dressing, or flavorful topper for meats and fish.

More Whole30 recipes from Bulletproof

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