How to Mouth Tape to Sleep Better

DISCLAIMER: The following article and video are for learning purposes only. Please consult your doctor first if you have any medical conditions such as sleep apnea

Have you heard of mouth taping? Sealing your lips shut with tape while you sleep is the latest crazy-sounded health fad that comes with a host of health benefits, including better sleep. Simply strapping a piece of tape over your trap before bed encourages nasal breathing.

Studies reveal that nasal breathing is far superior to mouth breathing. It promotes better focus, memory, and concentration. Meanwhile, mouth breathing causes high blood pressure, heart problems, and sleep apnea.[1] How so? It’s all about the right kind of oxygen content in your blood. Nasal breathing increases nitric oxide production in the sinuses, which is linked to healthy blood pressure levels, reduced inflammation, improved sleep, greater gains in endurance and strength, better memory, and even improved immune function.[2][3]

Simply put: If you breathe through your mouth, you miss all of the benefits of the nitric oxide in your nose. Watch this video to learn how to tape your mouth before bed, so you can sleep better.

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