|April 12, 2024

10 travel hacks to stay bulletproof on the road

By Rebecca Paredes
Reviewed for Scientific Accuracy

10 travel hacks to stay bulletproof on the road

Traveling is all fun and games until you’re hangry in the car and haven’t had a full night’s sleep in three days. Fortunately, these travel hacks (directly from the Bulletproof team!) will make your next trip 100% easier. From combating jet lag to staying fueled between flights, here are just a few ways you can feel your best while traveling.

1. Travel with coffee beans

Plenty of hotels have coffee, but that doesn’t mean it’s high-quality coffee. If you want to guarantee you’ll have access to coffee that’s expertly roasted and tested for toxins, bring it with you.

  • If you’re heading somewhere with a coffee maker, pack a bag of Ground Coffee Beans (no coffee grinder required).
  • If you have access to a Keurig, stash a few Coffee Pods in your bag.

2. Bring back up (for your neck & back that is)

Man sleeping on train
Plane, train, car or otherwise, a bad seat can leave you feeling creaky after a long day of travel. Don’t get caught without the travel comfort essentials.

With an adjustable Velcro closure and 360° neck support, Ostrichpillow’s Go Neck Pillow offers support to your neck and back when you’re catching some zzz’s on the go. Whether you’re sleeping or just sitting for a long time, the Cushion Lab Back Relief Lumbar Pillow has your back.

3. Use Sleep Mode to get your Zzzs in any time zone

Sleep Gummies are a must for hotel sleeping. Why? Sleep Gummies are a drug-free way to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality. That’s really, really important when you’re on the road, flying from coast to coast or dealing with uncomfortable hotel beds (or all the above).

4. High-protein snacks are a road trip must

Friends sitting down after a hike with a Bulletproof protein bar
Snacks can make or break your travel plans. Fortunately, Bulletproof and some of our friends make high-protein snacks worth writing home about.

Protein Crisp Bars are high protein, low sugar and made with clean ingredients that will keep you satisfied, like protein and nuts. With four craveable flavors, you won’t get tired of these delicious protein bars.*

Catalina Crunch makes savory and sweet, high-protein treats. Our personal favorite is Crunch Mix. Loaded with keto-friendly cereal, almonds, cashews, chickpea pretzels and cheese crisps, it’ll replace those salty snacks with mile-long ingredient labels.

5. Pack like a pro

Friends packing their car to go camping
Staying organized is a must when you’re getting ready for a trip. Our favorite way to achieve packing perfection? Baggu packing cubes. Don’t waste an inch of your suitcase real estate while you’re on the road with these pouches. They’re cute, colorful, and come in a range of sizes. Don’t say we never put you on to anything!

Another pro tip to pack well: get your favorite products in travel size. Shampoo, skincare, supplements, you name it, it’s offered in travel-friendly sizes or on-the-go packaging. And if it’s not, hit up our friends at Cadence for their sustainable, leakproof containers so you can pack what you need for every step of your self-care routine.

6. Get 35 nutritious ingredients on the road

If you need a road trip hero, you can count on Greens stick packs. They offer a full serving of vegetables, plus low-glycemic fruits, eleven digestive aids and a blend of antioxidants and functional mushrooms all in one single serve pack. It’s a great way to get your greens on the road and perfect if you don’t feel like packing up your entire supplement lineup.

7. Bring bulletproof anywhere with collagen stick packs

It’s easy to stay Bulletproof on the go with travel-friendly, single-serve packs of grass-fed Collagen Peptides packets. The packets are made for travel so you can throw them in your bag without worrying about leaks or messes.

Collagen Peptides supports hydrated skin and strong bones and joints. Here’s how to use them on the road:

Collagen Protein Stick Packs:

  • Support your skin, joints and bones on the go
  • Stir into hot or cold beverages, oatmeal or soup—it’s flavorless and dissolves easily
  • Combine with Brain Octane oil for collagen benefits with a ketone boost

8. Power through your fast with brain octane oil

Some members of the Bulletproof team prefer to fast on travel days. That means eating within a specific time period and fasting the rest of the time. Why skip breakfast? There are a ton of benefits of intermittent fasting, like weight management, steady energy and improved brain function. Fasting also means you don’t have to think about food while you’re traveling. Phew!

Brain Octane oil is a satiating fat that curbs cravings, so it’s a great hack to hold you over between meals. Quality fats give you energy and keep you full without switching on digestion, so you’ll still get all the benefits of fasting without feeling hangry.

Pro tip: Drink Bulletproof Coffee if you’re intermittent fasting. Brain Octane oil + grass-fed butter or ghee + coffee = a creamy, satisfying drink that keeps you full, focused and energized for hours. Get the recipe here.

9. Use Coconut Charcoal to combat the effects of kryptonite foods

Let’s say you overdid it with fast food. Maybe breakfast at the hotel wrecked your stomach. Or maybe you just need gas relief fast. Coconut Charcoal is your detox shortcut. It traps toxins and flushes them out of your body naturally. Plus, it’s gentle, fast-acting and made from 100% coconuts. It’s perfect when you’re on the road and need fast relief so you can get back to feeling awesome.

10. Support healthy digestion with innerfuel prebiotic stick packs

InnerFuel stick pack pouring into coffee mug
It can be tough to hit your daily fiber goals throughout the day, let alone eat enough vegetables when you’re traveling. InnerFuel Prebiotic Stick Packs are a great way to help maintain regular digestion when it’s tough to eat enough fiber-rich foods. After all, clamshells of salads at the gas station can only take you so far. InnerFuel is a gentle, plant-based prebiotic powder that mixes easily in drinks. Add it to coffee or plain water and feel good about your gut health—even on the road.

*Not a low-calorie food.

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