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Bulletproof Coffee Guide: Tips, Tricks, Recipes & More

By Stephen Sheehan
Reviewed by Theresa Greenwell for Scientific Accuracy on 03/04/2024

Bulletproof Coffee Guide: Tips, Tricks, Recipes & More

  • The key to producing delicious coffee is using high-quality coffee beans that are grown and harvested with care.
  • Learn expert tips, from how to reuse coffee grounds to how to remove pesky coffee stains.
  • From interesting trends to useful tricks to Bulletproof-inspired recipes, our ultimate coffee guide gives you the tools to make the best brew possible.

There’s no better way to start your day than with a fresh cup of smooth, flavorful coffee. Of course, that’s only possible if you have the right ingredients, tools and knowledge. To help coffee drinkers maximize their brewing potential, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide that covers everything from how we source our beans to how to make your A.M. routine more fulfilling. Plus, we’ve included some of our favorite recipes so you can transform an ordinary cup into something delicious and nutritious.

Eager to become a coffee connoisseur? Let our expert guide lead the way!

All about Bulletproof Coffee Beans

Bulletproof Whole bean Coffee roasts sitting on countertop

A final product is only as good as its raw materials. And in the case of coffee, everything begins with the beans. At Bulletproof, we pride ourselves on maintaining incredibly high standards when it comes to sourcing the ones that’ll eventually make their way into your cup.

Here’s how…

Inside Bulletproof: How Our Clean Coffee is Made

What exactly does “clean coffee” mean? Our beans are grown and harvested by skilled experts in regions that are known to produce flavorful coffee: Colombia, El Salvador and Guatemala. Most importantly, every Bulletproof bean is tested for mycotoxins to levels stricter than U.S. industry standards.

7 Ways Bulletproof Coffee Beans Save the Earth

When you use Bulletproof beans to make your morning brew, you’re actually making a major difference across the world. We source our coffee beans from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, which means they come from farms that implement more sustainable practices to protect fair wages, workers’ rights and the environment. Ultimately, no matter which one of our roasts you prefer, choosing Bulletproof is a direct (and delicious) way to support the planet.

Inside Bulletproof: Guatemalan Coffee Farmer Pablo Chuy Shares How Bulletproof Changed His Coffee Process for Good

The people who help produce our beans deserve tremendous credit for their commitment to the Bulletproof mission. And Guatemala native Pablo Chuy’s passion and dedication to excellence will make you appreciate savoring every sip just a little more. A fourth-generation farmer who already has an eye on the future, he opens eyes and hearts by discussing his family’s ties to the coffee business, along with how his partnership with Bulletproof permanently changed his production process for the better.

How coffee supports your lifestyle

hand reaching for coffee with bulletproof original creamer next to it and a transparent coffee pot

Trying to keep up with the latest trends in the coffee community? Our guide breaks down some key movements that have caught on in the brewing world. And to no surprise, one of them involves turning a regular cup of coffee into one that supports sustained energy and fat burning.

I Drank Bulletproof Coffee for 7 Straight Days—Here’s What Happened

We sent our Bulletproof Starter Kit to five first-time, fat-fueled coffee drinkers so they could see what it’s like to drink it for one whole week. Results ranged from more energy and better concentration to improved digestion and satiation.† Learn more about their weeklong experiences with Bulletproof Coffee.

Lemon Coffee for Fat Burning: Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

Coffee cup and roasted coffee beans with lemon slices.

It’s easy to fall for the latest social media trend, and putting lemon in your morning coffee recently emerged as a popular “diet hack” on TikTok. However, does a squeeze of citrus truly ramp up fat burning? Or does science say otherwise? Once you learn the truth, you’ll quickly realize what you actually should put in your cup.

How to Remove Coffee Stains (And Bulletproof Coffee Stains)

Spilling coffee can spark some serious feelings of frustration. Accidents happen though, and it’s entirely possible to remove coffee stains and not feel like you’ve ruined your favorite shirt. Find out which substances work best to treat different stains so you can get back to drinking your coffee with zero stress or mess.

Can You Reuse Coffee Grounds? Here’s 10 Ways How, From Skincare to Gardening

Scoop of ground coffee beans

It’s all too common to throw away used coffee grounds. However, why waste something that can be used for so many other purposes? From adding a deeper, richer tone to your hair to helping hide furniture scratches to eliminating smells, discover all the creative ways you can reuse and recycle coffee grounds.

How to level up your coffee routine

Hand using Bulletproof branded frother, frothing a creamy cup of Bulletproof coffee next to Bulletproof Collagen Peptides

Used to starting your day the same way? While we certainly support drinking coffee in the morning, it’s important to change your routine from time to time.

How to Choose Coffee Beans That Taste Delicious

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing which coffee beans to brew. After all, going with a light roast over a dark one will yield an entirely different flavor profile. Make sure you’re selecting the beans that are the best for you by learning about critical factors like variety, region, roast and grind.

How to Brew the Best Cup of Coffee of Your Life

Person brewing coffee with pourover method

Want to make the most of your brewing experience? Following a few simple steps can ensure your coffee has every hint of deliciousness you crave. Find out how much of an impact the grind makes, along with other surprising things to consider that can have a direct impact on the outcome of your brewing efforts.

7 Things You May Be Doing Wrong With Your Morning Coffee—And How to Fix Them

Dealing with bitter or sour coffee? Having trouble with heartburn after you finish your cup? There’s an art to making coffee, and you may be doing something wrong that can be easily remedied. If your morning mug is far from perfect, find out why—then fix it.

The 5 Worst Things to Put in Your Coffee

Some things belong in your coffee. Others don’t. While we’re all-in on quality fats, there are other mix-ins that simply have no place in your cup. Artificial creamers are among the worst, but you may be surprised at a few other items that made our list.

How to Choose the Best Keto Creamer

Unfortunately for keto dieters, many commercial creamers contain chemical sweeteners that could disrupt your gut health and insulin levels. On the other hand, Bulletproof Creamers are made with grass-fed butter, MCT oil and zero sugar, artificial fillers or junk. Learn more about our different offerings, and find out how to select the creamer that’s best for you.

Bulletproof-backed coffee recipes

Bulletproof The Original coffee, Brain Octane Oil and butter on countertop

Looking for creative ways to make our coffee the shining star? These Bulletproof-backed recipes cover all the bases. Whether you want to stick with something simple or go for something a bit more complex, we’ve got all the coffee inspo you’ve been craving…

1. Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

Our flagship recipe is a convenient way to get quality fats, more ketones and sustained energy into your diet.† Simply brew your favorite roast and blend with Grass-Fed Ghee and Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil until you have a frothy drink brimming with benefits.

2. Sea Salt Hazelnut Mocha

Mug of Bulletproof Sea Salt Hazelnut Mocha sitting on Keurig Machine next to jar of Bulletproof coffee pods and Hazelnut Creamer

In just 5 minutes, you can create an indulgent, keto-friendly chocolate-meets-coffee treat. Hazelnut Creamer pairs perfectly with the sweet, smooth flavors of The Original Coffee Pods, complemented by a savory and rich kick from your favorite keto chocolate bar.

3. Bulletproof Whipped Coffee (Dalgona Coffee)

In terms of mouthfeel, it doesn’t get much better than this healthier take on Dalgona coffee. Instead of relying on instant coffee powder and sugar, this recipe uses a Bulletproof-approved sweetener, an egg white and a French Kick Coffee Pod to create the whipped topping that’ll sit upon your favorite non-dairy milk or cold brew.

4. Keto Iced Coffee Protein Shake

Glasses filled with keto iced coffee protein shake next to collagen scoop

This iced coffee shake is a great way to kick off your day. Vanilla Collagen Protein adds flavor and provides the building blocks for healthy bones, muscles and joints.† Plus, Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil, coconut milk and avocado deliver energizing fats.

5. Prebiotic Bulletproof Coffee

Show your gut some love with a beverage that supports healthy digestion.† Upgrade your morning coffee with InnerFuel Prebiotic—a flavorless supplement that feeds beneficial bacteria to help keep your microbiome thriving.†

The bottom line: Bulletproof is fully committed to supporting every step of your coffee journey, from bean to brew. While our clean, toxin-tested coffee is a great starting point, there are many other ways coffee can fit into your day-to-day to support your lifestyle goals. And when you want to get creative, we have plenty of coffee recipes that both taste divine and deliver nutritional support.

Searching for something to sip that’ll keep you laser-focused? Stay sharp with these delicious keto coffee recipes so you can conquer everything on your to-do list.

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