Book Review: Sweet Potato Power

Book Review: Sweet Potato Power

Every now and then I get a question like “What do I do when I want to eat a pizza post work-out, but I know that isn’t Bulletproof?”  Eat a sweet potato slathered in grass-fed butter with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

When Ashley Tudor told me about her new book, “Sweet Potato Power,” I got excited.

Don’t be fooled by the title.  This book is about more than just sweet taters.

This is a blend of approachable science, practical advice, and, best of all, a step-by-step guide to optimize your health through self experimentation all told through the story of this stupendous spud.  Here are three reasons to make this book apart of your library today:

1. A smart framework for approaching your health

Through the story of the sweet potato, this book takes the reader on an easy to understand journey of health and nutrition. Sweet Potato Power presents four pillars of optimal health: food, hormones, inflammation, activity. One reviewer writes, “this is probably the best and clearest framework for understanding the critical interplay of systems in the human body. Each category is clearly explained and laid out.”

So many people have dialed in their diets but still do not see the results they want to see. In laying out a clear framework for optimal health, Sweet Potato Power gives the health seeker the ability to test and tweak beyond just what goes into their mouth or how much they move. Self testing gives the background to make you smart about what you need to test and why.

2. The best hackers “cookbook” to optimize your health.

Want to learn about your body but don’t know how? Want to run some tests but too intimidated? The self monitoring section is laid out like recipes so you can easily run tests yourself and come to your own conclusions. The author provides the background, how to, and clear steps to see where you are. Monitoring ranges from simple tracking with paper and pens to tests that require blood work.  Learn from her experiments or follow the steps in the book to do your own. It’s clear.  It’s concise, and, while others only share the conclusions, this book teaches you how to reach your own.

3. Nature best food advocate

“Franken foods” are easy to like. Packaged in shinny wrappers and appealing colors, they can be hard to resist. But Sweet Potato Power reminds us that nature makes it best. And with a little imagination, these smart carbs can take the place of bad health culprits such as wheat and other food imposters.  Want to give up wheat but can’t live without pasta? Try the Sweet Potato Linguine. Can’t live without a piece of cake? Try the light and tasty Sweet Potato Bars. Tempted to fuel your sport activities with gels or concocted recovery drinks? Try sweet potato based goodies made at home from good whole foods. The recipes remind us how good and easy real food can be.



My take away: This book is a great read if you are a self experimenter or a cook seeking practical and delicious real food ideas Sweet Potato Power has something for everyone.