12 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head During Keto Flu

12 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head During Keto Flu

The keto flu is no joke. In fact, conquering the keto flu – with symptoms ranging from constipation to brain fog – can feel like the worst illness of your natural born life. Which is why you may need a little light-hearted humor to get you through the worst of it. If you’ve ever been through the keto flu, you know these thoughts are 100 percent accurate. The good news for those who are new to keto: There is life at the end of the keto flu. Here, the all-too-real stages of the keto flu, and everything that happens along the way.

1. First Meal on Keto

“Smell that delicious, sizzling bacon. I’ve died and gone to keto heaven.”

2. Later That Same Morning

“Must… not… carb…”

3. Holy Crap, What Have I Done?

“I need a snack. Donuts are keto, right?”

4. You Download a Carb Tracker

“So I can have two glasses of wine or one cup of broccoli?”

5. Your New Spirit Animal Is a Sloth

“Where is the greater energy and focus they promised me? I want to nap.”

6. Carb Withdrawal Is in Full Effect

“Is this how I die? This is how I die.”

7. You Forget to Drink Water

“Oh, that is the floor.”

8. You Have Keto Focus … Sort Of

“I dreamt of bread again last night.”

9. You Haven’t Won Yet, Carbs

“I feel like crap, but if I can see my abs after this it’ll be worth it.”

Thoughts That Go Through Your Head During the Keto Flu Rambo

10. Butter Takes Its Toll

“I haven’t pooped in days.”

11. Keto Energy Kicks In

“I’m like the G.D. Energizer bunny.”

12. You Step on the Scale for the First Time in a Week

“The keto diet is everything I’ve ever wanted in life.”

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