|August 3, 2021

Bulletproof Shopping Guide and Checklist: Find Bulletproof Foods Near You

By Dave Asprey
Reviewed for Scientific Accuracy

Bulletproof Shopping Guide and Checklist: Find Bulletproof Foods Near You

Want to reap all the benefits of the ?

It’s about more than just eating the foods on the green end of the spectrum; it’s about eating the highest quality versions of those foods, which sometimes can be hard to find.

Ideally, the foods you eat will be local, organic, grass-fed, and raw, and those foods aren’t always on the shelf of any corner market or chain grocery store.

This post provides a free downloadable shopping list (click to get the pdf) for when you do end up in a grocery store, as well as some resources below to find out how to buy high quality foods online.

Get A Free Bulletproof Shopping Guide Here

BulletproofShoppingGuideYou shouldn’t need x-ray vision to tell what something is – especially something you eat.

If you can’t tell what’s in something just by looking at it or reading its ingredient list, it’s fair to assume that it’s more processed than you want and probably not very Bulletproof.

This new Bulletproof grocery shopping guide and checklist (download it for free here) will help you do just that:

Click here to view and download the PDF now.

Just download the pdf, then print it out and bring it with you when you head to the store.

The next section will help you find more Bulletproof foods in the area near you, then the last section below provides resources for finding high quality foods, especially grass-fed meats and organic veggies, online.  You can save money by buying in bulk!

Tips To Find The Best Food At Your Local Grocery Store

Awesome upgraded health food stores are popping up all over these days, and I don’t just mean Whole Foods.

But if you are in a pinch and need to go to a standard chain grocery store, there are still some ways to make sure you pick the healthiest foods:

  • First of all, shop the aisle: shop around the outside of the store – this is where refrigerated produce and foods are kept, and you probably don’t want to eat that much that doesn’t need to be refrigerated. You definitely don’t want to eat anything that doesn’t go bad.  Avoid the junk food and frozen food middle aisles as much as possible.
  • Look for local foods: any grocery stores now advertise if something is local. Buy organic produce, especially if the item doesn’t have a hard, protective layer (like bananas and melons).
  • Finally, look for grass-fed meat and dairy and wild seafood. If you can find some that’s both grass-fed and organic, you get bonus Bulletproof points, but if nothing’s grass-fed, go for organic.
  • Another trick is that you should avoid anything with an ingredients list.

How To Look Up Bulletproof Food Near You (Or Online)

To get the most nutritious food, you may have to look a little bit and shop around for the best quality and prices, but this resource makes it easier for you by giving you a shortcut to the best foods.

If you want to know where you can get raw grass-fed dairy, organic grass-fed meat, or organic produce locally, just reach out to your Weston Price Foundation chapter leader. These chapter leaders have already researched where to get the best nutrient-dense, Bulletproof food in your area so they can point you in the right direction. The Foundation also gives you access to an annual shopping guide that rates commercial vendors and their food so you can find out which stores really offer the most Bulletproof options.

Local Harvest is a fantastic resource for people who want to find local farmers to buy their food from directly. This website has a directory of over 30,000 farms and farmers’ markets as well as restaurants and stores that sell local food. Each farm or company maintains its own listing so you can keep track of their offerings, specials, and events.

If you want to shop the bounty of several local farms all at once, use this website, which has a listing of farmers’ markets all across America. You can search your area to see where your local farmers’ markets are as well as their hours. There are also links to all of the farmers’ markets’ websites so that you can check for the most up-to-date information.

Eat Well Guide is another directory to help you find locally grown food, but it’s not just limited to American farms – it includes listings in Canada. This site lists the normal farms, farmers’ markets, grocery stores, and restaurants, but it also includes CSAs and orchards to provide you with even more options. Every listing in the Eat Well Guide offers sustainable, organic, humanely raised food so you know whatever you’re getting is good and good for you.

The database on the CISA website doesn’t just allow you to search for local farms; it allows you to search by product so if you’re craving fresh red peppers, you don’t have to travel to several farms before you find them. Instead, you can search for farms that grow exactly what you want. The site also has a coordinator for wholesale buyers such as restaurants and stores so that they can gain access to the best local food. This site is a great resource, but is limited to farms and events in southern New England.

If you don’t just want to be Bulletproof with your food, but also with your water, check out Findaspring.com. This site is a community-maintained database of natural springs so that you can drink from the cleanest, healthiest water around.

If you want pasture-raised, grass-fed meat, USWellness is the place to go. They’ve even done lab tests on their meat that has shown, time and again, that their meat has more omega-3s, vitamins, CLAs, and other nutrients than grain-fed meat does. They offer beef, lamb, bison, and goat, grass-fed dairy, free-range poultry, and other Bulletproof treats – like grass-fed beef bone broth.

The turkeys you buy at the grocery store today can’t fly because they’re too heavy. They’re lucky if they can even walk properly with the oversized breasts they have been bred to grow. But originally, turkeys enjoyed active lives that included flying. Today you can only get these original turkeys – or Heritage turkeys – a few places, and Heritage Foods is one of them. Heritage Foods has also expanded to raise cows, pigs, sheep, goats, and other poultry naturally, the way the animals would live in the wild. They also slaughter their animals seasonally, believing that animals are better in certain seasons just as produce is, and you can ship any of their meat straight to your house.

What Does It Mean To Eat Bulletproof?

If you are new to Bulletproof and you aren’t sure what this shopping list is based on, download the Bulletproof Diet Roadmap pdf and pick up a copy of book to learn more.