|May 18, 2023

Bulletproof Coffee Versus Fatty Coffee

By Dave Asprey
Reviewed for Scientific Accuracy

Bulletproof Coffee Versus Fatty Coffee

Black coffee is so powerful that Johann Sebastian Bach wrote a musical piece in 1732, titled “The Coffee Cantata,” with lines like “If I can’t drink my bowl of coffee three times daily, then in my torment, I will shrivel up like a piece of roast goat.”

Scientists are still trying to predict what the correct recipe for Bulletproof Coffee would have done for Bach’s music. It turns out that you will have a very different experience when you try the carefully engineered recipe vs. the various “modifications” made by well-meaning experimenters. This post will explain what modifications will lessen the recipe’s effects, and why you owe it to yourself to try true Bulletproof Coffee and not a generic version.

Let’s face it – a creamy cup of coffee tastes good with almost any kind of fat mixed into it. This is precisely why we have the Frappuccino health monstrosity with bad fats and low quality coffee. You can mix any fat (except fish oil, gross) with any street grade coffee to make a drink that tastes ok, but it doesn’t quite clear up a foggy head or bulging stomach. In fact, there are many copycat recipes that promote using butter or other fats in coffee (as opposed to using crappy coffee creamer) as beneficial to our health. A lot of recipes claim to be Bulletproof but are not made using the carefully designed Bulletproof Coffee recipe, ingredients, and process. The purpose of this post is to explain the differences between the Bulletproof Coffee method and other recipes.

The recipe for Bulletproof Coffee is carefully designed to help promote brain function, end hunger, turn off cravings, and boost energy levels. Combining Bulletproof Coffee with Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting can enhance fat loss even more.

The Bulletproof Coffee recipe is popular for a reason. Aside from tasting awesome, it makes you feel lean, focused, and energized. Here’s the original Bulletproof Coffee recipe.And if you’re not already familiar, you can read about the benefits of butter coffee.

However, when following other similar recipes people tend to make a few common mistakes that lessen or even nullify the  benefits of Bulletproof Coffee.

Here are the Top 4 most common Bulletproof Coffee mistakes:

1. “Fresh roasted” and “organic” do not mean healthy or high quality – People use “fresh roasted” coffee thinking it’s better, which it is, compared to “roasted months ago.” But regardless of how beans are roasted, the fact is that the vast majority of beans available for roasting are contaminated with biogenic amines or mycotoxins (damaging compounds created by naturally occurring molds in green coffee production that are linked to all sorts of health problems like cardiomyopathy, cancer, hypertension, and brain damage). Mycotoxins grow on coffee beans before the beans are even roasted [1-3]. So although the damage is caused before the roasting process even begins, most people tend to focus on the roasting method because that’s what’s easier. This is why Bulletproof uses a specially designed Bulletproof process to make our beans. Of course they are fresh roasted (by the #1 SCAA ranked roaster in the country), but the beans are also engineered throughout the entire creation process to mitigate the dozens of ways mycotoxins and chemicals typically enter the coffee supply chain, and we use laboratory grade testing to verify the results. Unless you test your beans in a lab, the odds are (even with wet process) that you’re not feeling the full boost that the Bulletproof Coffee recipe offers.

2. Butter coffee is not Bulletproof Coffee – Making coffee with butter as opposed to crappy coffee creamer is a good step in the right direction, but adding butter alone won’t provide the full mental and physical benefits of the Bulletproof® Coffee recipe. When people use only grass-fed butter to make their coffee, they will be drinking a filling and tasty cup of coffee but not reaping the benefits that Brain Octane or Upgraded MCT oil have to offer. These oils in the Bulletproof® Coffee recipe improve the flavor and mouth feel of the recipe while adding a huge performance boost. You can not fit enough coconut oil into coffee to equal the amount of Brain Octane or MCT Oil I recommend. And don’t even get me started on using corn-fed butter or margarine…totally not Bulletproof!

3. Coconut oil comes with 2 problems

a. Using coconut oil in place of MCT oil brings up another mycotoxin issue. Many brands of coconut oil may contain mycotoxins, especially traditionally fermented types or copra oil. Lots of my clients have complained of brain fog after some types of coconut oil, but not others. I’ve experienced the same.

b. Coconut oil is not of the same dose as Upgraded MCT oil, and this matters a lot. Unlike coconut oil, Upgraded MCT oil is purified to contain six times more of the fatty acids that cause the desired effects. Would you take 1/6 the dose of an aspirin and expect the same results as a full dose?? Even better, Brain Octane has 18 times more of the strongest type of fat found in coconut oil. You owe it to yourself to try it the right way at least once. Neither of these oils is expensive when you consider that you’d need to buy six to 18 times as much coconut oil for the same effects.  You could never find six quarts of coconut oil for only $29, but you can most certainly buy one whole bottle of Upgraded MCT oil that contains the most effective fatty acids found in six quarts.

4. Adding cream, milk, nut milk, sugar, or honey WRECKS the effects – The glorious effects of drinking Bulletproof® Coffee, like better brain function, increased energy, and normalized weight, can be canceled out when you add things like cream, milk, nut milk, sugar, and honey. Each of these foods changes , stops autophagy, or causes inflammation. These physiological/biochemical changes in your body lead to a foggy brain, hunger, and fat gain. No thank you.

How to tweak Bulletproof Coffee recipe and keep the Full Effects

  • BPA Free Coconut Cream or coconut milk, NOT coconut water (especially good for frothiness)
  • Cinnamon (Ceylon is best)
  • Xylitol (only from hardwood, not Chinese corn)
  • Erythritol (non GMO)
  • Stevia
  • These 15 additions

How to tweak Bulletproof Coffee recipe for MORE PROTEIN (BUT LESS AUTOPHAGY)

On most days, a pure fat Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting “breakfast” is an optimal choice, but on days you work out and the day after put Upgraded Collagen Protein in your HOT Bulletproof Coffee. Getting this right seriously optimizes your body and mind in the morning

For an ultimate milkshake-like consistency, blend in one or two raw egg yolks before the whey.

So that’s it. Good coffee is magic. It’s no secret that Bulletproof Coffee is one of the best ways to supercharge your brain function and enhance fat loss. Every, day more and more people are improving their cognitive performance, forgetting what hunger felt like, and shrinking their waistlines thanks to Bulletproof Coffee.

As biohackers interested in quantifiably measuring our own performance, or as coffee lovers just wanting to kick more ass, we owe it to ourselves to ourselves to try Bulletproof Coffee done perfectly at least one time. Cutting corners with a cup of “pretty good” coffee from unproven beans, with regular butter (or some other random fatty stuff) thrown in, will leave you satisfied, but it won’t leave you in the Bulletproof™ state of high performance. It is worth feeling the full mental clarity and massive energy surge a true cup of Bulletproof Coffee provides.

Do yourself a favor and experience the real Bulletproof Coffee recipe and accompanying Bulletproof Protocol:

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