|December 29, 2022

#BETHEPROOF: Peloton’s Tunde Oyeneyin Shares the Power of Forever Change

By Tunde Oyeneyin
Reviewed by Emily Gonzalez, ND for Scientific Accuracy

#BETHEPROOF: Peloton’s Tunde Oyeneyin Shares the Power of Forever Change

I wasn’t always fit, and I wasn’t always an extrovert. My journey to becoming the best version of myself has spanned many years. I’ve now figured out how to unleash my potential, and how to hold on to this positive mindset. I’ve discovered helpful tools, products and tactics along the way (hello, Bulletproof!) which have allowed me to #BETHEPROOF first and foremost for myself, as well as my devoted Peloton community…

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Pushing myself from early on

Kids playing soccer on field

I am a first-generation American, the descendant of two Nigerians: Veronica and Festus Oyeneyin. I grew up in Houston, Texas as the only girl out of four children. I was a very outgoing, yet introverted person. While I was introverted by nature, I really pushed myself to be outgoing. I was in choir all throughout my upbringing and always aspired to be athletic. Even though I was overweight in middle school, I still tried out for just about every team, every year and NEVER made the cut.

It wasn’t until I got a little older that I really connected to my athletic side…

My forever change

A black woman in a jacket smiling with wide armsAs I got older, I decided to embark on a major weight loss journey. When I launched into this forever change, I tried a lot of different diets that were merely fads at the time.

I set out to lose 70 pounds (and I did it!) by trialing different diet protocols and found a happy medium by following a clean eating regimen. However, my story has been so much more about what I gained versus what I lost. I found that what I gained was so much more meaningful than just the lower number on the scale. I gained confidence, an understanding of who I am, a sense of purpose and friendships that I’ve carried with me.

I always say when you are on the quest to find what fits your lifestyle, you have to remember that it’s a forever change.

So whatever you do, you need to enjoy doing it, and it has to be something you can sustain in the long term.

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Viewing food as fuel

A person tearing open a Bulletproof Lemon Cookie Collagen Protein Bar

Today, I look at food as fuel. I view food as not only what is going to nourish my body, but what is also going to adequately give me what I need for that particular day. Whether I’m doing a cardio workout or a strength training session, going for a long run or having back-to-back meetings, I now eat according to what the day has planned for me.

How Bulletproof supports my daily life

Toasting with two cans of Bulletproof Cold Brew Latte

I love consuming my favorite Bulletproof products pre-ride because it helps to get my mind and body feeling right.

I drink Bulletproof Cold Brew Latte cans typically in the morning and sometimes again if I have a later class or workout planned. My favorite flavor is Vanilla, which I find to be sweet, but not too sweet. It’s definitely my go-to.

I love Bulletproof products because they help keep me feeling energized and full. Plus, I have two personal tricks up my sleeve:

  • I like heating up Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bars because it makes them taste like a delicious, warm dessert or treat—while also hitting my macros. I also enjoy them chilled in the fridge!
  • I use an ice cube tray to portion and freeze my Bulletproof Cold Brew Latte overnight and then when I wake up, I throw the cold brew cubes in the blender, with my favorite fixings, to make a nutritious, fat-fueled smoothie!

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Unlocking my potential for the long haul

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I made the commitment a long time ago to always tap into my best, and lead with my best. We don’t always know how many days we have to get everything done on our to-do list. So a long time ago, I made the decision to use every single day I have as an opportunity to tap into my very best. My long-term devotion to myself is how I’ve learned to #BETHEPROOF!

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