|July 30, 2021

The Best Winter Vegetable Recipes to Make Right Now

By Julie Hand
Reviewed for Scientific Accuracy

Each change of season brings a unique bounty to the farmer’s market. Right now, you’ll find late winter/early spring fruits and veggies, like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and kale. Not only are they in season right now, but by eating them fresh and local if you can, you ensure you reap the most nutrient-dense variety of the crop.

Why is this so? Consider the time it takes for a head of lettuce to get from the ground, to the supermarket, to your plate. Locally sourced produce doesn’t have as far to travel, nor does it sit in supermarket bins for weeks at a time. The longer it idles before hitting your belly, the greater loss of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.[1]

So to inspire your next greenmarket expedition, these spring and winter vegetable recipes are some of the healthiest and tastiest ways to use what’s in season right now.

Sicilian Fennel and Orange Salad with Red Onion and Mint

12 Best Vegetables and Fruit to Eat Right Now_Sicilian Fennel and Orange Salad with Red Onion and Mint
Image via Epicurious

This fennel and orange salad is perfect for a warmer day. Zesty and tangy, bitter and sweet — this recipes bursts with flavor. Remember, oranges are loaded with vitamin C, though also quite high in sugar — thus, they’re on the suspect list. However, the rind protects against pesticides, so when you consume one every once in a while, make sure you go for the whole fruit.  

Easy Lemon Fat Bombs 

12 Best Vegetables and Fruit to Eat Right Now_Easy Lemon Fat Bombs
Image via Keto Diet App

Seasonal lemons are a great way to add a tangy twist to your traditional fat bombs. With only .8 net carbs and nearly 12 grams of fat, these bombs are a fabulous energy-boosting snack. Bonus: use the remaining lemons to make homemade lemonade. Just combine lemon juice to taste, water, Bulletproof sweetener of choice – and you are golden.

Salmon & Avocado Rice Balls 

12 Best Vegetables and Fruit to Eat Right Now_Salmon & Avocado Rice Balls
Image via Taste

Never made your own sushi before? Now is your chance – so go for it with gusto on carb refeed days. This recipe is the most unique avocado find on the internet yet. Salmon and avocado complement each other perfectly as far as taste and texture are concerned. They’re also a great fat and protein fusion that will keep you healthy and sated.

Spaghetti Squash with Roast Beet Sauce 

12 Best Vegetables and Fruit to Eat Right Now_Spaghetti Squash with Roast Beet Sauce
Image via The Lovely Crazy

A tantalizing “pasta” dish, this recipe will not disappoint in presentation or taste. Spaghetti squash is a Bulletproof source of carbs. Actually, due to their higher sugar content, beets can be too. So save them for a special occasion or eat them for your carb refeed meal. Note that garlic can harbor mold if not fresh, so purchase the highest-quality possible. Onions generally have less of an impact than garlic — though are in the same family — so it’s best to see how they affect you personally. You can always omit them.

Roasted Broccoli Florets 

12 Best Vegetables and Fruit to Eat Right Now_Roasted Broccoli Florets
Image via

Crunchy and ripe with flavor – these broccoli florets are a superb keto bite. They’re a simple snack on their own, though can be added to soups and salads to up the ante. With a flaky texture and crunchy after-bite, you’ll have fun eating these – you’ll feel good too. To be completely Bulletproof, batter broccoli in ghee instead of EVOO, then turn down the heat so they are only slightly crunchy.

Bulletproof Butternut Squash 

12 Best Vegetables and Fruit to Eat Right Now_Bulletproof Butternut Squash

Bountiful in phytonutrients and antioxidants, squash is excellent for your cellular health. It’s also filled with fiber and low in carbs, thus an excellent alternative to high-starch vegetables like potatoes or yucca. A simple and easy-to-prepare recipe that can be garnished with your favorite Bulletproof seasonings for taste, this one is a winner.  

Healthy Mashed Carrots 

12 Best Vegetables and Fruit to Eat Right Now_Healthy Mashed Carrots
Image via

The perfect lower-carb substitute for mashed potatoes has arrived — carrots. With a creamy, velvety texture, this low-calorie recipe leaves room for dessert – or maybe a second helping. Go for bone broth instead of chicken stock and you’re taking this recipe to a whole new, healthful level. In less than 30 minutes, these carrots can be yours.

Bacon Mashed Cauliflower 

12 Best Vegetables and Fruit to Eat Right Now_Bacon Mashed Cauliflower

Comfort foods can be the best foods – especially on those lingering chilly late winter – early spring days. This cauliflower recipe will warm you up before you put your fork down. With ample fat to sate you, and delectable taste to tempt you, you won’t be able to pass this recipe up.

Sauteed Swiss Chard 

12 Best Vegetables and Fruit to Eat Right Now_Sauteed Swiss Chard
Image via Genius Kitchen

Admittedly, swiss chard is beautiful but can be intimidating in the kitchen. Not anymore. This recipe is basic in preparation and cooking, though you will be impressed with the outcome. Promise. If you happened to buy lemons at the market, those will taste great on this chard too.

Sugar Snap Pea and Radish Salad 

12 Best Vegetables and Fruit to Eat Right Now_Sugar Snap Pea and Radish Salad
Image via Delish

This recipe is a unique take on a spring salad that can be prepared in under ten minutes. Bright, colorful, and fresh, the tart radishes and sweet peas bring out the best in each others’ texture and flavor. You’ll wonder why you ever ate them separately. Just be sure your body can tolerate the lectin in the peas — it’s all about trial and error to see what works for you personally, especially if something is on the Bulletproof suspect list.

Roasted Turnips 

12 Best Vegetables and Fruit to Eat Right Now_Roasted Turnips
Image via The Spruce

A three-ingredient recipe that will surprise you, these turnips are about to go from sharp to tender in a matter of minutes. Prepared simply with olive oil and sea salt, they are easy to make – which is good because let’s be honest… When was the last time you cooked a turnip? 😉

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