|April 26, 2012

Introducing Upgraded Whey™ Protein Powder

Introducing Upgraded Whey™ Protein Powder

More than a dozen years of using whey, plus three years of searching for ingredients and testing different formulas has created the most powerful whey protein powder in existence: Upgraded Whey.  It gets rave reviews from everyone who tries it.

Made from the finest, minimally processed, whey protein concentrate made from raw grass-fed cow’s milk concentrate, Upgraded Whey is the perfect blend of nutritionally complete all natural protein.  Power packed with the complete spectrum of amino acids, this is designed to help your body be more resilient and make a faster recovery.  Upgraded Whey also contains coconut MCT powder to boost energy levels and keep you going strong.  Upgraded Whey is fortified to contain a higher level of immune supporting, muscle building bioactive compounds than any other whey.

As you’ll soon learn, Upgraded Whey is also more effective at boosting glutathione levels than any other whey protein powder.

Best of all, it has a very mild flavor and mixes easily with water.

The Bulletproof Executive is a labor of love, put together to share my own massive transformative experiences. We sell a few products – ones formulated by me personally for my own use because I could not buy them elsewhere – and to defray the cost of the site. (It’s surprisingly expensive to run one of the top 25,000 websites in the US!).

Click here to learn more about Upgraded Whey Protein Powder. It’s the best I know how to make.