A History of Healing

Inflammation is a natural immune response your body uses to protect and heal itself. However, when oxidative stress and inflammation persist, the resulting discomfort can cause more harm than good. Our ancestors were plagued by this problem too, and since they needed to perform at their best to survive, they turned to natural botanicals to help them thrive.

Turmeric in crucible

Thankfully, this ancient wisdom was well documented, and modern science allows us to research these natural botanicals to identify and isolate the active compounds responsible for their health effects. Take turmeric as an example. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, but it wasn’t widely understood that its active compound curcumin was responsible for its health benefits until more recently. This ability of modern science to isolate and standardize the active compounds of natural botanicals has provided safe alternatives for healthy inflammation response.1

Curcumin Max is the result of merging this cutting-edge science with the most proven and complementary ingredients. It is a whole-body inflammation response supplement that combines science backed botanicals turmeric, ginger, boswellia and stephania. The curcumin in turmeric root is not well absorbed on its own, which is why Curcumin Max uses a patented whole turmeric complex shown to absorb 10-times better than standard curcumin powders.

The ingredients are combined in a proprietary Brain Octane oil liquid softgel to maximize their health benefits. Since all of these ingredients are fat soluble, delivering them with a smart fat supports their bioavailablility so your body can absorb and utilize them most effectively. Plus, softgels mask the strong spicy, peppery taste of ginger and curcumin better than powdered capsules.

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