Bulletproof Gift Guide 2018: Coffee

Bulletproof Gift Guide 2018: Coffee

BUNN Trifecta MB5 Coffeemaker


The Trifecta MB5 uses BUNN’s trademarked technology to coax out the full-bodied flavor in every cup of coffee. Bulletproof uses the commercial version of the MB5 at the Bulletproof Cafe in Los Angeles, as well as in the company’s coffee-tasting labs. With the MB5, you can brew your coffee in five different ways to tailor the flavor to your unique tastes. Also, the futuristic design would look cool on any countertop.  

For a more affordable option, the Cuisinart PerfectTemp Programmable Coffeemaker is a solid pick for $70.

Baratzo Vario grinder


For the coffee geek, nothing beats a really good grinder. The Baratzo Vario gives you dozens of grinding options, from fine ground for espresso to coarse ground for a French press. Its ceramic burr grinds beans quickly and uniformly. The design is sleek and a lever allows you to easily switch between different coffee styles. For a more economical option that still does a bang-up job, choose the Baratzo Encore. Simple and reliable, it provides a consistent grind, and you can’t beat the $139 price tag.

Hastings Collective Thermal Coffee Carafe


What’s worse than pouring a second cup of coffee, only to realize the coffee’s gone cold? Hastings Collective Thermal Coffee Carafe solves the problem, and keeps your coffee warm for hours on end. It also sports an elegant design that would look right at home in a Scandinavian abode. For the friend who uses hygge as a verb.

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Bulletproof Coffee and Ghee Kit


For the person who’s new to Bulletproof Coffee, why not gift them a starter pack? The Bulletproof Coffee and Ghee Kit includes the powerful trifecta of Bulletproof Coffee beans, Brain Octane Oil, and grass-fed ghee. Instead of explaining to someone how transformative a cup can be, rather let them experience it for themselves.

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