|June 28, 2021

#BETHEPROOF: Fat Lost & Love Gained—How Keto Turned My Life Around

#BETHEPROOF: Fat Lost & Love Gained—How Keto Turned My Life Around

My story is one that is all too familiar for so many. I grew up overweight and ill, and normalized that unhealthy lifestyle into my teenage years. Then, I dove headfirst into the hole as a self-driven adult for many years to come.

What changed for me? I made a life transition into health and wellness that literally turned my entire life around—in the best possible way.

Fat …and happy

An array of junk food

From a young age, I grew to be quite comfortable as a very large, very overweight individual. I never considered weight or body image to be a struggle and was happy with myself as I had always known.

I broke 100 pounds by second grade, pushed 200 pounds by the end of middle school and before I graduated, was clocking in at nearly 300 pounds. Truth be told, I was satisfied. I could eat anything my heart desired—whenever it desired—and had no concept of the damage that was being done to my body long term.

Back then, there was no clear indication of fatigue, brain fog, sickness or otherwise. This lifestyle was all I had ever known, and it was what worked for me.

The decline

A scale and a tape measure

As an adult, I began to experience a rollercoaster of weight loss and gain within a large variance of +/- 30 pounds, going from very-physical labor as a grocery and bakery worker, toward very inactive labor in a call center (more to come here). Still, however, I never felt like my weight or body was something causing detriment to my quality of life, and continued down a path of what I now refer to as “nutritional toxicity.”

It was not until my third year with America’s favorite cable monopoly (one hint, rhymes with bomb fast) as a call center jockey that I hit my peak deficit. By late 2015, I had grown to a rate of consumption that included a full bottle of hard liquor nearly every day, fast food-quality dining 2-3 times a day and a level of mental and emotional drain that most mornings felt difficult to justify.

In November of that same year, a line in the sand was drawn. At 400 pounds, an estimated 60-inch waist (the cloth tape wasn’t big enough!) and a grim medical future, something had to be done.

I had heard from some fitness-minded friends of this butter-coffee-and-keto bit, and decided this could be my ticket out…

New routine = disaster pants

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil pouring onto a spoon

A new chapter always means taking that first giant leap, and for me, that was simply reaching the decision to make a change. In typical New Year New You fashion, in 2016, I purged all of the old food that no longer served my health goals, gave up driving (especially to easy fast food spots and unhealthy restaurants) and was on a track toward kicking alcohol out of the picture. My new mission was simplicity:

  • Bulletproof Coffee Recipe for breakfast: I discovered the magical combination of coffee and quality fats that boosted my energy levels, while also burning a bunch of my body fat.
  • Intermittent fasting: I found that the ratio of 16:8 worked best for me, with the support of clean coffee through the morning.
  • Rethinking macros: I shifted gears into incorporating a high intake of quality fats, combined with nutrient-dense vegetables and moderate proteins.
  • No more sugar: Giving up the sweet stuff required willpower I never knew I had.

Now, the concept here was easy enough to grasp: teach my body to use (and prefer) fat for fuel (the keto ideology) and create a calorie deficit (fasting), to facilitate weight loss and better function of mind and body.

Once my mindset was locked, I dove headlong into what became an all-too-common catastrophe: major stomach cramping, GI distress and what many of us have come to affectionately label ‘disaster pants’ (praise be for virtual work environments!). For weeks, I struggled with this daily event, not fully understanding what was happening, but having faith that I had not been steered wrong.

(For those who are new to keto, MCT Oils or the Bulletproof Coffee recipe, start sloooow and work your way up.)

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The upgrade

Chaffle with vegetables

Since that first transitional step, I’ve now made it five years down the road with the support of Bulletproof (as an employee at that) and am happy to say the disaster chapter did not last long.

Instead of a constant steadfast mental goal, I now find keto eating to be the norm, and this is no longer a diet, but a lifelong alteration. Fasting has become a regular energy driver, instead of a challenge, eating is now more enjoyable than it has ever been (a keto chaffle and veggie sandwich is my jam) and while the journey is far from complete, I’m in the best shape of my life. In fact, I’ve dropped the Xs from my shirt size, and am down some 16-20 inches on my waist from peak.

And, as a father of three, I’m happy to share that I can finally keep up with the kids—and dare I say, outpace them—something I know I could never do in my unhealthy state so many moons ago.

This nutritional mindset and practice has truly flipped the switch on what was shaping up to be a short, saddened existence into one where myself and family can celebrate life and the joys within.

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My Bulletproof shopping list

Bulletproof products on a kitchen counter

If you’re looking to make a life change similar to mine, start by setting yourself up for success. Fill your pantry with Bulletproof products that will help you thrive. My current Bulletproof must-haves are:

  • Bulletproof MCT C8 and C10 Oil: Clean, pure energy from fat, I enjoy the drive and clarity this product provides on a consistent basis, and it helps produce ketone energy to get into—and stay in—ketosis.
  • Bulletproof Grass-Fed Ghee: I enjoy the rich, almost nutty flavor for cooking and as a treat to myself beyond regular butter.
  • Bulletproof Dark Chocolate Energy Collagen Protein: I’ve become a daily consumer of collagen, as it helps SOOO much with skin elasticity (not to mention nails, hair, etc.), and I love the flavor and consistency this product lends to my normal coffee beverage.
  • InnerFuel Prebiotic: A keto-friendly load of gut-healthy prebiotics, I scoop this formula every day for a more functional digestive system.

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