The Curcumin Max Difference

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Turmeric has historically been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for many purposes. In traditional Chinese medicine turmeric is known as “Jianghuang.” This translates to “yellow ginger” and it was used for everything from sore arms and swelling, to a tonic promoting qi (pronounced CHEE, Chinese for “energy flow”).2 Modern science has shown that curcumin, a product of turmeric root, is a potent active compound with powerful antioxidant properties.

Due to turmeric’s historical use, you may have heard it referred to interchangeably with curcumin, however they are very different. While curcumin is incredibly beneficial, it accounts for only 2% of the turmeric root. It is also notoriously poorly absorbed by the body and requires the right source and blend of complementary ingredients to maximize its benefits.

To combat curcumin’s poor absorption into the blood stream, many curcumin brands have historically boosted their doses or blended them with unnecessary additives. Some of these additives can result in hyper-bioavailability of anything ingested (some things are meant to absorb in varying degrees) and may irritate the GI tract.

Curcumin Max uses curcumin from Acumin®—a whole turmeric extract that naturally extracts 200+ beneficial root compounds and concentrates them into a unique matrix to improve bioavailability of curcumin without the unnecessary additives. This advanced turmeric complex has been clinically demonstrated to offer 10-times better absorption into the blood stream than standard curcumin 95% powders.3

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