|April 21, 2023

I Drank Bulletproof Coffee for 7 Straight Days—Here’s What Happened

By Bulletproof Staff
Reviewed by Emily Gonzalez, ND for Scientific Accuracy

I Drank Bulletproof Coffee for 7 Straight Days—Here’s What Happened

Even though our signature Bulletproof Coffee recipe has been around for an entire decade, we continue to reach new consumers each day. This year, we launched a new formulation that makes preparing Bulletproof Coffee (traditionally a blend of coffee, grass-fed butter or ghee and MCT oil) easier than ever!

Enter our most popular innovation of 2021: Bulletproof Original Creamer, which is the star item in our newly launched Bulletproof Coffee Starter Kit! After brewing your favorite blend of Bulletproof Coffee Beans or Grounds, simply scoop one serving of Bulletproof Original Creamer into your mug and froth or blend until you reach latte-like bliss.

Still on the fence about trying our famous fat-fueled java? Here’s what five first-time Bulletproof Coffee drinkers shared after using our new Starter Kit for seven consecutive days.

Ashley Blamer: More energy, fewer cups of coffee

Coffee being poured from a french press into mug

I was skeptical that I’d be able to commit to the weeklong trial because I normally wake up, exercise, eat a small breakfast and have my first cup of coffee when I get to work. But, I changed my ways for seven days and it actually worked out great!

On Day 1, I was very hungry after finishing my cup of Bulletproof Coffee, which I expected because I usually eat right away in the morning. However, I didn’t end up needing another cup of coffee—I usually drink two or three! I felt more awake and alert than I normally would after one cup of coffee on Day 2. By Day 3, I was still hungry, but not as bad. I actually went longer without eating than I did the first few days and noticed that I was more energetic than normal.

By Day 4, I had a second cup of coffee at work, but felt more focused. Then on Day 5, I ate lunch later because I wasn’t as hungry. On the last two days, I felt energized after one cup of Bulletproof Coffee, but still ate a small breakfast.

Overall, I did end up feeling more energized after my morning Bulletproof Coffee and was able to cut down on my second and third cups of coffee, which usually leave me feeling bloated and full.

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Audrey Zimmerman: Satisfaction, calm concentration, no more afternoon naps

coffee pouring into mug next to a bag of Bulletproof coffee grounds

I usually sleep in a little and go straight to work at my desk in the morning. With a hot cup of coffee mixed with Bulletproof Original Creamer, I flowed as soon as it hit me. The focus that Bulletproof Coffee brought was unlike any other. The fat kept me satiated and tempered the jitteriness I usually get from plain black coffee.

I noticed I didn’t have to eat until lunch when I start my day with Bulletproof. I was satisfied for several hours and able to direct all of my calm concentration toward what I need to get done in the morning.

When I drink regular coffee, I usually have to have a second cup in the afternoon. With Bulletproof, I’ve noticed that the energy stays with me, after I’ve eaten and after several hours. I also feel less inclined toward taking a nap at 3 p.m.

I really enjoy Bulletproof and I recommend it to everyone, especially friends who are following the keto diet.

Philomena M. Strenger: A Weight Watcher with improved digestion and decreased hunger

Tub of Bulletproof Creamer and Bulletproof Coffee grounds sitting on Counter with a prepared cup of coffee

I follow a Weight Watchers program, so honestly, my first concern was that the Bulletproof Original Creamer had a lot of calories in one scoop. According to my diet scanner, that equals 4 to 5 points per serving. (My program allows 26 points per day, so it felt like a lot of points for one serving.)

Once I got over the calorie count, I set myself up first thing every morning and followed the instructions. I have a Keurig coffee machine, so I used the ground coffee attachment and it worked perfectly. I really enjoyed the cup of coffee and the creamy flavor. I usually use 2% milk in my coffee, but I actually enjoyed Bulletproof Original Creamer more than my usual 2% milk.

Each morning, I found myself looking forward to my first cup of coffee using the Bulletproof Coffee Starter Kit. I really did notice a difference in my appetite prior to lunch and also throughout the day. I felt full, and some days, I actually didn’t eat until noon or later.

As an added benefit, I also noticed an improvement in my digestive tract. On some days, I felt like my body was processing and cleansing my GI tract more regularly than usual.

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Andrew Maslowski: An appreciated ritual paired with mental balance

Hand scooping coffee into french press

I’m a big fan of Bulletproof’s coffee beans… So much so that the quality and taste is the most important factor in my daily coffee routine.

For years, I’ve been starting my day drinking a glass of water, followed by coffee with a lot of heavy cream and having no food. At work, I tend to be occasionally anxious, moving quickly and drinking black coffee. I convince myself I’m too busy and don’t have time to eat, so I have my first substantial meal when I get home from work. I kept this same routine throughout my seven-day Bulletproof Coffee trial, except I swapped out my coffee’s dairy cream for the Bulletproof Original Creamer.

Although I didn’t change my meal schedule, I noticed I didn’t feel as hungry or jittery, and I had a general mental balance.

I had a good experience, and the ritual of grinding, brewing, frothing and journaling is something I think I’m going to continue.

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Sara Liss: Satiated and ready to tackle the day

Hands holding creamy cup of Bulletproof Coffee

After consuming Bulletproof Coffee for seven days at around 7 a.m. each morning, I noticed my energy levels were pretty good, and even higher some days. I definitely felt the sharpest first thing in the morning while consuming my Bulletproof Coffee. I felt full and satiated and ready to start the day. About three hours after consumption, I started to get hungry and the sharpness faded a bit as the hunger set in.

Overall, I loved the rich and creamy texture of the coffee and felt that it was a good substitute for using actual MCT oil and grass-fed butter.

By Day 7, I noticed I felt slightly better with an increased ability to remain satiated for longer, compared to eating a normal breakfast with traditional coffee.

It’s not just about adding quality fats to your morning mug. Learn all about Bulletproof’s clean coffee process, from coffee cherry to cup!

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