Do I Have to Be Keto to Use MCT Oil? NOPE. Here’s Why

Do I Have to Be Keto to Use MCT Oil? NOPE. Here’s Why

  • MCT is short for “medium-chain triglycerides,” a type of fatty acid.
  • This multi-tasking fat isn’t only for those following the keto diet. MCT oil carries benefits for everyone, no matter what’s on your plate.
  • Benefits of using MCT oil include losing weight, boosting your healthy fat intake, feeling fuller for longer, and fueling your brain.
  • Ways to use MCT oil include drinking Bulletproof Coffee and drizzling it over meals.

If you think MCT oil is meant only for those following the high-fat, low-carb keto diet, think again. This powerful fat carries benefits no matter what’s on your plate. Here are four reasons to use it so you can be awesome all day long.

What is MCT oil?

MCT is short for “medium-chain triglycerides,” a type of fatty acid. Triglycerides are the molecules that make up most fats, and medium-chain refers to the length of the fat molecule’s tail. Learn more here about the different fat structures. MCTs are typically derived from coconut oil, but sometimes come from palm oil. Read more about MCT oil with this definitive guide.

Benefits of using MCT oil, whether or not you’re on keto

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Weight loss

MCT oil can help you lose weight, and fast. Research shows that MCTs help you burn fat and calories, no matter what diet you follow.[1] It might seem counterintuitive — eat fat, to lose fat? That’s the magic of MCT oil. It increases the amount of fat-burning molecules in your system called ketones. Your body then uses these ketones for energy rather than glucose from carbs. Burning ketones in place of glucose boosts weight loss and reduces inflammation.[2][3]

Usually you have to fast, cut way down on carbs, or exercise really hard to get your body to produce ketones. With MCT oil, you raise your ketone levels in a matter of minutes, with very little effort.

Increase your consumption of quality fats

Despite what you may have been told for years, [4]. You need plenty of healthy fats to balance your hormones, fuel your brain, stay slim, keep you feeling full, and so much more.

MCT oil is one of the healthiest fats you can consume, and one of the most convenient. An MCT oil like Brain Octane oil has zero taste or odor, which means you can add it to just about anything for an extra boost of healthy fats (more on ways to use MCT oil below).

Feel full after meals

Fat is super satiating. When you fill up on the right fats, you feel fuller, for longer. That frees you up to focus on your day, minus distracting cravings. MCT oils are especially good at this — they raise ketones, and ketones suppress ghrelin (the hunger hormone) and increase cholecystokinin (CCK), which keeps you feeling full.

Boost brain power

Your brain is made up of 60 percent fat.[5] It’s actually the fattiest organ in your body, and it needs loads of good fats to keep it in working order. Saturated fat is particularly good for your brain. It feeds myelin, the fatty layer of insulation around brain cells that helps them communicate with one another.

MCT oil also rapidly converts into ketones, which the brain can use as an immediate source of energy. You can actually feel your brain switch on and any fogginess disappear. This frees you up from the sudden energy crashes you get when your body runs on sugar.

Learn more about the benefits of MCT oil here.

How to use MCT oil

metabolism booster caffeine

  • Drink Bulletproof Coffee. One of the easiest ways to incorporate MCT oil into your diet is to start your day with a Bulletproof Coffee. A cup consists of coffee, Brain Octane oil (a high-quality MCT oil) and grass-fed butter. Studies show that combining medium-chain triglycerides like Brain Octane oil with other liquids increases its fat-burning effects. Caffeine also increases your body’s ability to burn fat for energy, making coffee and Brain Octane a formidable team.[6][7]
  • Drizzle over meals. Drizzle over sushi, salad, or a high-quality protein like grass-fed beef or wild-caught salmon. Try these Bulletproof MCT oil salad dressings.

Discover more ways to use MCT oil here.

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