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Inside Bulletproof: Trey Sanders, Dad of 3 and Product Developer, Talks ‘Energy You Can Feel’

By Trey Sanders, MS RD, CFS
Reviewed by Emily Gonzalez, ND for Scientific Accuracy

Inside Bulletproof: Trey Sanders, Dad of 3 and Product Developer, Talks ‘Energy You Can Feel’

  • Complete Daily Energy Collagen Protein, available in Dark Chocolate and Vanilla Bean, provides rapidly accessible, sustained fuel.
  • Standout ingredients in the formula include Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum, Panax ginseng and Phosphatidylcholine, along with a Custom Energy Blend featuring MCT oil, cordyceps mushrooms and magnesium.
  • Complete Daily Energy can also provide increased joint mobility and flexibility thanks to collagen, as well as improved digestive health from prebiotics.

It is such a surreal experience going through the Bulletproof product development process and seeing the final result in people’s hands. I went through a full range of emotions in seeing Complete Daily Energy Collagen Protein (both Vanilla Bean and Dark Chocolate) grow from a concept to a bench prototype to a commercialized product.

The most rewarding part: I’m now reaping the benefits as an everyday consumer of Complete Daily Energy, and here’s why…

How Complete Daily Energy recharges me as a parent

Two kids playing soccer at sunset

Each phase of parenting is different, but an overarching theme from my experience is a lack of energy. The reasons for the energy drain evolve as children grow up and parents age. I have a rising second-grader, as well as twins starting kindergarten this fall—the energy drain is not the same as when they were all in diapers, but I still find myself tired, nonetheless.

 I recommend Complete Daily Energy to other parents because it makes energy one less thing to worry about when you are spending life with your kids.

As a parent, it is easier to be more present and engaged with your kids when you are not focused on when you will get your next pick-me-up. With Complete Daily Energy, I notice a recharge with energy I can feel. I am not worried about a lag because my energy levels are better sustained. For me, the lasting fuel from Complete Daily Energy does not provide me with a rapid rise or fall, so I feel more in control of my mind and body.

As an added bonus, active play is a big part of my parenting life and this specific formulation of collagen protein enables me to move without worry. My kids notice how much more freely I move when we are playing outside, and I need it now more than ever! (And, that’s a good thing.)

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3 key benefits I experienced from consuming Complete Daily Energy

From the first time I consumed caffeine-free Complete Daily Energy, I felt an increase in energy, but one that resulted in more of a steady, energized state, and for multiple hours. The energy onset did not feel jittery.

After a couple of weeks of use, I noticed two other benefits. I had increased joint mobility and flexibility, which I attribute to the great benefits of collagen. I felt more comfortable accessing my joints and muscles to do everyday tasks, as well as more vigorous activities.

The third benefit was my digestive health. I was having fewer instances of occasional stomach discomfort and better regulation. I seek to incorporate as much variety as I can with prebiotics, but am especially glad to have digestive benefits coming from an energizing product!†

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If you’re struggling to access sustained energy, Complete Daily Energy is for you

For the body to work its best, it needs to be consistently fueled. Complete Daily Energy is a collagen protein powder formula that provides rapidly accessible fuel to can sustain the body.

As if that were not enough, Complete Daily Energy also provides a couple of essential nutrients that aid in energy production and digestion of that energy-producing fat. As you take Complete Daily Energy on a daily basis, your body will reap the benefits of the sustaining energy it provides.†

MCTs: Your body’s ‘fast pass’

A hand pouring Bulletproof MCT Oil into a spoon

Think about your body trying to break down energy as a multi-lane highway. There are several lanes that your body is using to break down components to get energy. For example, sugar is converted energy in the “fast pass” lane, while long-chain fats are converted in the slower lanes. The MCT oil in Complete Daily Energy can be converted to energy in a “fast pass” lane. These medium-chain fats can avoid the traffic of slower energy by creating paths and getting the body the energy it needs, at a much faster rate.

In other words, the medium-chain fats of MCT oil can be directly absorbed, and taken directly to the liver. This allows the energy from MCTs to be provided rapidly! The liver converts those fats to ketones and sends them into circulation as energy. On the other hand, long-chain fatty acids have to be processed and converted into chylomicrons (which transport dietary lipids from the intestines to other locations in the body) before entering the lymphatic system.†

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Meet Complete Daily Energy’s other standout ingredients

A scoop of Dark Chocolate Complete Daily Energy Collagen Protein powder

So, what are some of the standout ingredients in Complete Daily Energy’s formula that you may not know about already?

  • Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum (PHGG) is a wonderful ingredient that helps your digestive system. As a prebiotic, PHGG feeds the bacteria in the colon, but is not absorbed by the body. (I always appreciate opportunities to incorporate more prebiotics in my choices!) The “partially hydrolyzed” part means that the guar gum is broken down into smaller fibers for better solubility in water.†
  • Panax ginseng has been used traditionally in Chinese medicine for nearly 2,000 years. Also known as Korean or Asian ginseng, it is believed to help replenish energy.†
  • Phosphatidylcholine provides an essential nutrient called choline. Besides being necessary for cell membrane signaling and structural integrity, phosphatidylcholine helps your body digest fat for better energy.† (Win, win!)

Still, thanks to 20g collagen protein, as well as 1.5g cordyceps mushrooms and 150mg of magnesium, this caffeine-free Custom Energy Blend has that much-needed staying power!†

The bottom line: Whether you’re a parent or a full-time remote worker (or a combination of both!) and you’ve been plagued by low energy levels and overall exhaustion, Complete Daily Energy offers a convenient, one-stop-shop solution to deliver lasting energy throughout the day. As the name suggests, we recommend consuming Complete Daily Energy each and every day, which will recharge your battery with energy that you can actually feel.†

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