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How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

By Bulletproof Staff
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How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

There’s something special about refreshing cold brew, and it isn’t just the caffeine. It’s the clink of ice in a glass, the steady pour, that first crisp sip of chilled coffee. When you compare iced coffee vs. cold brew, they’re totally different experiences. Keep reading to find out what makes cold brew coffee unique and how to enjoy it at home.

Iced coffee vs. cold brew: What’s the difference?

Cup of cold brew in glass

Iced coffee is simple: It’s hot-brewed coffee that you pour over ice cubes to make it cold. The problem is that water dilutes the coffee flavor, so you have to start with extra-strong coffee (like what you get in this Mint Mojito Iced Bulletproof Coffee recipe).

If you’re looking for bold coffee flavor without any guesswork, cold brew coffee couldn’t be easier.

Cold brew is coffee that’s never been heated. Instead of using hot water to extract the coffee, you steep coffee grounds in cold water for several hours. The result is coffee with a smoother and sweeter taste because the cold brewing process lowers the acidity and bitterness of your brew.

Benefits of cold brew coffee

Sure, you could just pop leftover hot coffee in the fridge—but that’s just cold coffee, not cold brew coffee. When you use the cold brewing method, you get a few unique benefits:

  • It’s easy to make. Combine coarse ground coffee beans and water, toss it in the fridge (or let it sit at room temperature) and forget it for at least 12-24 hours.
  • It’s less acidic, which brings out the sweeter, more subtle flavors. The mellower flavor will highlight the subtleties of a high-quality roast. Cold brewing is also a more forgiving method if you’re working with older coffee beans.
  • The flavor doesn’t get stale or fade. Cold brewing produces super-concentrated coffee, which means you can dilute it with water or your favorite milk to taste. Cold brew concentrate lasts up to two weeks in the fridge, so you’ll always have coffee on tap.

Ready to make a batch? Here’s a basic cold brew coffee recipe using a 4:1 ratio of water to coffee beans, but treat this as your starting point. Use more water or coffee beans to taste. Use either cold water or room temperature water. And experiment with different brew times until you find your sweet spot.

We like using medium-dark or dark roast coffee beans, such as Bulletproof The Mentalist or French Kick. You can also find specific cold brew coffee bean blends at specialty coffee shops.

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How to Make Cold Brew Coffee


Start to Finish: 12 hours



  1. Add freshly ground coffee to a nonreactive vessel, such as a large French press or glass jar.
  2. Add water. Stir to ensure that every bit of coffee is saturated.
  3. Cover and store in the fridge. Let it brew for 12-24 hours. 
  4. Remove from the fridge and strain the cold brew coffee. (Find out how to reuse coffee grounds.)
  5. Pour your coffee into a clean vessel. When you want coffee, dilute to taste with ice, water or your favorite milk. Enjoy!

Makes: About 1 quart

Ways to enjoy cold brew coffee

Milk being poured into glass of cold brew coffee

One of the joys of having a giant batch of cold brew in your fridge is finding new ways to craft a delicious coffee beverage. Here are a few of our favorite ways to elevate basic cold brew coffee concentrate.

  • Make it creamy: Cold brew coffee tastes amazing with full-fat coconut milk, and it’s a delicious way to make a dairy-free keto cold brew latte. If you drink dairy, try cold brew with a splash of heavy cream.
  • Add collagen protein: Bulletproof Collagen Protein mixes easily in hot or cold drinks. Add a scoop of Bulletproof Vanilla Collagen Protein to add a touch of sweetness (and a punch of protein).
  • Turn your coffee into dessert: Blend cold brew coffee with Bulletproof Ice Cream to create a creamy, sweet treat. It tastes rich and decadent, and it’s full of quality fats from pasture-raised eggs and Bulletproof Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil.
  • Support healthy digestion: Nourish your good gut bacteria with Bulletproof InnerFuel Prebiotic. It’s flavorless, and you can add it to your morning cup of coffee for easy gut health support.
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This is an updated version of an article originally published August 2016.