What Happened to the International Websites?

Don’t worry -- we’re not abandoning Bulletproof fans outside of the U.S.! In fact, just the opposite: As of Friday, July 28th, we’ve moved everything under one roof on the Bulletproof global website so we can give you faster and more convenient access to everything in the store.

By shopping here on the Bulletproof global website, you can choose from a complete selection of Bulletproof products – including snacks, supplements, technology, and more. You’ll also enjoy immediate access to new products the second they launch, plus new promotional offerings and easy, efficient shipping options (look out for updates soon).

As always, we’re so grateful for your support, and we hope this transition ends up making your shopping experience better than ever.

If you have questions about your account (for example, store credit, digital purchases or subscriptions) – make sure to check out the FAQs below for updates, or contact the Customer Support team.

Shopping Bulletproof.com

1. Why will you no longer have Canadian or European websites?
By consolidating our websites into one, we aim to give all of our customers a better online shopping experience including:

  • access to a broader product selection, no matter where you live, including new products
  • a consistent, great Bulletproof site experience
  • access to promotional offerings
  • efficient shipping to many parts of the world

2. Can I choose the option to pay in another currency, or will I have to pay in USD?
For now, all payments will be made in USD. We aim to implement currency conversion in future site upgrades.

3. Will all the Canadian and European products be available on the Bulletproof global website?
International products will not be available for order on the Bulletproof global site.

4. Will it take me twice as long to receive my order now that they are shipping from the US?
Shipments to Canada and Europe from the US will be delivered in 3-9 business days. Please note this timeline does not include the time it may take for your order to clear customs.

5. Will my country's tax and duties be calculated at check out?
For shipments to Canada, tax will be calculated at checkout and no duty charged or payable by you. For shipments to Europe, taxes and duties are settled at the time of import. Stay tuned for more updates!

6. Will tracking my package be an issue when placing my order from the Bulletproof global site?
We will be making changes to our current international shipping partner that will resolve many of the issues our international customers have encountered tracking and receiving orders.

7. Will my country's customs regulations allow me to receive all Bulletproof products to my international shipping destination?
Not necessarily – we recommend you check with your local customs agency for product import restrictions. There are some supplements and products offered on the Bulletproof global website that cannot be shipped to specific international destinations.

Existing orders & subscriptions

1. Do I have access to my order history?
Order history on international sites will no longer be available once the Canadian site is shut down on 6/29 and the European sites are shut down on 7/29.

2. Will my subscription be carried over?
No. If you had a subscription on the Canadian or European sites, it will be canceled and you will need to restart one from the Bulletproof global site.

3. I placed an order from the Canadian/European site and then received notice that your site is closing. Will I still receive my order?
Yes, you will receive your order as normal.

4. I have a pending return/refund, will I still be issued a refund/store credit?
Yes, you will receive your refund as normal. If you choose to the store credit option, it will be applied to a new account on the Bulletproof global site.

5. I bought a product from the Canadian/European site, but I want to make a return. What do I do?
We will continue to accept returns within 30 days of the site closure. Last day for returns on the Canadian site is 7/31 and European site is 8/25.

6. Will I still have access to digital products I have purchased in the past (ex - 2016 Conference Video Series)?
Yes, you will receive an email with instructions to claim your past digital purchases on your new Bulletproof global account.

Account information

1. Do I have to create a new account?
If you had store credit, a new account has been created for you. If not, you will need to create a new account on the Bulletproof global site.

2. I was informed my account was migrated over, will my credit card credentials be saved or will I have to login and provide my credit card again?
For security purposes, no payment information was transferred into your new account. You will have to login and provide your credit card details.

3. What has happened to my store credit?
Your store credit has been transferred into a new account on the Bulletproof global site. You will receive your new account information by email.

4. What has happened to my loyalty points?
You will be notified via email about the disposition of your loyalty points.

5. I am a wholesale customer. Do I need to create new account on the Bulletproof global website or is this being done for me?
A new account on the Bulletproof global website has been created for you. If you need assistance, please contact wholesale@bulletproof.com.