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The Complete Intermittent Fasting Guide for Beginners

Intermittent fasting, also called IF, is pretty simple. You eat within a shortened period of time, and you fast the…

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Are You a Sugar Burner or a Fat Burner? Why Your Metabolism Can Do Both

You always need a snack. You get mega sugar cravings. You’re constantly dealing with stubborn belly fat. Sound familiar? You…

Need help figuring out what to eat on keto? Eliminate the guesswork with this complete keto food list, designed to help you drop weight and feel amazing.

What to Eat on Keto: Your Complete Keto Food List

Not sure what foods people eat on the keto diet? This keto food list will get you started. By scaling…

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The Truth About Metabolism-Boosting Foods, According to Experts

Your metabolism is a big deal. It’s how your body turns food into energy, and that energy is what makes…

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7 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight on Keto

There are seven main reasons you’re not losing weight on keto, despite your best efforts. You’re not actually in ketosis….

Coffee won’t slow your metabolism -- but added junk will. Learn why this common coffee add-in slows you down, and what to add to your morning brew instead.

What Coffee Does to Your Metabolism

Your morning coffee comes with major benefits. Coffee is one of the richest sources of antioxidants in the average person’s…

Keto Diet for Beginners: Your Complete Guide

Picture this: You’re on a new diet, but instead of feeling hangry and deprived, you’re brimming with energy and the…

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How to Increase Your Metabolism Without Pills or Boosters

Torch fat. Slim your waist. If you’ve ever looked at weight loss supplements, you’ve probably seen metabolism pills and boosters…