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Do Gummy Vitamins Work?

By Bulletproof Staff
Reviewed by Theresa Greenwell for Scientific Accuracy on 11/29/2023

Do Gummy Vitamins Work?

  • Gummy vitamins are soft, chewable and flavored to taste like fruits and other sweets. They are popular among children and adults who have trouble swallowing pills.
  • Gummy vitamins such as multivitamins, sleep gummies and other nutrient blends can be a delicious way to support specific health needs.
  • Do gummy vitamins work? Some don’t contain the same potency of traditional vitamins and there are common ingredients found in gummies to avoid, such as sugar, additives and artificial fillers.

Gummy vitamins make taking care of your health look like child’s play. They’re delicious, convenient and offer a variety of vitamins and minerals. Many adults find them sweet since they remind them of the Flintstone vitamins they looked forward to as kids. It’s estimated that adults make up 80 percent of the gummy market today.[1]

But do gummy vitamins work? Before you swap out your traditional vitamins for gummy candy-like versions, it’s important to understand whether these gummy vitamins actually live up to the hype. Keep reading to learn all about gummy vitamins, including which ingredients to watch out for and whether gummy vitamins actually work.

What are gummy vitamins, exactly?

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Gummy vitamins are chewable, brightly colored vitamins that taste like fruits and other sweet treats. They often come in various shapes, such as little bears or miniature versions of familiar fruits. Since they look – and can even taste – like candy, they are popular among children.

Do gummy vitamins work for adults? Adults like to use them too since they’re easier for some people to consume compared to swallowing a pill or capsule whole.

Most vitamin gummies are made from a combination of gelatin, sweetener, cornstarch, water and added coloring and flavoring. They may contain vitamins and minerals, such as iron, calcium, vitamin B and vitamin D.

Many supplements come in gummy form, including:

  • Melatonin
  • Ashwagandha
  • Vitamin C
  • Collagen

Ingredients to watch out for in gummy vitamins

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Are gummy vitamins bad for you? The answer: It depends.

Start by taking a good, hard look at the ingredient list on the gummy vitamin bottle. The most concerning ingredient in many gummy vitamins is the added sugar. The American Heart Association encourages no more than 36 grams of sugar for men and 25 grams of sugar for women.[2]

Many gummy vitamins contain between 2 and 8 grams of sugar per serving, so your daily sugar count can quickly add up if you’re popping several different vitamin gummies in your mouth. Overconsumption of sugar can lead to dangerous health conditions, such as obesity and heart disease.[3]

Some vitamin gummies may also contain fillers, preservatives, artificial flavorings, artificial food colorings, corn syrup, glucose syrup, carnauba wax and plenty of hard-to-pronounce additives. In other words, many gummy vitamins are no better than junk food, so you’ll want to scrutinize the ingredient list before you buy.

Always check the list of vitamins and minerals, as well as the amount per serving and percent daily value of each one. You’ll want to choose gummies that contain the types of nutrients (and the right amounts) for your specific needs.

Who should not take vitamins in gummy form?

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Are gummy vitamins effective? Yes, but there are some caveats that are a hard pill to swallow.

The sticky truth is that they may not be a good choice for everyone, including:

  • Specific dieters: Since many gummy vitamin brands are loaded with sugar, they’re not always a match for low-carb dieters. Consider gummy vitamins made with sugar alcohols or natural zero-calorie sweeteners, instead.
  • Those with gluten intolerance or Celiac disease: Not all gummy supplements are gluten-free. So, if you need to stay away from gluten, you’ll want to scour the nutrition labels and find a gummy vitamin that won’t send your stomach into scramble mode.
  • Vegans: Many gummy vitamin brands contain gelatin, which is made from animal collagen. If you’re following a vegan or plant-based diet, or if you’re just not eating gelatin, be sure to check the ingredients. Look for products made with plant-based thickening agents like pectin, which is derived from fruit.
  • Those who rely on vitamins: Those who eat a balanced diet rarely need to rely on supplements. But for those who require supplements for their health, a gummy vitamin may not be the best choice. They may not contain the same potency of traditional vitamins.[4] During the manufacturing process, the gelatin is heated to form gummy vitamins into their shapes. This may cause nutrients to deplete. Gummy vitamins also have a shorter shelf life, which means that they lose their nutrient content over time.

Should children take vitamin gummies?

Children should only take gummy vitamins made for children, which are specifically designed to meet their unique nutritional needs. Subsequently, if the bottle says, “Keep out of reach of children” and doesn’t contain directions for use by children, that means the product was formulated specifically for adults, so don’t try and guess at dosing for children.

A word of caution: Always supervise your children when they are taking vitamins and keep the bottle out of reach. Not only can vitamin gummies be a choking hazard, but they can also be a little too tempting for some children to stop at the recommended serving size. This overconsumption could lead to harmful nutrient toxicities.[5]

Bulletproof Gummy Vitamins

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Now that you know all about what to flag in your gummy vitamins, you can make an educated decision on your next wellness shopping spree. Bulletproof makes the decision seamless on your behalf.

Our line of gummy vitamins has nothing to hide. They are sugar-free, made without junk and filled with the daily nutrients to help you thrive. Choose from four targeted options, including:

Do gummy vitamins work?

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Yes, they work, and they’re a fun, convenient way to ensure you’re getting the vitamins and minerals you need to thrive. However, they are not as potent as traditional vitamins, and they have a shorter shelf life. It’s also important to steer clear of gummy vitamins that contain sugar, artificial fillers and other additives.
Moreover, be sure to talk with your healthcare provider before consuming these types of supplements, especially those intended to be consumed on a daily basis.

What to consider before buying gummy vitamins

Before you grab a bottle of gummy vitamin supplements on your next trip to the store, consider the below:

  • Always talk with your healthcare provider about adding vitamins to your daily routine. If you’re feeling unhealthy or less like yourself and you think daily vitamins can help support your overall wellness, there may be an underlying health issue that needs to be addressed.
  • Consider taking vitamins as a supplement to a balanced diet that’s rich in fresh, whole foods that already contains moat of the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins your body needs.
  • Look for the right gummies for you. Seek out clean, sugar-free vitamins, and always keep your own personal health goals and vitamin deficiencies in mind. Don’t take gummy vitamins just for the fun of it and be careful not to overeat them. Though they look and taste like candy, they’re meant to be taken according to the instructions on the label.
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