Cacao Butter - What does Science and Research Say

Mold, Toxins, Lead and Chocolate

When chocolate is not carefully treated, it is possible for it be contaminated with mold toxins. Cacao trees are often infected with fungi and molds. Roasting mold beans destroys almost all of the actual fungi, but it doesn't destroy all of the toxins already produced by the fungi.

We use a proper production process to minimize levels of mold and fungi formation in Upgraded Chocolate products, which help keeps your mind and body sharp.

Lead (the metal) is a toxin that decreases brain function, damages your heart, and attacks your reproductive system. People who are exposed to lead at an early age have smaller brains than the average population.

Believe it or not, much of the world’s cocoa supply is contaminated with lead. This contamination occurs mainly during shipment and processing where the cocoa is exposed to fumes from engines burning leaded gasoline.

Upgraded™ Cacao Butter is processed, stored, and packaged using extremely careful methods to eliminate the risk of lead and other heavy metal contamination. Our beans never see the inside of container ships in giant burlap bags the way commodity beans do.

Antioxidant Super Food

Inflammation is known to negatively affect our health in many aspects. Upgraded Cacao Butter has high levels of naturally occurring antioxidant capacity and that may support in reducing reduce inflammation.

Upgraded™ Cacao Butter contains ingredients that when ingested may be a potent enough to help inflammation and resiliency.

How Upgraded™ Chocolate Betters Heart Health

Your heart is one of the organs most affected by inflammation, and dark chocolate is just as good for heart health as it is for Valentine’s Day. Studies show that eating dark chocolate can directly improve heart and vascular function.21 Dark chocolate can even help protect against some of the negative effects of smoking.

Consuming Upgraded™ Cacao Butter and other foods with high antioxidant content and low mycotoxin content can help boost the body’s ability to keep blood flowing healthfully so you can be and do more.

Why milk and white chocolate isn’t as good as Upgraded™ Chocolate

There is not, and never will be, a milk or white chocolate version of Upgraded™ Chocolate. To get the benefits of chocolate, it needs to be a high quality dark variety.

Milk and white chocolate are junk food. In fact, milk and white chocolate cancels out some of the benefits of high quality chocolate powder. Consuming milk with chocolate or eating milk chocolate reduces the flavonoid absorption from the chocolate powder. This largely negates any benefit that you might get from eating dark ate. Milk and white chocolate are also high in sugar, which limits the safe amount you can eat. White and milk chocolate are not Bulletproof, because they have no benefit and are high-risk foods.

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