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Keto on the Go: How to Fuel Up With Bulletproof Coffee & Snacks—No Matter Where You Are 

By Stephen Sheehan
Reviewed by Emily Gonzalez, ND for Scientific Accuracy

Keto on the Go: How to Fuel Up With Bulletproof Coffee & Snacks—No Matter Where You Are 

  • Customize your Bulletproof Coffee with mix-ins to give yourself easy energy while doing keto on the go.
  • When snacking, carbohydrates can add up fast. Always check in with your keto macro ratios while planning keto snack ideas.
  • Consider easy keto recipes to improve your snack game. Utilizing Bulletproof ingredients can allow you to create tasty, low-carb diet treats.

Whether you’re simply making your daily commute to work or headed out on a long road trip, it’s important to prepare for keto on the go. Additionally, a tasty source of quality fats that is readily available is a critical factor in sustaining the ketogenic diet.

Moreover, stocking up on versatile keto-friendly products, including fats like Bulletproof Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil, can help you meet your macronutrient goals (aka macros). Not to mention, MCT oil is a staple ingredient in your morning cup of keto-rich Bulletproof Coffee. Below, learn all about keto on the go, from coffee to snacks to easy recipes that will keep you armed and ready—at all times!

How to make a to-go mug of Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil Go Packets, keys, a phone and a coffee mug on a table

Give your morning cup of coffee an extra boost by making it Bulletproof—before you head out the door! So, what exactly goes into our signature, high-fat keto coffee concoction? The ingredients (and the process to bring them together) is incredibly simple. For a fat-fueled keto breakfast drink, all you need to do is blend the below:

*If you’re new to MCT oil, we recommend starting with 1 tsp. and building up to the full serving size over the course of several days. 

Not only is our coffee recipe known to be creamy and delicious, but it also offers added brain benefits via the sustained energy provided by ketone bodies. And, adding grass-fed butter or ghee or MCT oil to your coffee allows you to incorporate quality fats into your caloric intake—a must on the keto diet.

Cowboy Coffee when you’re on the move

A hand pouring a Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil Go Packet into a coffee mug

If you’re on the run and need to whip up a quick cup of Bulletproof Coffee, it’s easier than you think. Cowboy Coffee, which earns its name from an old-time, on-the-trail brewing technique, can, in fact, receive keto-friendly Bulletproof treatment.

Simply put, Cowboy Coffee (also called the ‘Reverse French Press’) consists of hot water, ground coffee, a single portion of unsalted grass-fed butter or ghee and a travel-size bottle of Brain Octane Oil. You also need a leak-proof mug and a portable milk frother (optional, but recommended). The steps to make a Bulletproof Cowboy Coffee include:

  1. Find a hot water source. In a separate cup, request the amount necessary to fill your travel mug.
  2. Begin to stir your coffee grounds into the separate hot water cup. Break the grounds so they settle at the bottom of the cup.
  3. Stir, tap and steep for 4-6 minutes.
  4. Once the grounds are settled, pour the coffee into your leak-proof mug, leaving all grounds behind.
  5. Along with your coffee, add the rest of your ingredients.
  6. Shake the mug vigorously (that’s why the leak-proof mug is necessary). As an alternative, whisk the ingredients together with a portable milk frother.

Wondering where to get all the items for this keto on-the-go coffee drink? Our online shop is stocked with everything you need—from ground and whole-bean coffee to quality fats to the Bulletproof MiiR Travel Tumbler.

Bulletproof Coffee Pods while on the job

a variety of bulletproof coffee pods with a mug of coffee

Just because you’re not at home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cup of Bulletproof Coffee. A useful solution for those of us who don’t get to work from home is to stock up on single-serve Bulletproof Coffee Pods.

Available in various roasts and compatible with both Nespresso Original Line and Keurig machines, these single-serving pods and capsules are a convenient way to enjoy a clean, energizing cup of coffee at work. From the rich and nutty flavor of The Mentalist to the smoky and smooth tones of French Kick, we cover the gamut for one-cup coffee lovers. Plus, our Nespresso-compatible capsules are made from renewable plastics from plant sources, which makes them compostable, too!

Pro tip: If you’re a Keurig user not sure which roast is right for you, take advantage of the Variety Pack, which contains samplers of three types of coffee. You may just end up falling in love with all of them—and we don’t blame you.

Nutrient-rich keto on the go coffee add-ins

Whether on the train or on foot, you can give your ordinary cup of Joe more purpose. Some keto-friendly Bulletproof mix-ins that you can add to your to-go coffee cup include:

  • Travel-Size Brain Octane Oil: Sourced from coconuts, Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil converts quickly into ketone bodies for energy. For easy keto on the go, take a travel bottle or convenient single-serve packs along for the ride. This brain-boosting addition can transform your coffee into a super-charged keto java.
  • Bulletproof Unflavored Collagen Powder GoPacks: When it comes to supporting healthy skin, bones and joints, the amino acids within collagen protein can pack a powerful punch. To stay keto on the go, just add one serving of our Bulletproof Collagen Protein GoPacks to your coffee before you head out.
  • Bulletproof InstaMix Keto Creamer: For those looking for a tasty, fat-fueled coffee bonus, stir in some InstaMix Keto Creamer. This keto-friendly creamer is perfect for commuters. Thanks to the combined powers of grass-fed butter and Brain Octane Oil, you can experience improved focus and energy.

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Iced Bulletproof Coffee

Person sipping iced coffee through a straw

Not everyone likes their coffee hot. We can attest to the wonders of a refreshing iced coffee.

For iced coffee aficionados seeking chilled keto on-the-go beverages, try our zero-sugar recipe Iced Bulletproof Coffee. Enjoy the keto-friendly benefits of MCT oil—without added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Or, if you prefer something lighter, try our recipe for Cold Brew. It’s a bold, mid-day pick-me-up.

Keto snacks on the go with quality fats and protein

A Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bar in a backpack outdoors

Looking for easy keto snacks on the go? Though your diet may not include typical munchies, like potato chips and candy bars, you can still enjoy nutritious treats by incorporating low-carb foods that contain quality fats and protein. And, contrary to popular belief, there’s plenty more to choose from than hard-boiled eggs and pork rinds!

Nutrient-dense Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bars

If you budget your carb count for the day, your keto meal plan will allow you to indulge in our Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bars. Packed with 12 grams of protein and clean fats sourced from cashew butter and MCT oil, you can treat yourself and hit your macros at the same time!

New to our bars? Two of our personal favorites are Vanilla Shortbread and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Each pairs well with a piping-hot cup of Bulletproof Coffee using our convenient Bulletproof Coffee Kit!

Nuts (and nut butters) for snacking

Several types of nuts are great for keto snacks on the go. While some contain too many net carbs for keto dieters, pecans, walnuts, macadamia nuts and almonds can all be great ways to fuel your body with quality fats and protein.

If you’re not a fan of snacking on nuts or have issues with portion control, consider nut butter as an alternative. Add 1 Tbsp. of your favorite low-carb nut butter to your smoothie (or just enjoy a spoonful on its own) for a quick and easy serving of beneficial fats!

Fresh produce keto snacks on the go

Selection of berries in rows

While some fruits and vegetables don’t fall into the low-carb snack category, there are still lots of produce options you can pick up at the grocery store that fit into the keto diet plan. Furthermore, as with any diet, nutritional whole foods should always be a top priority.

Get your veggies in!

While all vegetables will impact your daily carb count, it’s still important to make room for nutrition. To illustrate, when it comes to easy keto-friendly snacks on the go that are in the low-carb veggie category, consider the below:

  • Celery sticks
  • Cucumbers
  • Grape tomatoes
  • Bell peppers
  • Radishes

Note: If you are sensitive to nightshades, steer clear of tomatoes and bell peppers.

Pack an assortment in a snack container and munch on your veggies whenever you need some nourishment. If you’re a simple snacker, you’re in luck, because even just a small portion of raw vegetables can go a long way.

If you prefer a little flavor enhancement, raw vegetables also make great vessels for low-carb nut butters. Or, make your macro ratios even more keto-friendly by mixing up a to-go dressing using vinegar, spices and fats from MCT oil, olive oil or avocado oil.

What fruits are friendly for keto on the go?

In general, the keto diet does not include much fruit. This is because many fruits contain high amounts of natural sugar that do not match up with the macro ratios of the standard keto diet. In addition, these high-sugar fruits can cause glucose spikes that can kick you right out of ketosis.

However, if you’re looking for keto snacks on the go with a hint of sweetness, there are some friendly options. Lower-carb berries include strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. Keep in mind, while you can also have blueberries in moderation, be careful about eating too many of them too often (it happens to the best of us).[1]

And, while avocados are commonly mislabeled as vegetables, they are, in fact, fruits! In addition, avocados are highly recommended on the keto diet. They are high in quality fats, rich in fiber and versatile in preparation. To get the most out of avocados on the go, whip up a travel portion of guacamole to pair with your raw snacking veggies.

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DIY easy keto snacks on the go

Bulletproof No-Bake Protein Brownie Bites

Not a pro in your keto kitchen? Don’t fret. The truth is, you don’t have to be a professional chef to make delicious, nutritious keto snacks. Just a few reliable recipes can help you save time when you need easy keto snacks on the fly.

Our favorite keto on the go snack recipes

Lucky for you, there’s a wealth of easy, keto-friendly snack recipes that utilize Bulletproof ingredients to benefit your body. Consider prepping some of these healthy snack options to keep you on track with your macros…

1. Dark Chocolate Trail Mix Bites

Pick your favorite high-quality dark chocolate bar. Then, melt it and mix it with cacao butter and various keto-friendly toppings. Once cooled, you’ll have delicious, nutritious portioned bites of trail mix. Filled with beneficial fats, fiber and zero grams of added sugar, you can also craft these up similar to chocolatey granola clusters.

2. Dairy-Free Keto Lemon Fat Bombs

Lemon joins forces with the power of coconut oil (though we recommend an upgrade with a quality MCT oil) to give your body added energy when you need it most. These sweet and tart fat bombs are an immediate pick-me-up—no matter where you go!

4. Keto Cinnamon Roll Protein Balls

Cinnamon and macadamia nuts. Need we say more? Add in some Bulletproof Vanilla Collagen Protein for sustained energy and full-body support, and don’t forget those MCTs! When you’re keto on the go, these will do the trick. (Especially if you’re missing the nostalgia of freshly baked cinnamon buns.)

5. No-Bake Protein Brownie Bites

Sustained energy plus loads of chocolate: the best of both worlds! These two benefits collide thanks to Bulletproof Dark Chocolate Energy Collagen Protein, sugar-free chocolate and Grass-Fed Ghee. These decadent brownie bites will satiate your cravings and give you a much-needed boost, when you need it most!

The bottom line: Overall, keto snacks on the go don’t have to be boring or bland. With the right ingredients and some creativity, you can craft delicious and nutritious snacks that can help you meet your macro ratios—whenever you’re on the move.

Hungry for more keto on the go ideas? Check out these keto-friendly snack recipes!

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