Bulletproof Gift Guide 2018: Anti-Aging

Bulletproof Gift Guide 2018: Anti-Aging

Bulletproof Chocolate and Vanilla Collagen Bundle


Collagen is having a serious moment. Hollywood stars like Halle Berry sing its praises for keeping their skin young, and the science shows it really can make skin plump and supple. Not only that, it improves sleep, spurs weight loss, and heals your gut. Make someone’s day with Bulletproof’s Chocolate and Vanilla Collagen Bundle. Just two scoops a day and watch as they start aging backwards.

Alitura Gold Serum


Dave swears by this stuff. Model Andy Hnilo developed the Alitura line following a serious car accident, and credits the clay mask for healing his damaged skin. The Gold Serum uses potent ingredients like collagen, copper peptides, and a plant-sourced retinol that smooth wrinkles and plump skin. Find out more in this episode of Bulletproof Radio about Alitura and the importance of natural skincare.

Get 30% off and free shipping on US orders with coupon bp30 at alituranaturals.com.


$299 for annual test

Scientists are discovering that almost everything can be traced back to the gut — depression, chronic disease, stress… you name it, and your gut bacteria are likely involved. Get detailed information on the state of your stomach with Viome’s test kit. You send the company a stool sample, and they provide you with a detailed report on the types of bacteria in the gut, with supplement and food recommendations. The annual kit allows you to test once a year, so you can monitor your progress and see whether any changes you made have fixed your gut.


$325 and up

For the friend who has their facialist on speed dial, empower them with their own at-home microcurrent toning device. The NuFACE delivers low-level electrical currents to the face, stimulating collagen production and tightening sagging skin. Eternally youthful Jennifer Aniston is a fan. Nuff said. You can learn more here about the benefits of microcurrent therapy.

KAYO Body Beautiful Crème


KAYO’s rich anti-aging body cream is chock-full of antioxidants, including CoEnzyme Q10, which neutralizes damaging free radicals. Hyaluronic acid and a blend of omega oils hydrate and plump the skin. What’s more, KAYO takes clean beauty seriously — its products are free of parabens and sulfates, and many other questionable chemicals. Customers “love” the fresh vanilla and green tea scent, says KAYO co-founder Christine Bullock.


$199 for a combined health and ancestry test kit

Give someone the gift of knowledge with a 23andMe DNA test kit. The at-home test analyzes your genetic information to reveal your ancestry, your risk of getting certain diseases, and your specific health and genetic traits. Not only are these tests fun (like discovering whether you’re more prone to love or hate cilantro), they help you take charge of your future. When you know you’re more likely to develop a certain condition, you can make the changes now to lower your chances of getting it.


$99 and up

Why not add in a DNAFit test? Using your 23andMe results, DNAFit looks at how you should exercise and eat based on your genes, and sends you detailed reports plus a meal and exercise plan. If you don’t use 23andMe, DNAFit will analyze your genes for you. The company’s flagship product Diet Fitness Pro 360 typically costs $120.

If you’re a 23andMe customer, the DNAFit special offer for BP customers is $49. If you have never done a DNA test, the DNAFit special offer for BP customers is $89. Go to dnafit.com/us/bulletproof/ to learn more.

Find out more about the benefits of getting a DNA test.


$675 and up

Joovv is a red light therapy device that penetrates your skin tissue to boost collagen, repair sun damage, improve discoloration, and fade scars. Red light goes more than skin deep. It works by strengthening your mitochondria — the power generators in your cells. When your mitochondria flourish, so do you. Red light increases blood flow, supporting your body’s natural detoxification process, eases joint pain, and can heal age-related macular degeneration of the eyes. Joovv offers a range of options, from a panel that does spot treatments to a full body device.

Go to joovv.com/dave and use code DAVE at checkout to receive a free copy of his latest book. 

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