|March 3, 2022

Inside Bulletproof: Guatemalan Coffee Farmer Pablo Chuy Shares How Bulletproof Changed His Coffee Process for Good

By Bulletproof Staff
Reviewed by Emily Gonzalez, ND for Scientific Accuracy

Inside Bulletproof: Guatemalan Coffee Farmer Pablo Chuy Shares How Bulletproof Changed His Coffee Process for Good

Happy Coffee Month, from Bulletproof to your French press! To support our launch into four full weeks of coffee education, we reconnected with Pablo Chuy, the owner of one of our coffee farms located in Guatemala. Chuy’s family ties to coffee farming run extremely deep, and he even credits Bulletproof with providing the gift of the specialty coffee process to his operation.

We connected with Chuy to talk about his coffee history and the Bulletproof difference.

Can you tell us a bit about who you are and the work that you do?

My name is Pablo Arturo Chuy Flores. I am the owner of the Peña Blanca farm. We are located in the municipality of Santa Rosa de Lima in Santa Rosa, Guatemala. The work I do is very extensive, with a specific focus on the subject of coffee.

How old are your family’s ties to the coffee business?

My great-grandparents, my grandparents and my dad have all been farmers in the coffee business. We are the fourth generation carrying on in the coffee business. We involve all family members so that the fifth generation of coffee producers will be ready to carry on in the coffee business.

What does coffee mean to you and Peña Blanca farm?

Coffee, for us, is one of the most important crops because it’s the area where we have the most knowledge. We see coffee as a business—from an administrative view, in the field with our agronomists and with all the people in charge of carrying out all that is necessary with the coffee crop.

How did you forge a partnership with Bulletproof?

The Bulletproof connection began around five years ago when a team from Bulletproof visited us. The truth is, it felt very nice to have them here. The first thing they told us was that they wanted coffee specially processed using a mechanical coffee washer. We said to ourselves, ‘what is a coffee process using this special equipment? What would that look like for us?’ In two months, we made those machines in order to be able to make this coffee for them using their special process.

How do you feel about the Bulletproof difference 5 years later?

We feel very proud that our coffee is sold through Bulletproof and to its customers. These people (Bulletproof) were pioneers for us in terms of special coffee processes. We feel very proud when we know that our coffee is sold through a supply chain with such specific consumers.

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