Chromium Picolinate

Chromium picolinate is a dietary supplement. It combines the essential mineral chromium with picolinic acid, a naturally occurring compound in the body. You may have heard it used to support healthy blood sugar levels and promote energy production. It is also popular as a weight loss supplement.

But does it work? And can it help to reduce body fat? Chromium picolinate is no magic pill, but it does offer health benefits that could make sense for your wellness stack.

Read on to discover chromium picolinate’s benefits. We’ll also explore its role in optimizing your physical and mental performance.

What Is Chromium Picolinate?

Chromium picolinate is made up of two components: chromium and picolinate.

Chromium is a trace mineral you can find in foods like beef, oats, broccoli and almonds. Picolinic acid is a natural substance that your body makes from tryptophan, an amino acid by-product. You can also get picolinic acid from foods like oysters, wheat germ, mushrooms, liver and some fresh fruits.1

Adding picolinic acid to chromium helps the body absorb it.2 Picolinic acid binds to chromium and helps it cross the intestinal wall into the bloodstream. This enhances the effects of chromium supplements and supports various health benefits.

Chromium Picolinate Benefits

Explore how chromium picolinate can support your health goals and optimize your daily life.

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Helps Blood Sugar Levels

Some scientific studies suggest that chromium picolinate enhances insulin sensitivity.3 This allows cells to get glucose more effectively from the bloodstream and regulate blood sugar levels. It does this by promoting glucose metabolism and reducing insulin resistance. However, not all studies agree4 and more research is needed in this area.

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Aids in Weight Management

Chromium picolinate may reduce cravings and suppress appetite, so you end up eating less.5 However, studies on its weight loss capacity have had mixed results,6 and it is by no means a magic diet pill. There’s no way around eating a balanced and regular diet for optimal weight loss results. That said, you might want to try chromium picolinate and see if it works for you.

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Antioxidant Effect

Though not an antioxidant itself, chromium picolinate appears to exhibit antioxidant effects in cellular systems by enhancing the activity of antioxidant enzymes.7 This may contribute to the antioxidant effects of neutralizing harmful free radicals in the body.

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Supports Cognition

Chromium picolinate supports brain health and neurotransmitter function. It may help regulate insulin sensitivity in the brain.8 This is important for maintaining cognitive function and memory. Adequate chromium levels are essential for the metabolism of glucose in the brain, which provides brain power energy.

The Science-Backed Benefits of Chromium Picolinate

A recent study found that a supplement with amino acids and chromium picolinate helped with blood sugar levels. This research was on overweight adults.9 Participants who drank the supplement with a meal showed promising results in controlling blood sugar. However, this study was conducted on a small group of people. More studies with larger and more diverse groups of people would help.

A 2015 study found that chromium picolinate supplements treated polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) symptoms in teen girls.10 After 6 months of treatment, researchers saw a big reduction in menstrual irregularities and ovarian size. They also saw a drop in total follicular count and serum-free testosterone levels. The findings suggest that chromium supplements may be a promising treatment for teens with PCOS.

Finally, chromium picolinate may improve insulin resistance and lipid profiles in at-risk groups.11 Researchers split participants into two groups: one took chromium picolinate. The other took a placebo for 8 weeks. Chromium picolinate didn’t affect blood sugar directly. However, it appeared to modestly improve how their bodies handled insulin and cholesterol.

The Bulletproof Approach to Chromium Picolinate

At Bulletproof, we want to make it easier for you to reach your health goals by creating beneficial supplement combinations. Many people take a chromium supplement to help curb cravings and preserve lean muscle mass. That’s why we added chromium picolinate to our Apple Cider Vinegar Max Gummies. These sugar-free gummies support your metabolism.

You may have heard of the apple cider vinegar trend for losing weight. In our opinion, apple cider vinegar is more than a trend—it’s here to stay. Why? Because apple cider vinegar benefits are far-reaching. Apple cider vinegar may support weight management.12 It may also help support blood sugar levels13 and digestive health.14 It can even be used as a hair conditioner.15 Apple cider vinegar is a great add-in to your daily routine that’s made even easier with keto apple cider vinegar gummies.

Spotlight on Chromium Picolinate

If losing a few pounds is one of your health goals, consider taking chromium picolinate as a weight management supplement. There’s no magic pill for weight loss. However, the right supplement may help things along. It may help your metabolism. It may also help with your appetite and fat burning.

Our Testing Supplement Standards

At Bulletproof, we hold ourselves to the highest standard for every step of the production process. This includes everything from sourcing quality ingredients to formulating effective and safe supplements. We do not use GMOs, soy, gluten or artificial fillers in our products.

We work with objective, third-party labs that help us achieve strict quality assurance measures. With their help, we make sure that our products meet FDA standards for composition, strength and purity.

All our supplements go through a four-step testing procedure. First, we check that all ingredients are present in the supplement and not diluted. After that, we verify the purity of the product to make sure it does not contain any harmful contaminants. Third, we test the active ingredients in the supplements to make sure they are the right strength. And last, we look at the composition of the supplement to ensure it meets all label requirements and specifications. Testing this way takes time, but it is a necessary procedure so that our supplements are accurately labelled, effective and safe.


How does chromium picolinate work?

Chromium picolinate enhances the effects of insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar levels. It helps insulin transport glucose into cells more efficiently, which supports blood sugar levels. In doing so, chromium picolinate may also help with cravings for carbs and sugary foods. That’s why it’s a great addition to a keto diet.

Are there any chromium picolinate side effects?

Chromium picolinate is generally safe if you take it in the recommended dose on the supplement label. Some side effects may include stomach irritation, mood changes, insomnia and headaches.16 In rare cases, high doses of chromium picolinate may lead to more serious health issues. These could include kidney damage or liver toxicity.17 Check with a healthcare professional before starting chromium picolinate supplementation. This is especially important if you have pre-existing health conditions or are taking medications.

Does chromium picolinate help with body fat?

Some studies suggest that chromium picolinate may help with body fat and promote weight loss.18 But the evidence is mixed.19 More research is needed to understand chromium picolinate’s role in weight management. That said, it can be used as part of a comprehensive approach to weight loss. This approach also includes a healthy diet and regular exercise. Try it for yourself and see if it helps you achieve your health goals.

Can I get chromium picolinate from food?

Yes, you can get chromium from food, but often not in the form of chromium picolinate. Foods like broccoli, whole grains and nuts contain chromium. However, it’s usually in small amounts and in a different form than chromium picolinate. If you want more chromium picolinate in your diet, a supplement is a great way to make sure you are getting enough.

What supplements work well with chromium picolinate to reduce body fat?

If your health goal includes weight management, there are a few supplements that may work well with chromium picolinate. Green tea extract is a rich source of antioxidants and catechins. It may work synergistically with chromium to support metabolism and promote weight management. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) supplements can complement chromium as well. They do this by supporting body fat reduction and preserving lean muscle mass.20 Garcinia cambogia extract, containing hydroxycitric acid (HCA), may further support weight loss efforts. It suppresses appetite and inhibits fat synthesis.21 Finally, L-carnitine supplements can enhance the transportation of fatty acids into the mitochondria. This supports energy production, fat metabolism and weight loss.22

What’s the benefit of combining chromium picolinate with apple cider vinegar?

Combining chromium picolinate and apple cider vinegar in one supplement has many potential benefits. Chromium picolinate may improve insulin sensitivity and regulate blood sugar levels. This may help reduce your cravings and control your appetite.23 Apple cider vinegar may support digestion. It also supports satiety and metabolism.24 These ingredients work together. They support fat metabolism and blood sugar levels.