|September 28, 2016

The Ultimate Bulletproof Coffee Roundup

By Bulletproof Staff
Reviewed by Emily Gonzalez, ND for Scientific Accuracy

The Ultimate Bulletproof Coffee Roundup

Does your heart quicken when you hear a certain six-letter word that rhymes with toffee? If it does, then September 29 might be one of the most important days on your calendar. That’s right. It’s National Coffee Day.

To celebrate, we’ve compiled and curated a list of all of our best coffee-themed posts. Here you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about Bulletproof coffee – why it’s good for you, the truth about toxins and mold in your brew, and – of course – the recipe. You’ll want to bookmark this one.

Bulletproof Coffee Basics

How to make Bulletproof Coffee … And Make Your Morning Bulletproof

Here, you’ll find the original Bulletproof Coffee recipe, the scientific reasoning behind each ingredient, and exactly how quality fats may boost energy, cognitive function, and fat loss.

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6 Common Questions About Bulletproof Coffee

When bucking convention and adding butter to your coffee, there are bound to be questions. What about dietary cholesterol? Won’t Bulletproof Coffee make you fat? Find out the answers to this and more in this post.

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Bulletproof Coffee Versus Fatty Coffee

Will adding sugar, cream, or coconut oil ruin the benefits of Bulletproof Coffee? We encourage modifications; in fact, some add-ins will only boost your brain’s power and productivity. But beware other products will lessen the power of your brew.

5 Reasons You Should Drink Coffee

Not all coffee is created equal. Learn the hacks behind picking the perfect beans and why adding the right fat to your coffee just might be the hack that lets you bring coffee back into your life.

Caffeine’s effects on your body

Benefits Of Coffee: What Your Brain Does On Caffeine

No two coffee drinkers are alike. Your genetic combinations and brain chemistry build your unique relationship with caffeine. Find out more about your caffeine metabolism, plus some info on how to source your coffee beans to avoid toxic mold.

Caffeine and Cortisol: Does Coffee Stress You Out?

This article touches on caffeine tolerance and coffee-related cortisol release. Also, get some hacks on how to avoid cue-based caffeine tolerance (don’t worry – we explain what this is) and how to keep blood sugar regulated with Bulletproof Coffee.

Opposites DO Attract: Coffee Naps, The Bulletproof Power Nap, Explained

Yep, you read that right: two of the most Bulletproof things, sleep, and coffee, go hand-in-hand to boost your performance when you use them together correctly. Learn all about this scientifically-backed way to increase energy and productivity during your busy day.

Coffee, Muscle, and Aging: Good News

Caffeine is obviously a major component of coffee, but it’s not the only one that has positive biological effects. In this post, learn more about one study that suggests that caffeine can help older people maintain strength, which would mean fewer falls and injuries.

Why Decaf Coffee is Back and Now Bulletproof
In the past, there have been a few reasons why decaf coffee didn’t meet Bulletproof standards. Learn why all that has changed and high-performance seekers can now confidently go decaf.

Coffee recipes and additions, Bulletproof-style

Top 15 Things To Add To Bulletproof Coffee

By now, you probably know the benefits of adding butter and Brain Octane to your morning brew. But the innovation never stops at Bulletproof. Here we’ve compiled a list of additions that will boost nutrients and flavor, all while keeping blood sugar in check.

Iced Bulletproof Coffee Recipe, Plus Coffee Ice Cubes Too

It’s still warm all around the country. So there’s still time to check out these summer-friendly recipes for Bulletproof iced coffee, Bulletproof Coffee ice cubes, and other creative variations.

Cool Off With Bulletproof Cold Brew

Learn the difference between iced coffee and cold brew, the benefits of a cup of cold brew, and get a coffee recipe that involves ice cream. You’re welcome.

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How to Brew the Best Cup of Coffee of Your Life

Brewing the perfect cup every time may sound intimidating, but it really just comes down to having the right tools and ingredients. Check out all of the tools and hacks that Dave uses to weigh, grind, brew and press his way to coffee heaven.

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Go Bold with Bulletproof Dark Roast Coffee

This post highlights the benefits of different roasts and coffee oils, debunks some myths about coffee acidity, and offers tips on how to choose the roast that’s right for you.

Coffee and toxins: what you need to know

The Science Behind Just One Mold Toxin in your Coffee

This post is about a mold toxin commonly found in coffee called Ochratoxin, and what it can do to your health and performance.

Why Bad Coffee Makes You Weak
Good coffee is magic. It can promote brain function, memory, and energy levels. It can serve as a massive source of antioxidants. It can even help your muscle burn fat more efficiently. However, the wrong coffee can sap your health and hurt your performance. Learn more about the benefits and pitfalls of your morning cup and how to tell the difference between good and bad coffee.

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Dan Cox: Caffeine, Coffee & Mycotoxins

Coffee titan and caffeine-expert, Dan Cox, shares his deep knowledge of java. Listen to learn secrets that are normally shared only by coffee insiders.

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Bulletproof Coffee on the go!

3 Steps to Finding the Highest Performance Coffee in Your City
Sometimes you just don’t have any Upgraded Coffee with you, and you’re dying for the performance-enhancing boost that only coffee gives. Here is what to do to find coffee with a lower than average level of toxins in any city.

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Bulletproof InstaMix Keto Creamer: Make Bulletproof Coffee Anywhere

Bulletproof InstaMix Keto Creamer is the highest-quality ketogenic creamer on the market. It lets you make Bulletproof Coffee anywhere, anytime, without a blender or refrigeration. Each single serving pouch contains 2 teaspoons of grass-fed butter and two teaspoons of Brain Octane Oil, carefully dried and powdered for maximum convenience without sacrificing nutrition.

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How to Make Bulletproof Coffee On-The-Go!

Making Bulletproof Coffee when traveling or on the go doesn’t require a ton of time or any fancy equipment, even when you’re making it in a hotel room without your French press or blender!

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Coffee is good for more than just waking up!

Wendy Myers: Heavy Metal Toxicity, Mineral Power, & Coffee Enemas – #205

Holistic Nutritionist and heavy metals expert Wendy Myers teaches us about detoxing heavy metals safely, using hair mineral analysis to help target heavy metal overload and the benefits of coffee enemas.

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How Bulletproof Coffee Helps Low Carb Paleo Dry Eyes
Dry eyes can be a problem for Paleo or Bulletproof practitioners for a couple of reasons. Learn why you may be suffering from dry eyes and how the caffeine in coffee can help by facilitating the release of tears.

Coffee, Chi, and Me: Coffee Replaces Chi-Gong Exercises

Some creative biohackers in a biophysics laboratory in Taipei just showed that coffee causes the same changes in pulse rate that come from practicing Chi Kung, Chi Gong, Qi-Gong, Qi-Gung (or one of the other dozen ways to spell it). They just linked coffee to your life-energy.

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And there you have it. All things coffee in one place.

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