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Energy & Focus Gift Bundle

Includes a free copy of Dave Asprey’s book “Head Strong” ($27.95 value)
Energy & Focus Gift Bundle

Energy & Focus Gift Bundle

Includes a free copy of Dave Asprey’s book “Head Strong” ($27.95 value)

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The Energy & Focus Gift Bundle Includes…

Stay energized and at the top of your game so you can enjoy every moment this holiday season, with Bulletproof supplements designed to optimize your brain for peak performance.

Unfair Advantage

Unfair Advantage: Raw cellular fuel for your mitochondria means more energy to keep you going strong, without jitters or caffeine.


NeuroMaster: NeuroMaster contains special extracts of the coffee fruit not found in brewed coffee that support memory and focus by increasing a key protein called BDNF.


Forbose: Helps increase your energy reserves by plugging the usual “leaks” in your cellular energy cycle, so you can bounce back and recover faster.

Free Copy of “Head Strong” ($27.95 value)

"Head Strong": Dave Asprey’s bestselling blueprint for a high-performance brain includes cutting-edge insights on supplements, workouts, diet, stress relief, and more.

Top Customer Questions

Q: How do I get my free gift?

A: When you purchase the Energy & Focus Gift Bundle, you will automatically receive a free copy of "Head Strong" by Dave Asprey shipped with your order (with free Standard shipping anywhere in the U.S.).

Q: Do I need a coupon code to get the gift?

A: No, there is no coupon code required to take advantage of the free gift. Simply add the Energy & Focus Gift Bundle to your cart and complete your order.

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