|September 26, 2023

The Best Coffee Lover Gift Ideas for Caffeine Enthusiasts

By Stephen Sheehan
Reviewed by Emily Gonzalez, ND for Scientific Accuracy

The Best Coffee Lover Gift Ideas for Caffeine Enthusiasts

  • Coffee lovers have specific tastes and demands, so find the right gift idea that matches up with both nutritional needs and taste preferences.
  • From coffee grinders to stainless steel mugs to French press coffee makers, there are several tools that can help take a coffee enthusiast’s game to the next level.
  • Take advantage of Bulletproof products that can add quality fats and protein to your friend or family member’s daily cup of joe.

If you’re like me, every morning starts with a piping cup of strong coffee. Of course, us coffee drinkers have had to up our caffeine consumption to fuel our brains while working from home during the pandemic. (Can I get an extra shot of espresso, please?!) But while anyone can brew a basic cup of coffee, it takes a special set of ingredients to craft a cup brimming with flavor and mind-body benefits. And with the holidays right around the corner, a coffee lover gift package can be the perfect way to put a smile on the face of the caffeine lover in your life.

Lucky for you, we’ve taken the time to outline several types of coffee lover gift ideas that include high-quality components. Our gift guide includes everything from Bulletproof Coffee Beans to Bulletproof Grass-Fed Ghee to Bulletproof InstaMix Keto Creamer, as well as an array of highly-rated, complementary java gadgets and gizmos. (Thanks, Amazon!)

Not sure how to give the gift of coffee this year? Set aside your preconceived notions about pricey espresso machines and pretentious cappuccinos! Instead, here are 10 convenient coffee gift bundles to consider, so you can wrap the perfect coffee lover gift basket this holiday season.

Bulletproof Coffee-in-a-Blender LoverHands measuring MCT oil next to a blending with coffee inside

Keto coffee connoisseurs will especially love this first coffee lover gift idea. The bundle begins with a bag of Bulletproof Original Coffee paired with the easy-to-use AeroPress. Next, the Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot blender will transform an ordinary mug into a frothy, creamy brain-boosting one—thanks to the addition of quality fats from grass-fed ghee and Bulletproof Brain Octane C8 MCT Oil. If you’re on a budget, the  blender will do the trick, too, and considerably knocks your total cost down.

Pro tip: Instead of purchasing all of your Bulletproof products separately, simply grab our signature Bulletproof Ground Coffee Kit.

Total estimated cost: $85-$225 (depending on the blender)

Progressive Coffee Lover

Innovative coffee lovers don’t need a barista or a coffee shop. Instead, they prefer to brew their own coffee in style…

For the best progressive coffee lover gift, the process begins with purchasing a  to grind up a serving of Bulletproof The Mentalist whole coffee beans. (These expertly picked, high-quality beans are sustainably washed, mechanically dried, Rainforest Alliance Certified and tested for toxins before they head through our coffee roasters.)

Once the grounds are ready to go, there’s no need for an upscale espresso maker. Instead, similar to a drip coffee maker, your recipient can simply use a coffee scoop to pour the medium-dark roast through the to achieve a smooth, delicious cup of coffee.

…With all the complexities that seem to come along with a fancy jolt, these tools couldn’t make the process simpler!

Total estimated cost: $130

Keurig Bulletproof Coffee Lover

Bulletproof Coffee Pods next to hand placing a pod into the machine

Some coffee drinkers like to sip one cup at a time. This gift idea caters to the single-serving crowd. The best part? There are only three items needed, including:

  • Bulletproof Coffee Pods Kit: Our Keurig-friendly kit contains quality-fat essentials, along with a 24-pack of our Bulletproof Original Coffee Pods.
  • : This trustworthy model will set coffee lovers up for pod perfection every time.
  • : Affordable and reliable, enjoy the benefits of Bulletproof Coffee, sans cleaning a traditional blender.

Total estimated cost: $175

Versatile Coffee Lover

Looking for the perfect gift for a coffee lover who isn’t afraid to switch things up? The  draws top reviews for its ability to utilize beans or grounds.

So, which coffee sampler should you buy along with this nifty machine? Round out this gift set with the Bulletproof Whole Bean Coffee Variety Pack and the Bulletproof Ground Coffee Variety Pack.

Total estimated cost: $170

French Press Coffee Lover

Collagen Peptides being frothed in mug next to Original Coffee and a french press

Have a friend or family member who’s aiming to become a French press coffee aficionado? All you need is a decent French press coffee maker and some robust ground coffee beans.

The smooth and sweet chocolate notes of Bulletproof French Kick will amplify with the power of the .

Total estimated cost: $50

Coffee-and-a-Snack Lover

Nothing’s better than starting your morning with a refreshing cup of coffee and a nutritious, delicious snack.

Satisfy both of those needs with this coffee gift idea that includes Bulletproof Breakfast Blend Grounds and a box of Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bars. Whether you go with Vanilla Shortbread, Fudge Brownie or another variety, the light roast from the coffee grounds allows the flavors of these protein-packed bars to truly shine.

Total estimated cost: $50

Pro tip: Chocolate lovers can opt for a box of our new Bulletproof Chocolate Dipped Collagen Bars, which are now available online in Vanilla Cookie, Double Chocolate and Coconut!

Collagen Coffee Lover

This is a great coffee lover gift idea for those who are into the added benefits of collagen and extra protein. Support friends and family who’d like to further commit to self-care, thanks to coffee—plus the building blocks for healthy skin, hair, nails and joints. This bundle contains:

Worried about flavor? Fret not; the deliciously fruity and nutty notes of The Mentalist won’t be altered by the addition of supportive collagen protein.

Total estimated cost: $160

Coffee on-the-Go Lover

Hand holding a 3oz bottle of Brain Octane Oil with orange plush bag in the background

For daily commuters and road trippers, the best gift you can give includes all the tools necessary for fat-fueled morning coffee on the go (along with a convenient travel mug)!

Here’s what you’ll want to buy in order to give the coffee lover who’s always on the move the perfect gift this holiday season:

Believe me, whoever receives this thoughtful gift set will thank you for the easily accessible brain-boosting power of quality fats—wherever the day may take them!

Total estimated cost: $115

Cold Brew Coffee Lover

Even though temperatures are dropping, cold brew is still a worthy caffeinated treat!

No cold brew coffee maker is needed to enjoy the flavors of the convenient, ready-to-drink Bulletproof Cold Brew Latte Variety Pack. As an extra token, these cans are always ready to crack while encased in .

Total estimated cost: $50

Everyday Coffee Lover

The Mentalist coffee mug

Coffee lovers know that a quality cup is not only necessary, but appreciated—each and every day of the year. For those looking for the perfect gift idea for the everyday coffee lover, Bulletproof is here to help! If you’re not into crafting an extravagant coffee lover gift basket, we’ve got the solution. You can do less wrapping, but go the extra mile by gifting a Bulletproof coffee subscription to the coffee enthusiast in your life.

Total estimated cost: Less than $15 per shipment

(Talk about the gift that keeps on giving…)

Happy Holidays from all of us at Bulletproof. Now, go fill that coffee mug—and your shopping cart!

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