|May 9, 2024

What is CoQ10? And how does it support energy?

By Grace Gavilanes
Reviewed by Theresa Greenwell for Scientific Accuracy on 01/22/2024

What is CoQ10? And how does it support energy?

  • Coenzyme-Q10 (better known as CoQ10) is a powerful antioxidant that works on the cellular level to fuel your mitochondria and provide energy for your brain and body.
  • Why is CoQ10 so vital? Energy levels decrease with age, which makes incorporating a CoQ10 supplement into your daily wellness routine a must. Consistency is key.
  • Think of CoQ10 and PQQ as the brain health dream team. Together, they support energy and mitochondrial.

Looking for a sustained energy boost? Bulletproof has supplements for that, and they just so happen to include a powerhouse ingredient you’ll definitely want to know about. Enter: Coenzyme-Q10 — best known as CoQ10 — a powerful antioxidant that works on the cellular level to fuel your mitochondria. The result? Positive effects on energy levels over time, both for your brain and body. Since it is a coenzyme, certain enzymes in the body depend on it to carry out certain tasks that will help it function properly. Just like collagen, CoQ10 is naturally produced by the body, with levels waning as we age.

Ways to Take CoQ10

From soft gels to gummies, CoQ10 is available in various forms. Bulletproof offers both types with CoQ10 Energy Soft Gels and Energy Gummies.

Bulletproof’s gummy innovation contains B12 (a key player in brain and nerve cell development), while the soft gels contain PQQ, a compound that works with CoQ10 to support healthy mitochondrial and cellular energy production.†

Energy Gummies and CoQ10 Energy Soft Gels utilize Brain Octane® Oil and CoQ10 for cellular and sustained energy for the body and brain† — without caffeine, meaning no jittery feeling that many of us are accustomed to feeling post-coffee. All of these supplements can be taken without food since they also contain Brain Octane oil, which helps them become easily absorbable by the body when ingested.

Choosing a form is entirely up to personal preference. Gummies are known to provide a great-tasting, convenient way to consume CoQ10; this rings especially true for those experiencing pill fatigue. The aforementioned Bulletproof offerings make harnessing the energy-boosting benefits of CoQ10 easier than ever before. Why? They can be taken on the go, whenever they’re needed. Plus, you don’t need to take them on a full stomach.

Dry pills are also available on the market, though those usually have to be taken with food to be fully and effectively absorbed. We went ahead and added a little bit of fat to our pills to help with absorption, making the usual “take with food” instructions optional.

CoQ10 in Food

CoQ10 in Food - Bulletproof

While yes, CoQ10 is found in many types of foods — including organ meats, oysters, avocados, and cruciferous vegetables, among others — the full benefits of CoQ10 will only be experienced if these foods are ingested in large quantities. Think: consuming hundreds of oysters and avocados in one sitting. That’s why we recommend supplementing CoQ10-rich foods with a capsule or gummy to help reach your desired energy level.

How Much CoQ10 Should You Take?

While CoQ10 supplements come in different doses, we recommend taking 100mg per day to experience the ingredient’s full benefits. Fortunately, one serving size of either the CoQ10 Energy Soft Gels or Energy Gummies satisfies this.

CoQ10 also pairs well with other Bulletproof brain health supplements, such as Energy + Focus and Smart Mode, to maximize your goals.

When it comes to introducing supplements to your diet, we always recommend first consulting with a licensed healthcare professional. They can best advise you, based on your unique health history, if CoQ10 supplements are right for you.

When to Take CoQ10: Morning or Night?

When to take CoQ10 Supplements - Bulletproof

Since the Bulletproof CoQ10 supplements do not contain caffeine, you may not feel an immediate effect; however, clinical research shows that people do feel a positive effect on their energy from using CoQ10 regularly, over time[1].

Because CoQ10 is known to support energy levels, we recommend taking CoQ10 supplements during the daytime. Working late? Feel free to take CoQ10 in the evening to help you power through your to-do list.

Benefits & Side Effects

The ingredient truly delivers when it comes to providing cellular and sustained energy for the body and brain. As for side effects[2], rest assured that no serious side effects, aside from potential insomnia and digestive upset in some users, have been reported. CoQ10 may not be compatible with some cancer treatments, but this is up to a licensed healthcare professional to decide, based on your health history and current course of action.

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