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These Are the Gifts Coffee-Lovers Really Want This Holiday Season

By Mary Squillace
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These Are the Gifts Coffee-Lovers Really Want This Holiday Season

Between the revitalizing powers, antioxidant punch, and pure pleasure coffee delivers, it’s kind of the perfect gift. However while a bag of coffee beans makes an excellent stocking stuffer, when we’re talking about true coffee diehards, it’s time to think beyond the bean. After all, most coffee snobs’ pantries are already fully stocked with all the grounds their caffeine-loving hearts desire.

Instead, this holiday season, think about all the other java-adjacent giftables — the grinders, mugs, gizmos, and other paraphernalia — that stoke the flames of a coffee-obsessive’s passion. From futuristic French presses and indestructible travel mugs to coffee-themed home accents that help put one’s coffee enthusiasm on full display, here are the 25 best gifts for coffee snobs.

Coffee makers gift guide

AeroPress Coffee Maker, $34.99

AeroPress coffee gift

This small-but-mighty gizmo promises less bitter coffee than a French press, a quicker brew time than drip machines, and none of the hassle of fancy-pants espresso-makers. Here’s how it works: Place the chamber on a mug, add your grounds and hot water, give it a stir, and plunge. In under a minute there should be smooth-tasting espresso-style coffee in your cup. Add additional hot water for American-style coffee.

Espro Press P7, $99.95

Espro Press coffee gift

Nothing kills the joy of a cup of French press like a mouth full of sludge. Espro Press solves this problem with a double micro-filter filter that allows oils and flavors to pass through while keeping gritty sediment out of your cup.

Manual Coffeemaker No. 3, $140

Manual coffeemaker

Are you in the mood for French press, pour-over, or cold brew? Doesn’t matter! This versatile coffee maker lets you whip up any of the three. And the insulated double-walled glass pitcher holds up to 40 ounces of java juice and keeps liquids hot or cold.

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Bialetti Moka Express 6 Cups, $34.99

Moka pot

Get a taste of the Italian lifestyle (one that doesn’t involve not-so-Bulletproof-friendly pasta or parmesan) with this stovetop espresso maker. The decades-old coffee maker brews espresso in minutes. Simply fill with water and a medium-grind coffee and place on a burner until you hear the bubbling sound that means that — presto! — your coffee’s ready.

Barisieur Brewing Alarm Clock, $465

Brewing alarm clock

If there’s anything better than waking up to the aroma of fresh coffee brewing, it’s waking up to a piping hot cup next to you on your nightstand. This new-fangled alarm clock delivers both — plus an artful midcentury-esque design.


Tumblers and mugs gift guide

Ember Ceramic Coffee Mug, $79.95

Ember mug

Never take a swig of too-cold or too-hot coffee again. Ember’s high-tech ceramic mug doesn’t just keep coffee warm, it keeps it at your optimal drinking temperature. Use the connected app to select your ideal temperature, then fill the mug and wait for it to notify you when it hits the desired degree. Also available as a travel mug ($149.95).

Corkcicle Tumbler, $27.95

Dipped tumbler

Corkcicle’s sturdy tumbler is a stylish and sturdy way to keep your cold brew truly cold all day long (up to nine hours!). And don’t worry, it’ll also keep your coffee hot for as long as three hours. Note: Pictured color is no longer available, but the other options are just as great.

MiiR 32 oz Howler, $42.95

Miir howler

This 32-ounce thermos especially comes in handy when you’re in a sharing mood (or, okay, when you just need a TON of coffee and there’s not a fresh pot in sight). Its double-wall vacuum insulation keeps cold drinks cold for at least 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 12. And thanks to its stainless steel and hardshell coat, it’s pretty much indestructible.

Bodum Travel Press, $29.99

Bodum travel press

Equal parts thermos and French press, this portable coffee maker is ideal for getting your java fix on the go. Add grounds and hot water, wait four minutes, plunge, and drink.

First I Drink the Coffee Mug, $12.79 (regularly $15.99)

Coffee mug

Can a true coffee-lover ever have too many mugs in their collection? This decidedly analog mug isn’t shatterproof, nor is it particularly travel-friendly, and it definitely can’t be programmed to do anything temperature-wise. But the sentiment is surely something most coffee fanatics can get behind.

Grinders, kettles, and other gadgets

Fellow Stagg EKG+ Electric Pour-Over Kettle, $199

Fellow Stagg EKG kettle

Equal parts style and substance, this electric kettle practically doubles as a work of art. Its bells and whistles include an app that allows you to turn it on and off from afar, real-time temperature updates, and the ability to store recipes — so you’ll never have to struggle to remember how to make your favorite brew exactly to your liking. It even includes a timer for those times you’re tempted to rush your pour-over.

, $67.99 (originally $99.99)

KitchenAid electric kettle

For a lower-tech kettle that still packs tons of charm, look no further than this vintage-style appliance. It gets the job done and looks darling on any countertop.

Blendtec Designer 650 Blender, $449.95

Blendtec Designer 650 blender

Whipping up a cup of Bulletproof in the morning is a breeze with this smooth and speedy blender. The touch-screen interface lets you control speed with a swipe of the finger, and six custom cycles — which include a preset for smoothies — take the guesswork out of figuring out how to get the perfect blend.

, $45.50

Hario scale and timer

Ditch your imprecise coffee scoop for this sleek scale that’ll tell you down to a tenth of a gram exactly how much coffee you’re using. It’s also equipped with a timer so you steep your grounds for just the right amount of time. Truly a coffee geek’s dream.

Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, $149.99

Capresso Infinity grinder

Any coffee snob worth their crema knows that the secret to a fresh-tasting cup of Joe starts with whole beans instead of pre-ground coffee — because as soon as grounds interact with air, they begin to lose some of their flavor and aroma. This means having a grinder at home is a must. The Capresso gives you lots of grinding options, with settings that allow you to adjust for all types of coffee prep, whether you want to enjoy a cup of French press, pour-over, espresso, or even Turkish coffee.

Krups Adjustable Burr Grinder GX500050, $49.99

Krups burr grinder

This more wallet-friendly grinder still features a lot of the same perks as its pricier counterparts. In addition to boasting nine grind settings, it makes figuring out exactly how much to grind is a breeze: Simply select how many cups of coffee — anywhere between two and 12 — you want to make. To boot, this grinder’s slender profile fits neatly on even crowded countertops.

Prima Hottop Home Coffee Roaster, $1,100

Prima Hottop roaster

If the kitchen of your favorite coffee-lover is already decked out with the requisite high-tech coffee maker, grinder, and kettle, why not take things to the next level and splurge on a home-roaster? This Hottop Home Coffee Roaster features a 250 gram capacity (translation: lots of coffee), an easy-to-use LCD interface, and the ability to pre-program it with up to nine roast profiles, so you can roast beans just the way you like without having to remember the settings each time.

Knick-knacks and stocking stuffers for coffee gifts

Bulletproof Starter Kit, $55.30

Bulletproof starter kit

Arm your favorite fitness-minded coffee snob with everything they need to start living the Bulletproof life. This kit comes with Upgraded Whole Bean Coffee, performance-enhancing Brain Octane Oil, and tasty grass-fed ghee.

Coffee Bean Necklace, $14.95

Coffee bean necklace

When wearing your love for coffee on your figurative sleeve isn’t enough, wear it around your literal neck with this dainty coffee bean charm.

, $22.48

The World Atlas of Coffee book

When it’s coffee time, waiting the few minutes it takes for your scalding-hot cup to cool to a drinkable temp can feel like an eternity. That’s where these bean-shaped stainless steel orbs come in. Plop ‘em in your cup, and they’ll absorb some of the excess heat. This allows you to take your first sip sooner and keeps the cup warm for longer.

Coffee lovers gift guide

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