|June 17, 2024

Inside Bulletproof: Gummy Vs. Pill Vitamins—5 Things You Should Know

By Nicholas Rivera, MSc
Reviewed by Theresa Greenwell for Scientific Accuracy on 05/08/2024

Inside Bulletproof: Gummy Vs. Pill Vitamins—5 Things You Should Know

  • Gummy vitamins can quickly enter candy territory due to sugar content. Confirm your gummy supplements use low-glycemic sugar alternatives to keep you on track with your diet goals.
  • When deciding on gummy vs. pill vitamins as a plant-based eater, look for products made from pectin instead of gelatin.
  • If you opt for gummy vitamins, make sure to thoroughly chew your gummies. Along with better digestion, this will help with the absorption of active ingredients.

In the contest of gummy vs. pill vitamins, who do you choose? These days, chewable adult gummy vitamins are all the rage. We’ve graduated from the chalky cartoon vitamins of times past (sorry, Flintstones!), and have evolved into more enjoyable options, including Bulletproof Gummy Vitamins, a new line of targeted,  junk-free, zero-sugar supplements, with nothing to hide!

From gummy multivitamins to those targeting specifics from calcium to magnesium and everything in between, can your body get what it needs? Should you try gummy supplements that claim to support your wellness goals? Or, should you stick to taking vitamins in pill form?

We’re here to answer your top questions on what to know about gummy supplements vs. vitamin supplements so you can make the decision that’s right for you!

1. When it comes to gummy vs. pill vitamins, is there a clear-cut winner?

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The clear-cut winner is the dietary supplement form that works best for your schedule, lifestyle and overall preference. If you are not keen on swallowing pills, are experiencing pill fatigue or are simply looking for a way to mix up your supplement regimen, gummies provide an excellent alternative.

Regardless of whether you choose to take health-supporting gummies or vitamin pills, you can take comfort knowing that all of our Bulletproof gummy vitamin options and other Bulletproof supplements are science-backed and deliver efficacious doses so you can feel your best.

2. Are gummy or pill vitamins better when you’re following keto and other diets?

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When looking for gummy vitamins on keto or any other diet, it all starts with assessing the ingredients. For example, if you are following a low-carb or keto diet, you need to keep your sugar intake top of mind. You want to choose gummy vitamins that are sugar-free (that means zero grams of sugar), which can be hard to come by.

However, at Bulletproof, we believe the right sugar-free formula has a low glycemic index, and will not kick you out of ketosis. On the other hand, the wrong formula may contain hidden sugars and starches, which can mean gummy candies posing as vitamins in gummy form.

Keep in mind, sugar-free formulas often disguise isomaltooligosaccharide (IMO) as “tapioca fiber” which can be misleading, as IMO is not a true dietary fiber and may stimulate an insulin response. Instead, find a tapioca fiber that comprises resistant starch, a true dietary fiber, which is fermented by your good gut bacteria.

And, if you follow a plant-based diet, you likely already know you need to avoid gelatin. Instead, find a gummy vitamin that is formulated with pectin, which is also considered a true dietary fiber. This will result in a clean, effective formula that suits all dieters, including vegans.

Did you know? Bulletproof Gummy Vitamins are all pectin-based. Our Bulletproof Turmeric Gummy Vitamins, Bulletproof Immune Gummy Vitamins and Bulletproof Sleep Gummy Vitamins are all vegan. (However, while our Bulletproof Vitamins A+D+K Gummies do contain a pectin base, they source vitamin D from lanolin, which is an animal product.)

3. Are there ingredients to flag in gummy vs. pill vitamins?

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Generally, “sugar-free” formulas contain sugar alcohols. It’s important to note some sugar alcohols have a higher glycemic index than others, and some may result in stomach upset if you have sensitivities. (Instead, sweeteners like xylitol and erythritol are two keto-friendly sugar alternatives, in lieu of traditional sugars and/or sugar-containing syrups.)

On the other hand, with pill supplements, formulation and processing aids are frequently added for various purposes. These ingredients may or may not be suitable for your diet of choice.

4. Gummy vitamins vs. pills absorption in the body: what are the differences?

Bulletproof supplements

Do gummy vitamins absorb better than pills? Both gummy and pill vitamins are formulated to deliver science-backed doses and have similar absorption rates. When understanding gummy vitamins vs pills absorption, unlike pills, it is important that people chew gummies thoroughly before swallowing, as this allows for better digestion and absorption of the active ingredients.

However, there are special circumstances where pills or other delivery formats may be more suitable if the ingredients are susceptible to degradation in the GI tract. If this is the case, a method to increase bioavailability is by encapsulating the ingredient in a phospholipid bilayer, which is known as a liposome. (Bulletproof Glutathione Force utilizes a liposomal delivery system to help ensure you are getting the most out of this supplement.)

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5. Are gummy vitamins as effective as pills in the long term? Why or why not?

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Yes, Bulletproof gummy vitamins are just as effective as pills in the long term. This is because our innovation team formulates with science-backed doses, regardless of the delivery format. If an ingredient requires a special delivery method, we sometimes opt for a pill to ensure bioavailability and long-term benefits. Ultimately, it comes down to your preferred method of consumption, though.

At Bulletproof, we encourage you to do your homework to seek out various health benefits from all methods of supplementation. Whether you’re seeking a vitamin B12 boost or a stronger immune system, consult your healthcare provider before use (particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition).

The bottom line: So, are gummy or pill vitamins better? Honestly, it’s all about personal preference. Are gummy vitamins as effective as pills? Yes, as long as you are ingesting products from trusted brands (hint, hint, Bulletproof!) that use science-backed formulations. The goal is to craft a supplementation plan that supports your wellness goals. However, never skip the most critical step: Read those ingredient labels! Don’t let sugars, hidden starches, junk and fillers get in the way of your health goals.

It’s time to nix problematic sugar from your supplements—and your life. Find out how to detox from sugar in favor of a balanced diet and a healthier path!

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