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Rolling Stone – Building a Better Brain: Wired on Nootropics

Inc. Magazine – Boost Your Energy With These Diet and Sleep Hacks

Vogue Australia – Is Bulletproof Coffee the New Green Juice?

StyleCaster – Bulletproof’s Dave Asprey Explains To Us WTH ‘Prebiotics’ Are

Very Well Fit – The 9 Best MCT Oils of 2019

US Magazine – The Collagen Protein Powder with 1,200 Reviews You’ll Actually Love

Men’s Journal – The 11 Best Collagen Supplements From $20 to $50

Pop Sugar – I Lost 15 Pounds, and These Are the 5 Low-Carb Protein Bars That Kept Me Satisfied

USA Today – Nick Foles Focuses on Physical, Spiritual Health

CNBC – The Habits Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles Uses to Boost His Performance

People – Bob and Mike Bryan on Playing Together at U.S. Open Again

The Athletic – He Was a Good Barista’: Nick Foles’ Little-Known Legacy with the Eagles? Coffee

Bulletproof Secures $40 Million Additional Funding Led by CAVU Venture Partners

Bulletproof Supports Massive Growth Through Key Leadership Hires and New Seattle Headquarters

GeekWire – Bulletproof Gets $19M Series B Funding

The New York Times – You, Only Better

CNBC – Turning the food pyramid upside down

Men’s Fitness – Dave, Asprey, the World’s Most Famous Biohacker

Time – Fat Water Is Now a Thing

Bloomberg Business – Buttered Coffee Could Make You Invincible. And This Man Very Rich. – Here’s the Skinny on the Bulletproof Diet

The New York Times – The Cult of the Bulletproof Coffee Diet

Huffington Post – What’s the Deal with Bulletproof Coffee? – Turning the Bulletproof Coffee Craze into a Big Brand

Shailene Woodley on Beet Lipstick and Bulletproof Coffee

Fast Company – Bulletproof Coffee, the new power drink of Silicon Valley – Boost Your Energy With These Diet and Sleep Hacks

Loveline Live w/ Dave Asprey

LA Times – Bulletproof opening butter coffee cafe in Santa Monica

Tech Crunch – Trinity Backs Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof With $9M For Butter Coffee, Nootropics

Men’s Journal – Should You Be Drinking Fat Water?

CBS – A Real-Life Superhero Pill?

Bevnet – Bulletproof Launches FATwater, Raises $9M

CNN Money – Sex, Drugs & Silicon Valley

Daily Coffee News – A Branded Bulletproof Coffee Shop is Coming to Santa Monica

Well+Good – A High-Tech Bulletproof Coffee Shop is Opening in Los Angeles

Yahoo Health – The Bulletproof Executive spills on Biohacking and Butter Coffee – Are ‘smart pills’ the best way to stay sharp? – I Tried 5 Different Coffees for 5 Days. Here’s What I Learned About Caffeine

Popsugar – Will adding butter to your coffee really help you lose weight?

Bulletproof Coffee is sweeping the nation… For good reason

Vogue – Is Bulletproof Coffee the new green juice

TrippAdvice – Bulletproof dating with Dave Asprey

Imperfectly Happy – Bulletproof Chai by: TiffanyRD

GoWhere Hip Hop

Clean Technica – Origins Movie: “The Planet is an Ecosystem of Life, and We Are a Part of that Ecosystem”

Self – Hannah

Bronfman’s New York Fashion Week Diary

Men’s Journal – Should You Be Drinking Bulletproof Coffee?

Inc. – ‘Biohacking’ Entrepreneurs Turn to Smart Drugs to Supercharge Their Productivity

Women’s Health – Secrets of a PT: Bulletproof Coffee

CBC News Canada – ‘Buttered Coffee’ the Latest Health Fad

Jezebel – Butter in Coffee? The Bulletproof Craze, Explained.

NEXTSHARK – 5 Reasons Why Everyone is Suddenly Putting Butter In Their Coffee

Chicago Mag – What a $9 Cup of Coffee Tastes Like

Harvard Business Review – Should You Automate Your Life So That You Can Work Harder?

Be Well Philly – Buttered Coffee: The New Superfood?

New York Times – Bonfire of my Vanity Forbes – Biohack Guru Stresses Big Data and Biofeedback for Wellness

DailyBurn – Hack Your Health: 6 Biohacks That Might Surprise You

Forbes – 8 Things I Learned At 8500 Feet From 850 Incredible People

NBC Bay Area – App Developed in Los Gatos Finds Food Sensitivities

Daily Mail – Can BUTTER coffee give you more energy? The unlikely morning brew that claims to ‘shrink waistlines’ and ‘promote brain function’

The Today Show – Butter coffee: Will it give you extra energy — or just make you fat?

New York Magazine – The Real Limitless Drug Isn’t Just for Lifehackers Anymore

The Real-Life ‘Limitless’? Narcolepsy Drug Used To Provide Extra Energy Boost, from CBS Los Angeles

Rolling Stone: Building A Better Brain: Wired on Nootropics, by Andrew McMillen

Forbes – Human Tech at SXSW: How to Boost Your IQ By 20 Points, by Jeff Bercovici, (watch the video)

MSNBC – Will drug-free ‘hacks’ help you build a better brain?, by Francie Diep

ABC News – Provigil: The Secret to Success?, by Dan Harris, Lana Zak, and Dr. Mark Abdelmalek

Invasion of the body hackers, by April Dembosky, (Slate)

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Speaking Engagements

My Year in Biohacking, The Bulletproof Conference 2016

Hacking the Power of Light, The Bulletproof Conference 2016

The Bulletproof Diet & Cookbook, The Bulletproof Conference 2015

Day-to-Day Biohacking, The Bulletproof Conference 2015

The Science of Happiness, The Bulletproof Conference 2015

Health Myths Debunked, Longevity Now Conference 2014

Willpower and the Bulletproof Diet Book, AOL Build 2014

Biohacking and Brain Upgrades, SXSW 2014

Hacking Yourself, Tedx Constitution Drive 2014

The Top Six Biohacks, The 21 Convention 2013

10 Tools To Massively Improve Brain Power 2013

Orgasm vs. Performance, Quantified Self Conference 2013

The Art of Biohacking, Smart Life Forum 2012

Get Smart, Hack Your Brain, South by Southwest 2012

How I Hacked Myself to Overcome Information Overload Stress, Media Evolution Conference 2012

Hacking Your Nervous System with Heart Rate Variability, Quantified Self Conference 2011

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