How to Make DIY Butter Lip Balm

How to Make DIY Butter Lip Balm

Get serious about your lip care with this DIY grass-fed butter lip balm recipe that heals lackluster, chapped, and chafed lips. By slathering on this butter lip balm, you’ll also give your body a chance to absorb extra nutrition through your lips — the Bulletproof bonus of all bonuses.

Extraordinary health benefits of butter lip balm

Grass-fed butter is simply better than any other lip balm ingredient. Research shows that the average woman eats nearly four pounds of lipstick in her lifetime[1], so choose your lip balm ingredients wisely. Contrary to previously held beliefs, butter does not cause heart disease or diabetes.[2] In fact, the saturated fat in butter has never actually been proven to cause heart disease at all. True story: It’s actually trans-fat and polyunsaturated fat that does.[3]

In fact, the fat-soluble vitamins in butter protect against heart disease, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, and degenerative diseases.[4] Butyrate, the short-chain saturated fatty acid in butter, protects against mental illness[5]; increases metabolism and improves body composition in rats.[6] It’s also anti-inflammatory in people.[7] Barebones: Butter packs a whopping nutritional punch.

Butter lip balm is the real deal

Butter lip balm a 100 percent natural lip balm that moisturizes, protects, primes, and preps your lips for any secondary color you’ll apply (assuming you’re the lipstick-wearing type). It’s powerfully nourishing, antioxidant-rich, and hydrating to the max. As you’ll see from this DIY video, it absorbs (nearly) instantly to seal in long-lasting moisture. Get ready for pillowy-soft, scrumptious, and voluminous lips.

DIY: How to make your own butter lip balm


  • A few grass-fed butter packs
  • 1 empty lip balm container


  1. Stand the lip balm container upright.
  2. Open the grass-fed butter packs. (Notice the glowing yellow color – a sign of healthy, stable butter.)
  3. Smoosh, mash, mush, or bash the butter into the lip balm container. Tip: Softer butter works better.
  4. Apply butter lip balm to your lips and be awed that they’ll last you 180 years!

Disclaimer: Questions or concerns about this post? Ease up! April Fool’s! 🙂

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