|April 4, 2024

Save The Rainforest! Brain Octane is Palm Oil-Free

By Bulletproof Staff
Reviewed for Scientific Accuracy

Save The Rainforest! Brain Octane is Palm Oil-Free

Do you know what’s in your oil bottle?

Not all oil products are created equal. When you buy something that says “MCT” on it, it’s not always just from coconuts. Palm oil is often in there too, which nutritionally isn’t a huge deal… except that the palm oil industry has been destroying the world’s rainforests for decades.

Fortunately Brain Octane C8 MCT oil and MCT Oil are sourced from 100% coconut – no palm oil.

Not all palm oil is destroying the rainforest. Brain Octane and MCT Oil originally had some Palm oil in it and we always got our palm oil from sustainable, rainforest-safe farms. In fact, we were vocal members of the – but contributing to demand in such a damaging industry still didn’t feel quite right.

Why does replacing palm oil matter?

One-third of the world’s vegetable oil comes from palm oil [1]. It’s in 50% of all products in supermarkets. Just about everyone uses palm oil in something – from shampoo to chocolate to cooking. Palm oil is everywhere.

Trouble is, almost all palm oil plantations come at the cost of rainforests. Indonesia and Malaysia produce 85% of the world’s supply, and the vast majority of companies cut down rainforests for land. Indonesia alone lost more than six million hectares of rainforest between 2000 and 2012 – an area half the size of England [2].

Rainforests are a rare bastion of biodiversity in our dwindling natural landscape. They produce about 30% of the world’s oxygen and house nearly half its plant and animal species [3]. The palm industry, on the other hand, will release 558 million metric tons of carbon dioxide – more than the natural emissions of Canada – by 2020 [4]. And there’s no sign of it slowing down, either. Palm oil plantations have tripled in the last decade [5].

Then there are the orangutans. Only about 6,600 Sumatran orangutans are still alive, and almost all of them live in the rainforest. The palm industry, along with the strip mining, rubber, and paper industries, is destroying orangutans’ habitats. They’ll go extinct if it doesn’t stop. Killing fuzzy orange apes is not Bulletproof.

Baby Orang Utan

The Solution

Coconut-derived MCTs are a far safer option for the environment and for orangutans. And we use the whole coconut – we burn the husks into coconut charcoal, so there’s no waste.

We pay our growers and producers fair wages, third-party test our products for purity, and draw from ethically and environmentally friendly sources. We’re hoping other companies will follow.

Brain Octane and MCT Oil will sharpen your mind, help you burn fat, and even make your food taste better. And most importantly, they’re not hurting any cute & fuzzy orangutans.


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