|July 3, 2024

Can Collagen Help You Sleep Better?

By Sarah Kuta
Reviewed by Emily Gonzalez, ND for Scientific Accuracy

Can Collagen Help You Sleep Better?

  • Collagen, especially glycine found in it, can improve sleep quality by promoting deeper and more restful sleep.
  • Taking collagen supplements before bed may help you fall asleep faster and wake up less frequently during the night.
  • Adequate sleep and collagen intake support overall recovery, contributing to better skin, joint health, and muscle repair.

Trying to hide a huge yawn on a work Zoom or struggling to stay focused at your kid’s soccer game is never fun. If you’re not getting enough quality sleep throughout the week, you may find yourself in these less-than-ideal situations on the regular. In addition to making simple lifestyle changes like creating a bedtime routine, focusing on hydration, exercising regularly and adjusting your schedule to make sleep a priority, the right collagen formula can help. In fact, sleep and collagen are surprising bedfellows—but only when collagen is combined with the right natural nighttime supplements and herbs.

Luckily, an optimized sleep supplement can help you fall asleep and stay asleep, giving your brain and body much-needed time to recharge while you snooze. Spoiler alert: We’ve got a new nighttime collagen formula with your name on it!

Why quality rest is important

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Like many people, you may not be getting enough high-quality sleep throughout the week. In fact, a busy work schedule, outside stressors, a weak immune system, an unhealthy diet and a general lack of routine can all cause sleep deprivation. And, when you really break it down, that means you’re struggling, too.

Sleep is absolutely essential for all sorts of reasons, including weight management, productivity, skincare, mood and your overall health and well-being. The good news? You can easily achieve better, more restful sleep and curb those lack-of-sleep yawns and dark circles under your eyes by making a few simple tweaks to your lifestyle—and supplements like collagen peptides infused with sleep-supporting ingredients can help. [1][2][3]

What do sleep and collagen do when your body’s resting?

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You may already know that collagen can help support overall health and wellness. But beyond the day’s events, this do-it-all vital protein goes to work when you’re getting that much-needed shuteye.

In fact, while you’re getting your rest on, collagen can perform in the overnight hours by providing the building blocks for:

  • Muscle repair
  • Joint and bone renewal
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Stronger nails
  • Increased hair growth

Additionally, collagen contains glycine, one of the 21 amino acids your body needs to achieve peak performance levels. Furthermore, glycine is the most prominent amino acid found in collagen, and it helps support an array of functions.[4]

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Other Bulletproof supplements that support sound sleep

A bottle of Bulletproof Sleep

It’s time to stop counting sheep and start living your best life in and out of dreamland. You can tap into the benefits of other Bulletproof supplements that help support sleep quality, including:

  • Bulletproof Zen Mode: Breath in, breathe out. Zen Mode can help you achieve inner relaxation so you feel less stressed. In addition to chilling you out, Zen Mode can improve your focus, thanks to its proven blend of adaptogenic herbs and nutrients.†
  • Bulletproof Sleep Mode: We could also use a little support winding down at the end of a long day, which is where Sleep Mode comes in. This non-habit-forming, drug-free supplement features L-ornithine and 0.3mg plant-based melatonin to help you get the rest and high-quality sleep you need (and, frankly, you deserve!).†
  • Bulletproof Sleep: Level up your melatonin—our newest supplement features 3mg—and reap the benefits of a unique blend of herbs, including valerian root, passionflower and hops. You’ll fall asleep and, perhaps more importantly, stay asleep, which means you can get all the quality zzzs your body needs to thrive.†

Pro tip: Still feeling stressed? Once you’ve supplemented, sprawl out on the Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat, lay down and prepare yourself for deep relaxation. The induction mat is made with organic hemp and cotton and can stimulate acupressure points to help you unwind.

Additional ways to supplement with collagen

If you can’t tell by now, collagen truly is a superhero supplement—no matter what time of day you consume it. Additionally, it’s important to introduce collagen early in your adulthood, since your body’s internal collagen production starts to slow down when you turn 25—and collagen levels continue to decline after that.

Other Bulletproof collagen protein products you can integrate into your daily routine include:

  • Bulletproof Collagen Peptides: This powdered collagen protein is so versatile—mix it into your morning coffee or afternoon pick-me-up smoothie for an effortless boost of 20g collagen per serving. There’s a flavor for everyone, too, from Unflavored to Vanilla and Chocolate, too!
  • Bulletproof Energy Collagen Protein: Fuel your day sustainably with the nine essential amino acids your body needs, along with 20g grass-fed collagen protein per serving, MCT oil and a Custom Energy Blend of nutrients.
  • Bulletproof Collagen Bars: When life gets in the way or you just need a snack you can feel good about eating (and one that works hard for you!), nosh on a collagen protein bar to silence hunger pangs.

The bottom line: Getting enough high-quality sleep is critical to your overall health and well-being—and collagen protein can help. So, can collagen help you sleep? Not on its own. But, taking the right melatonin-based collagen supplement can aid in lulling you to sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to hit the ground running. While the natural sleep aids do their thing, collagen will work to repair and renew your body—well after you’ve clocked out for the day.

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