Top 3 Tricks To Biohack Your Sleep…

Top 3 Tricks To Biohack Your Sleep…

If you ever have trouble falling (or staying) asleep, the usual advice to get 8 hours of shut-eye a night might seem like a cruel myth.4D0A3280

Yet sadly, many people – 8.6 million Americans at last count – end up chasing this “magic number” with prescription sleeping pills…

Even though a study from the National Institutes of Health showed they only give most people around 11 more minutes of sleep time. That’s hardly a huge reward to balance out risky long-term side effects.

The long-overdue good news is… the latest research proves you can shave two or three hours a night off your sleep goal, and wake up more rested and alert than you do right now.

Because sleep scientists are finally discovering a good night’s rest is far more about quality than quantity.

And it’s about time: Biohackers have known for years that NOT all sleep is created equal.

After all, just like many people waste time power-walking on treadmills… most people waste far too much time in “light sleep”, or just trying to finally doze off…

Meaning they end up getting far too little of the deep, restorative rest that really boosts your performance – even if they’re “technically” sleeping 7 or 8 hours a night.

The bottom line is: Unhacked sleep isn’t just frustrating… it might just be your biggest waste of time.

And when you switch your focus from how many total hours you spend in bed, to getting the right kind of sleep…

You can not only get rid of the ‘sleep debt’ that makes you wake up groggy… improve your motor skills by 20%… or get up to 50% bump up in your problem-solving abilities…

The best part is… if you’re currently forcing yourself to get a full 8 hours, you can even claim a missing piece of your productive LIFE back.

OR, if you’re currently sleeping only 5 or 6 hours a night and waking up groggy… you may discover that you don’t actually need more sleep after all – just BETTER sleep.

It’s the reason why I’ve invested at least as much time and energy into hacking my sleep as I have into hacking diet and exercise (put me next to another average guy my age, and I’ve probably lived an extra 8 or more extra waking years, without feeling tired)…

And it’s also the reason researchers have spent decades finding new and better ways to shave off crucial hours of “down-time” in professions (think astronauts and special forces) where every minute of wake-time counts.

Some of these hacks may not be practical for the biohacking beginner…

But the best part is… you no longer need to wire yourself up with a Cerebral Electrical Stimulator and run delta waves between your ears to optimize your sleep, maximize your recovery and get a far more efficient night’s rest.

In fact, many of the most effective sleep hacks I’ve discovered in 15 years of self-experimentation are electrode-free, cost less than $100, and fit comfortably in a small backpack.

For example – one of the best and fastest ways ever discovered to improve your sleep quality is simply keeping light out of your bedroom.

Specifically, light from the blue side of the spectrum that studies show interrupts your brain’s natural production of melatonin – the hormone that regulates your sleep-wake cycle.


Bulletproof your sleep and wake up refreshed with the new Hack Your Sleep Kit

Low Blue Nightlight Review: “I have a hard time believing that a tiny little nightlight could help you sleep better, but it did. In the last week I have woken up more rested than before. I would buy it again and plan on getting more as gifts.” –Rodolfo



Even low-level exposure to “blue” light – whether from daylight coming in through your curtains or typical light bulbs – drains your melatonin and digs your sleep debt deeper…

And it doesn’t even matter if you blot out all light with a sleep mask: Because your skin is light-sensitive, maximizing your melatonin requires darkness all night long.

So where does that leave you if you have to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom?

Tripping and breaking your neck isn’t bulletproof, either – and that’s where special “low blue” lights come in:

Research shows that these low-intensity amber bulbs don’t trip your brain’s melatonin-shutoff switch… so you can safely light your way down the hallway at night without sabotaging your sleep.

You can even leave these sleep-saving lights burning all night long without wasting energy – by plugging a long-lasting low-blue nightlight tested to produce light only in the amber part of the spectrum up to 589 nm…

And because this is truly one of the easiest sleep hacks to implement (whether you’re at home or on the road)… I’ve included one of these amber nightlights in the all-new three-part Hack Your Sleep Kit – designed to get you maximum rest anywhere you go.

Of course, turning off the blue lights robbing your melatonin still won’t do you much good if you can’t also turn off racing thoughts and stress so you can fall asleep fast – without turning to dangerous sleeping pills.

That’s where a discovery dating back to the “space race” comes in:

Tasked with finding a way to give cosmonauts mental energy and focus for demanding tasks AND maximize sleep… Russian space-program researchers at the Academy of Sciences in Leningrad synthesized Phenyl GABA, or “phenibut”…

… a substance that boosts levels of the neurotransmitter GABA naturally found in your brain.


Bulletproof your sleep and wake up refreshed with the new Hack Your Sleep Kit

GABAwave Review: “I just started with a 3/4 dose on a Monday evening… I had the best sleep I’ve had in months last night. Didn’t wake up one time throughout the night. This morning I’m feeling more calm than normal, yet upbeat. Very nice for a change!” –Will


And because GABA is what’s known as an “inhibitory” neurotransmitter that calms your nervous system…4D0A3260

Once this compound crosses your blood-brain barrier, it turns into a powerful sleep hack as it helps you de-stress, wind down and relax.

Even better… because properly absorbed Phenibut stays active in your system for up to 36 hours, it can even keep you calm and focused (without grogginess) all through the next day.

The problem is that the kind of Phenibut normally available outside a space-program lab often doesn’t get past your GI tract and the blood-brain barrier very well … and taking mega-doses to make up for poor absorbability is too risky for my taste.

Fortunately, with a new form of Phenibut I call GABAwave, you can finally enjoy the full benefits of this cutting-edge sleep and focus enhancer – thanks to liposomes that wrap the GABA in molecules that help it penetrate exactly where it’s needed.

That means if you often lie awake at night trying to will yourself to fall asleep (it used to take me up to an hour)… GABAwave may help you become one of those lucky people who drift off to sleep almost as soon as their heads hit the pillow.

Now, once you get to sleep… the key to waking up rested and full of energy the next morning is maximizing the time you spend in the phases of sleep that give your body and brain the greatest benefit.


Bulletproof your sleep and wake up refreshed with the new Hack Your Sleep Kit

Sleep Induction Mat Review: “I’ve had a 32% increase in my deep sleep brainwaves. Since you are a Bulletproof fan, I don’t need to tell you what this means. If you’re not a fan “yet”, it means I feel fantastic in the morning and throughout the day! We all need that extra edge in our performance, so get it the easy way.” –Ross


And that means boosting your REM (dream) sleep and Delta (deep) sleep.

And though you could turn to brain-wave entrainment or “electrosleep” machines to make that happen…

It turns out you can shortcut your path to the deeper, more restorative levels of sleep using a far simpler technology that dates back thousands of years.

Because even though the “beds of nails” used for millennia by Indian yogis may look more like instruments of torture than anything you’d find in a spa…

A recent study at Karlstad University in Sweden showed that a far less intimidating version using tiny, rounded plastic points can actually relieve pain by releasing endorphins and the “peace and calm hormone” oxytocin…

And by spiking (sorry) these relaxation chemicals in your brain by lying on the mat for just five or ten minutes before bed…

You can even prime yourself for a quicker and more lasting descent into deep sleep, so you feel more refreshed in fewer hours.

I’ve been so impressed by my own experience using these mats, and the tracked results submitted by members of the Bulletproof community, that I’ve added one of these Sleep Induction Mats to every Hack Your Sleep Kit

A new 3-part Bulletproof Kit that combines the Sleep Induction Mat, Low-Blue Nightlight and a full 15-dose pack of GABAwave to give you the benefit of three of the most powerful effects I’ve ever experienced in 15 years of sleep hacking…

When you combine these three potent sleep hacksavoiding blue-wave light with the Low-Blue nightlight… shutting down racing thoughts that keep you awake with GABAwave… and getting more deep sleep with the Sleep Induction Mat…

You’ll no longer be wasting hours in low-benefit “light sleep” or spending hours each week staring at the ceiling trying to sleep…

Instead, you’ll finally be on your way to an optimized level of sleep fitness (and the clear-headed mornings to prove it) that few people ever get to enjoy.

Instead of dragging yourself out of bed and fantasizing about hitting the “snooze” button just one more time… you’ll actually feel awake and re-charged from a deep, peaceful night’s sleep that helps you perform better all day long…

And because all three of these sleep hacks fit snugly in a small backpack or handbag, you can bring them along with you to relax and sleep deeply anywhere you go.

Plus, when you order all three of these sleep hacks in one convenient Kit rather than buying each one separately, you’ll instantly save $15 off the regular price!

Just click here now to see even more of the science (and real customer feedback) behind the new Hack Your Sleep Kit – and find out to how to add it to your Bulletproof day.

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