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12 Ways to Improve Your Morning Coffee Routine

By Stephen Sheehan
Reviewed by Theresa Greenwell for Scientific Accuracy on 03/01/2024

12 Ways to Improve Your Morning Coffee Routine

  • Following a morning coffee routine can give you time to focus and prepare for a productive day at work.
  • Used to drinking the same coffee in the morning? There are plenty of easy ways to switch things up, like adding quality fats to your cup.
  • From changing your brewing method to implementing new activities, find out how you can take your A.M. coffee ritual to another level.

Many of us begin our day the same way: with a cup of hot coffee. However, just because you’ve settled into a comfortable morning routine doesn’t mean you have to stick to it. In fact, you can enhance your A.M. coffee ritual by making simple changes that require little effort.

From experimenting with brewing methods to adding new ingredients to your favorite roast, learn how to level up your coffee routine so you can reap the delicious, beneficial rewards.

Experiment with the way you make coffee

Coffee press

Ready to shake up your coffee routine? Embrace the idea of doing things differently and you’ll surely savor every sip just a bit more.

Here are some easy ways to get started…

1. Grind your own beans

One way to escalate your early morning coffee to another level is to take the grinding game into your own hands. No matter which type of roast you prefer, going with whole beans over grounds will result in better flavor and fragrance.

Pro Tip: No grinder? No problem. Use a blender or food processor to blitz the beans until they’re ready for brewing.

2. Make cold brew

A pitcher of cold brew being poured into a glass with ice

Although you may be accustomed to drinking a hot cup of coffee in the morning, don’t be surprised if you quickly become a fan of consuming a cold brew to start the day. Not only does cold brewing result in a less acidic taste, but it produces super-concentrated coffee with a flavor that doesn’t get stale or fade. And no matter which roast you prefer, it’s surprisingly easy to make cold brew coffee at home.

3. Utilize other coffee-brewing methods

What’s the best way to make coffee in the morning? We all have our own preferences, but here are a few brewing methods to consider:

  • Pour over: Unlike some plastic-containing drip machines, the pour over method uses glass or ceramic for a non-toxic brewing process. It does require patience, but the final product will be a smooth, flavorful cup of coffee.
  • Plunger/press: This brewing method involves spooning grounds into a glass pitcher, pouring water over the top and using a plunger to separate the water from the grounds. Meanwhile, the stainless steel mesh filter not only helps preserve beneficial polyphenols (we love those!) but also enhances the flavor.
  • Percolate: Use a percolator (also referred to as a moka pot) to create a strong, rich brew. A fine, even grind works best, as it allows the water to move properly through the coffee funnel.

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4. Swap in new cups or mugs

group of handmade ceramic mugs stacked on top of one another

It’s easy to overlook one of the most important components of your coffee ritual: your drinking vessel. After all, your go-to mug may not be the best way to maximize your brewing efforts.

For example, stainless steel retains heat the best. Porcelain and ceramic mugs come in a variety of styles and finishes. Besides the material your mug is made of, also consider volume (most coffee cups are around 12 oz.), design and features.

Try adding new ingredients to your favorite coffee

a hand of coffee pours a scoop of mocha bulletproof creamer into a cup of coffee on a table with various kitchen instruments surrounding

It doesn’t take much to turn a plain ole cup of joe into something that’ll really awaken your taste buds in the morning. Whether you want to recreate some of your favorite coffee recipes or try something new entirely, these ingredients can help get you there.

5. Experiment with frothed milk

If you like to have milk in your coffee and your body tolerates dairy, try raw, grass-fed milk instead. Use it sparingly because of the naturally-occurring milk sugars, and always go for the full-fat option. A frother will help make the milk extra creamy so you can enjoy a latte right at home.

6. Add spices to your grounds

Coffee cup and beans on a wooden table with cinnamon sticks

Spices aren’t solely reserved for cooking. Actually, you can enhance your grounds by adding spices (about ½ teaspoon per 6 cups of coffee).

Which ones work best? Cardamom, ginger, turmeric, nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice have warm flavors that naturally pair well with coffee.

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7. Give flavored creamers a shot

Forget about cream and sugar and upgrade your morning coffee with something that provides sustained energy. Bulletproof Creamers are made with grass-fed butter and MCT oil and contain zero added sugar. Available in Hazelnut, Mocha, and French Vanilla, this keto-friendly add-in can help keep you going strong as the day goes on.

Pro Tip: Not a fan of flavored creamers? We’ve got your back. Opt for Original instead!

8. Use different alternatives to milk

Iced coffee with coconut milk in tall glasses

Need to stay dairy-free? There are several plant-based milk alternatives that work well in coffee, including:

  • Almond
  • Hemp
  • Cashew
  • Coconut
  • Macadamia

However, it’s best to steer clear of soy milk, as soy contains damaging proteins called lectins, and it is almost always a genetically modified crop.

9. Add protein to your morning coffee

Fuel your morning with not only your morning coffee, but protein as well. Add a scoop of Bulletproof Chocolate Collagen Protein to your cup to supply building blocks for healthy bones, muscles and joints. Tap into adaptogens and energy nutrients by mixing Bulletproof Dark Chocolate Energy Collagen Protein into your morning coffee. Or use an all in one solution with The Original + Collagen Coffee Pods to get your morning coffee and protein fix.

10. Add quality fats

Hand scooping a spoonful of Bulletproof Grass-Fed Ghee from it's jar

Transform your morning ritual coffee by incorporating quality fats like Bulletproof-Grass Fed Ghee or grass-fed butter into your cup. Combine that with Bulletproof Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil and you’ll be able to appreciate the ketone-producing power of our flagship Bulletproof Coffee recipe.

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Switch up your schedule

Woman using a tablet while holding a cup of coffee

You’ve learned how to make coffee better, but what about other aspects of your morning routine? Changing what you do upon waking can have a major impact on your mindset the rest of the day.

11. Focus on monotasking

Used to knocking out a few to-do’s while sipping your coffee in the morning? Make your routine less complicated by abandoning that multitasking approach for monotasking. Focusing on just one task can help you work efficiently and remove potential distractions from your plate.

Once you brew your favorite roast, put your phone away and dedicate your effort and attention to accomplishing your top start-of-day priority. When you’re finished, savor any moments of free time before you begin the rest of your day.

12. Experiment with new activities

Man on bike looking at the mountaintop views

It’s time to break old habits and replace them with new ones. Adding something fresh to your plate can spark motivation and get you moving in the morning. Here are some sunrise activities to consider:

  • Taking a walk around your neighborhood
  • Going for a bike ride
  • A strength training session
  • Practicing yoga
  • A mobility routine
  • Journaling

The bottom line: Identify what truly brings you joy with your coffee routine. Do you appreciate taking a few minutes to grind your own beans? Do you look forward to enhancing your cup with add-ons like spices and quality fats? Your morning ritual should energize and inspire you to crush your to-do list. So if you’ve been doing things the same way for a while, use the strategies above to take your coffee routine in a new direction.

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